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Date: 22/01/2010 Client Brief: WaterAid Job No: 0001928W Company: WaterAid Brand Name: WaterAid Client Team: Ollie Reimann Kate Fisher Calum Parsons Phil Ellis Agency Team: ‘Buffalo’. Client Brief:. Where are we now? Current Situation Target: Male/Female (18-80yrs)

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Client brief

Date: 22/01/2010Client Brief: WaterAidJob No: 0001928WCompany: WaterAidBrand Name: WaterAidClient Team: Ollie Reimann Kate Fisher Calum Parsons Phil Ellis Agency Team: ‘Buffalo’

Client Brief:

Where are we now?

Current Situation


Male/Female (18-80yrs)

Income is not applicable.

Wide Target with no real structure.

Company Ideals: ‘Safe Water and Sanitation Hygiene for 3rd World Countries for a sustainable future’.

Competitors: Wide range of charities, but small range of water charities

How is it Sold: Phone, street fund raising, and internet donations

Advertising: Low budget viral, heart-tugging (daytime) TV spots, Print, Glastonbury sponsorship

Consumer Recognition: Low

Where do we want to be?



Re-brand to target younger audience (18-34)

A 5% increase in donations by November 2011

Increase revenue from donations by 10% by 2012


To become the preferred charity of choice 2012


Use transparency within marketing

Create a relevant advertising campaign, in order to achieve these objectives.

Role Of Communication


“1.5 million children die every year from from dirty water, 171 children an hour, 3 children die every 60 seconds” - UNICEF

… YES it is a need


Is it a new product? No it’s a continued devotion to bringing safe water to 3rd world countries

Bring to the forefront of peoples minds when they think of giving to charity


That charities may not use their funds appropriately

People do not see results for their donations

How are we going to get there?

Use a viral campaign

Use a transparent (print) advertising campaign

Use ambient advertising

Use sponsorship (Festivals, Fashion Shows, Sports)

Who do we need to talk to?


Male/Female (18-34yrs)

Socio Economic: B/C1/C2

Target younger generation



Total: £6.4m

Advertising: £3.2m

Marketing: £3.2m


Unanimous Decision must be agreed by:

Ollie Reimann (Strategic Director)

Calum Parsons (Creative Director)

Phil Ellis (Marketing Director)

Kate Fisher (Account Director)

  • Evaluation

  • Results measured by increased income (donations)

  • August 2012 against results from 2009.

  • -A 5% increase in donations by November 2011

  • Measure Brand awareness through survey of target market.

  • We will measure:

  • Opinion of charity

  • Follow up of money (transparency)