Ce 303 introduction to construction
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CE 303: Introduction to Construction. Blueprint Lab. Building Construction I. Objectives. How to read Foundation Plans Commercial Framing Illustrations Reinforced Concrete Residential Framing Illustrations Dimensioning Plumbing Plans HVAC Plans Electrical Plans/Wiring Diagrams

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CE 303: Introduction to Construction

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CE 303: Introduction to Construction

Blueprint Lab

Building Construction I


  • How to read Foundation Plans

  • Commercial Framing Illustrations

  • Reinforced Concrete

  • Residential Framing Illustrations

  • Dimensioning

  • Plumbing Plans

  • HVAC Plans

  • Electrical Plans/Wiring Diagrams

  • Masonry Symbols

  • Welding Symbols

Foundation Plans

  • Details of construction for the footings and foundation walls

  • Footings and walls must be very carefully laid out, as the rest of the building relies on their accuracy

  • Slab-on-grade is a concrete slab poured directly on the subgrade (basement floors, main floors, garage floors, etc..)



column footings

Foundation Walland Footing



Plan View

T/F 96’-6”


sometimes dashed

sometimes solid

Section View

T/F = Top of Footing Elevation


Slab-on-Grade - Plan View

no joints

saw cut pattern

Commercial Framing

  • Framework constructed of structural steel and/or reinforced concrete.

  • Framework is designed to transfer loads to columns of steel, thus eliminating the need for load bearing walls.

  • Two types of floor and roof framing systems.

    • One-way floor system (Girders run parallel to each other)

    • Two-way floor system (Beams and girders run in both directions)

Commercial Framing (con’t)

  • Steel Beam and Column Designations

    • W20x48

      • Standard Wide Flange (W) Shape

      • 20” nominal depth

      • 48 lbs. per linear foot

Reinforced Concretefloor systems - one way

Girder (resting on column)

Concrete beam

Reinforced Concretefloor systems - two way waffle

Waffle Pan or dome system

Commercial Framing (con’t)

  • Open web joists are used in commercial and industrial construction.

    • Support loads more efficiently than beams and are more economical.

  • Designation:

    • 60DLH15

      • D: Deep; L: Long-span; H: High Strength

      • 60: 60” depth; 15: indicates range of span from 70’ to 120’, from a load table.

Residential Framing

  • Similar to commercial framing

    • Beams and joists used to support floors

  • Wood members used instead of structural steel and concrete.

  • More members used in residential frames (weaker material and no large columns.)

  • Weight of floor supported by wall instead of columns.

Wood Framing

  • widely-used, widely-known

  • affordable

  • durable

  • dependable

  • flexible construction methods


  • for exterior walls

    • given to outside of stud

  • for interior

    • given to edge of stud or

    • centerline of stud

      check drawing carefully to verify the dimensioning practice followed for any given set of plans

Plumbing Symbols

Plumbing Information

shown on architectural floor plan

HVAC Systems

  • heating

  • ventilating

  • air-conditioning

  • produces the movement of air within a building

  • involves controlling air

    • temperature

    • humidity

    • cleanliness

HVAC Symbols


Electrical Symbols

Electrical Prints

Electrical Prints

Wiring Diagrams

  • wiring details

  • correspond to a specific piece of equipment

    • power sources

    • sensors

    • gauges

    • other equipment

  • panel schedules

  • lighting schedules

  • equipment schedules

  • on-line diagrams

Various Joints in Concrete Construction

Welding Symbol

basic symbol

Welding Symbols

Location of Weld

means all-around

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