Wildlife buddies program
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Wildlife Buddies Program. Group Members: Class 1P4 Dai Guangjing (07) Edmund Loh (16) Calvin Lee(12) Foo Say han (08) Tey Zhi Wei (27). Trip guide. First Day-Introduction Second Day-Learning And Test Third Day-Our Buddies!!! Fourth Day-Trip To Zoo With Buddies

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Wildlife Buddies Program

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Wildlife buddies program

Wildlife Buddies Program

Group Members: Class 1P4

Dai Guangjing (07)

Edmund Loh(16)

Calvin Lee(12)

Foo Say han(08)

TeyZhi Wei (27)

Trip guide

Trip guide

  • First Day-Introduction

  • Second Day-Learning And Test

  • Third Day-Our Buddies!!!

  • Fourth Day-Trip To Zoo With Buddies

  • Fifth Day-Review And Presentation

First day introduction

First Day-Introduction

Wildlife buddies program

  • Entered the zoo with excitement and uncertainty

  • Had a briefing with one of our trainers

  • Go off to explore the White Tiger Exhibit

  • Next, we proceed to the Australian Outback

  • Lastly, we had a break at KFC then returned back to school.

Wildlife buddies program

  • We had learnt about the different species of tigers and how white tigers came about.

  • We also learnt that why tigers are critically endangered and how to protect them.

  • Lastly, we viewed the animals in the Australian Outback, such as the kangaroos, and studied their distinctive characteristics.

Second day wild hunt and test

Second Day-Wild Hunt And Test

Wildlife buddies program

  • We took a easy test after a short briefing and attended a simple speaking workshop.

  • After the theory part, we set off to explore the zoo by finding answers to worksheets but we decided to drift off from our main objective to take some photos instead and the worksheets are therefore incomplete :D.

Wildlife buddies program

  • We have learnt about the different departments of the zoo such as the Zoology department and the Education department and their areas of work.

  • We also learnt how to communicate well with others by learning the different aspects of a well speaker.

  • We too, of course learnt about characteristics and habits of animals such as baboons and rhinoceros as well as snakes by exploring the zoo, familiarizing ourselves with it.

Third day our buddies

Third Day-Our Buddies!!!

Wildlife buddies program

  • Today we had gone to the Hougang Childcare centre, “Grow and Glow” to interact with children and find our own buddies.

  • We are a group with five people and we are in-charge of 3 children, Zixuan, Gwyneth and Jivatikaa from the childcare centre.

  • At first we played with them by using some simple construction games and leading them towards the topic, zoo, since we are bringing them tomorrow to there.

Wildlife buddies program

  • Then, we accompanied them out to play in the playground but my friends too get childish and run around with them.

  • Calvin had his pants pulled down by a boy while Alex’s shirt was pulled by same boy and the boy ran around with him. Edmund also had scratch marks of “love” all over him. They are all getting “bullied”. :D

  • It had been a great day and I loved it, we had built strong trust with the children, tomorrow will be a great day I believe.

Fourth day trip to zoo with buddies

Fourth Day-Trip To Zoo With Buddies

Wildlife buddies program

  • Today, we brought our new buddies to the zoo and introduce the animals there to them.

  • It was easy to bring them around as we had trust among us after the visit to their childcare centre yesterday.

  • We walked for about 1.5 hours which rain had interrupted us for a while before settling down for the elephant show and taking a break at the same time.

Wildlife buddies program

  • We left the zoo after the show, being reluctant to leave our cute buddies behind, but we had to say “Goodbye!” eventually, so we took a few final group photos with them and we returned to school.

  • We were praised by the trainers and teachers for being responsible by shielding the children first in the rain and taking good care of them along the way, they were amazed how relaxed they were when we were handling the children, so it was a total success!

Fifth day review and presentation

Fifth Day-Review And Presentation

  • Here we are, giving you guys our own personal reflections on the sabbatical program.

  • Guangjing: Through this experience, I have learnt about the importance of conservation, if we do not save these endangered animals and protect their habitats, they will soon disappear from our sight forever. We must take actions now, we do our part by teaching the younger generation about wildlife so that they will one day be helping to save the animals. I have also built up my confidence by taking care and talking to these kids, it has been very beneficial to me.

Wildlife buddies program

  • Calvin:This wildlife Buddy program is a whole new experience for me as I have not taken care of children for CIP before. I have learnt a lot about animals, like how critically endangered they are, their habitat from the tours given on the first day, and also how to take care of a child in the third and forth day. It was fun interacting with the younger kids as they are very friendly and lovely. I really hope to be able to participate in another program like this one.

Wildlife buddies program

  • Sayhan: After this event, I realized how greatly endangered our animals are. If we do not save them now, they will be extinct and our future generations will not be able to see them again. I realized that the best way of stopping this is through educating the young so that hopefully they will spread the conversation message.

Wildlife buddies program

  • Zhi Wei: After the 4 days of sabbatical, I have learnt that animals are killed and habitats are lost due to human activities (eg: Building of cinemas, housing, shopping centres) . There is a need to conserve these animals, many of which endangered or critically endangered, so that our future generations will be able to see them. This is extremely important because these animals are important to the eco-system. So, start conserving now! Stop buying animals’ products (eg tiger’s body parts).

Wildlife buddies program

  • Edmund: This Wildlife Program was a new experience for me. I had learnt a lot of new things about animals. The lesson I value the most is the importance of animal conservation. I understood that there are many species of animals in the world going endangered and even extinct. One of the main reasons for this loss is due to human activities, which include wide scale deforestation and urbanization. Thus, the animals have no place to live in and therefore they die out in an alarming rate. I had a lot of fun bringing the kids to the zoo as we can inculcate the value of animal conversation to the younger generation and hopefully, they in the future would carry on the message of animal conversation.

Wildlife buddies program

  • We have enjoyed this sabbatical thoroughly, we want to thank all of you for your support, all teachers-in-charge for your guidance (including our dear “Ms Giraffe”) and the zoo trainers(although they are not here) for their knowledge, thank you all for making the sabbatical a successful one.

  • It is time to put a nice full-stop to the sabbatical week!!!

Wildlife buddies program

Thank You!!!

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