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Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation was founded in 2002. A national non-profit organization forced to create and preserve affordable multi-family housing for low-income families throughout the United States.

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Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation was founded in 2002.

  • A national non-profit organization forced to create and preserve affordable multi-family housing for low-income families throughout the United States.
  • Rainbow Housing works along with their affiliated companies to provide programs and support services that will increase opportunities for economic and social advancement.
rainbow housing mission statement

To create and preserve quality affordable housing for families and individuals of diverse ethnic, social and economic backgrounds, while supporting their well-being through the delivery of social service programs.

Rainbow Housing Mission Statement:
haverstock goals

To physically rehabilitate apartment developments and preserve safe, affordable housing units, while building thriving communities.

  • To provide on site service staff and/or collaborate with community based agencies to create programs that meet the needs of our diverse residents.

Haverstock Hills is one of the many multi-family units that Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation manages

Haverstock Goals
network conditions
The last CIS Senior Project group succeeded in creating a Log-In Tracking Application.
  • However, Hurricane Ike interfered with the installation schedule, and the application was never installed.
  • In fact, after Hurricane Ike, there was no longer a network at all.
Network Conditions
All that was left of the previous network was a bundle of cables, routers and switches, no longer connected to any systems.
  • We had to rebuild the network to continue our project.
components included in network
Two Modems
  • Two Switches
  • Two Routers
  • One Proxy Server
  • Eight Workstations
  • Five Administration Systems
Components Included in Network
business needs

The ability to register and track users.

  • The ability to filter and block inappropriate web content.
Business Needs
meeting those needs

Design framework

  • Multiple applications
  • Force authentication
  • Content filtering
  • Modularity
  • Flexibility
  • Expandability
Meeting Those Needs
technologies involved


  • Apache
  • Netfilter
  • Squid
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • FreeRADIUS
  • Perl
  • Chillispot
Technologies Involved
linux apache

Ubuntu Linux serves as the core of the proxy server. It is upon Linux that the whole project is built.

  • Apache is undoubtedly the most prominent web server in existence. Apache is responsible for serving the login application to the clients.
Linux & Apache
chillispot perl

Chillispot is a mesh technology that allows us to use FreeRADIUS and MySQL in conjunction to decide if a client should have access to the internet or continue being redirected to the login page.

  • Perl is a scripting language that the actual gateway application itself is embedded in.
Chillispot & Perl
mysql php freeradius

MySQL is a world class enterprise level database application. MySQL stores all client information.

  • PHP is a scripting language created for designing web pages. It is used to enter the information into the database.
  • FreeRADIUS handles Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
squid netfilter

Squid is the most widely used content filtering system in use today. Squid handles blocking inappropriate content.

  • Netfilter, otherwise known as IPTables allows for us to DHCP all of our clients and for us to redirect traffic from port 80 to port 3128 to be filtered by Squid.
Squid & Netfilter
re install windows

All workstations were wiped clean

  • All workstations had Windows XP re-installed
  • All software re-installed
Re-Install Windows