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Career Counseling Case Study Presentation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Counseling Case Study Presentation. Presented, Ashley Arnold, B.S. Client intake information. Antwone Howard, 24 Education: Some College Never been to a Career Center in High School or College; no prior negative feelings towards the Career Center Current Major: None

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Career Counseling Case Study Presentation

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Career Counseling Case Study Presentation


Ashley Arnold, B.S.

Client intake information

  • Antwone Howard, 24

  • Education: Some College

    • Never been to a Career Center in High School or College; no prior negative feelings towards the Career Center

  • Current Major: None

  • Interested in going back to college

    • Unsure of what to major in?

    • Unsure of what school to attend

    • Trying to find a career job, not just something that will make money

Career information

  • What are your current career goals? (Even if you are uncertain, just fill in any thoughts that you might have.)

    • To make enough money to support a family, to have excellent benefits, paid vacation, good driving distance, job security, etc

  • What do you hope to accomplish from career counseling?

    • Finding a major and then finding an institution

  • Myers Briggs ASSESSMENT:

    • ESPT

      • Extraversion

      • Sensing

      • Perceiving

      • Thinking

        • He totally agrees with this reported type

    Strong interest assessment :

    • Investigate: working with numbers and health and science

      • True; has always enjoyed working with numbers

    • Social Oriented: cultural relations, helping others, and teaching and training

      • True; loves helping people

    Holland code assessment:


    • Interested: being with other people

    • Work: in groups, sharing, responsibilities, and communicating with others


    • Interested: mechanical, construction, and repair activities

    • Work: with tools, machines, and equipment

      Conventional :

    • Interested: activities that require attention to organizations, data systems, details, and accuracy

    • Work: in large organizations and like to use information to solve problems efficiently.


    • I showed my client one time the steps to researching a occupation on OOH

    • Description Of Walk Through:

      • I explained the steps in the following order:

        • Based on the assessments lets look at the fields that were commonly seen

        • First, I assisted him with choosing at least 2 occupations

          • Lab Technician

          • Mechanic

          • Customer Service Manager (maybe)

        • Second, I assisted him in finding out which major is associated with occupation


    • I showed my client one time the steps to researching majors:

    • Description Of Walk Through:


    • Search for the major:

    • Look at the area

    • Look at the employers

    • Make sure to have more than one major to look up

    • I left the other majors to the client to complete

    Growth self awareness

    • He was surprised about the results of the assessments

    • He never noticed that all the jobs that he had in his life involved occupations such as Customer Service Representatives etc.

    Goal setting

    • Antwone, stated that if career opportunities in the following areas present themselves, he will take those opportunities

    • Antwone, plans to look at institutions that are affordable

      • Close to home

      • Have good hours so I can still maintain employment

    What I Learning:

    • Professionally:

      • You can recommend resources and homework to your clients but it is up to the students/ client to do the work themselves.

      • It is always good to check in at the end of the session.

        • Have the client repeat what they are supposed to do next

    • Personally:

      • I was surprised at the results, I did not know that my fiancé was interested in the medical field. However, he has always been interested in working with numbers.


    • After looking at the occupational outlook, I assisted him with finding schools with the majors he is interested

      • We looked at Trade schools for a lack of time

      • UEI: Automotive Technology, Business, Computer Technology, Criminal Justice, Healthcare and more.

      • UTI: Universal Technical Institute

  • I will recommend that he visit the schools to collect information on what he is interested


    • Stay interested in your student:

    • Don’t act like this:



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