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Adam Abel, Toni Crosby, Christina Ozaeta & Melissa Hanssen. Situational Analysis. Environmental Trends Shaping target markets Alternative Fuels, Safety, Technology, Behavioral Trends Determining Strategic Moves Globalization, economies of scale, continuous improvement of suppliers

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Presentation Transcript

Adam Abel, Toni Crosby,

Christina Ozaeta&

Melissa Hanssen

Situational analysis
Situational Analysis

  • Environmental Trends

    • Shaping target markets

      • Alternative Fuels, Safety, Technology, Behavioral Trends

    • Determining Strategic Moves

      • Globalization, economies of scale, continuous improvement of suppliers

      • Rapid improvement of competition

      • Mergers

Situational analysis1
Situational Analysis

  • Environmental Trends

    • Framing Competitive Patterns

  • Buyer’s bargaining power

  • Segment rivalry

  • New entrants (China)

Toyota mission vision
Toyota Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be the auto industry leader through innovation and production of personal transportation vehicles designed for quality, dependability, and broad market appeal.

Product Levels

Core Benefit – Transportation

Basic Product – Engine, Body, Tires

Potential Products – Hybrids and Alternative Fuels, Personal Flight Transportation

Expected Product – Function

Augmented Product – Reputation for Quality, Reliability, Dependability

Product life cycle product life
Product Life Cycle Product Life

  • Sales are rising rapidly

  • Average customer costs

  • Profits are rising

  • Customers are early adopters

  • Number of competitors is growing

  • Maximizing market share

  • Building extensive distribution channels

Brand concepts
Brand Concepts




High Quality


Upscale Luxury

Marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy



Quality remains impeccable and constant throughout brands


*Product-Quality Leadership*

*Price Sensitivity & Elasticity*

*Target Costing*

High Perceived Value + Affordable Prices

Attract More Client





*Social Responsibility*


Promotion dealership


Wireless Internet Connections

Live DJ


Inflatable Toys

Batting Cages

Video Games


Previews of Innovative Products

Putting Greens


Cross promotions


Free iPod with Exclusive Accessories


Free Tickets to Disneyland

Lexus-Carnival Cruise Lines

Vacation Packages

Cross Promotions

Web based promotions


SiSpace, personalized information spaces for Scion customers to showcase their cars.


- Blog sites for moms and kids, movie ratings, recipes, appropriate online games for kids.


Exclusive websites featuring news & information, also sneak peaks about Toyota’s new market offerings.

Web Based Promotions

Customer relationships


Once a Toyota customer, always a Toyota customer

A vehicle for every customer, in every walk of life

Repeat Purchases

-Incentive programs through trade-ins.

- Attractive options for upgrades to other Toyota brands via the S T L (Scion, Toyota, Lexus) Purchase Path

Value – CPV and TCV

Image/Psychic, Personal/Energy, Services/Time, Product/Monetary

Customer Relationships

Customer relationships1

Dealership Relationships

Training and standardization for customer relationship development in all dealerships

Service Relationships

-Extensive training and standardization to transform the service experience




Customer Relationships

Place dealership

*Selective Distribution*

*Terms & Responsibilities*

*Dealership Applicants*

Place - Dealership

Expansion plans
Expansion Plans

  • Become Competitive in Markets Untapped

    • Latin America

    • New Models

    • Dealerships

    • Direct Investment

  • Penetrate Market with Toyota Quality and Innovation

Holistic ethical and social responsibility
Holistic, Ethical and Social Responsibility

Toyota’s goal is to “become the best environmental company in the world.”

  • Lessen dependence on oil

  • Five Year Environmental Action Plans

  • Think Green!