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The Top 6 Most Common Pest Insects in the UK - PowerPoint PPT Presentation TIPS FROM CATCH-­ IT PEST CONTROL LTD LONDONLondon specialists share their most frequently treated pests

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The Top 6 Most Common Pest Insects in the UK

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The  Top  6  Most  Common  Pest  Insects  in  the  UK  

London  specialists  share  their  most  frequently  treated  pests  


Insects  in  the  home  can  be  dangerous,  stressful  and  unhygienic.  

Pest  insects  are  known  to...  

◆      Spread  diseases  and  bacteria    

◆      Bite,  sting  or  feed  from  your  body  

◆      Contaminate  and  ruin  food  supplies  

◆      Cause  allergic  reactions  in  some  cases  

Insects  are  a  part  of  everyday  life,  and  there  are  millions  of  species  on  the  planet.  However,  there  are  a  

few  types  that  can  seriously  infest  your  home,  and  steps  must  be  taken  towards  controlling  them…  


1.  BED  BUGS  

-­‐-­‐-­‐  Bed  bugs:  As  children,  many  of  us  have  heard  the  statement,  “Goodnight.  Sleep  tight.  Don’t  let  the  

bed  bugs  bite.”  Little  did  we  know  that  bed  bugs  do  actually  exist.  Bed  bugs  only  feed  on  blood  and  can  

survive  a  year  without  a  meal.  They  tend  to  be  found  in  crevices  such  as  mattress  seams,  sheets,  

furniture,  baseboards,  electrical  outlet  plates,  and  picture  frames.  Bed  bugs  are  often  difficult  to  control  

without  the  intervention  of  a  trained  pest  control  expert.  


2.  ANTS  

Ants:  There  are  many  species  of  ants.    They  can  enter  buildings  through  the  tiniest  cracks  and  leave  an  

invisible  chemical  trail  for  other  ants  to  follow.  Ant  colonies  range  from  300,000  to  500,000  ants.  The  

most  effective  ant  eradication  measures  involve  destroying  their  nesting  sites.  

CATCH-­‐IT  PEST  CONTROL  LTD  LONDON  |  |  0208  787  5929  




3.  FLEAS  

-­‐-­‐-­‐  Fleas:  Fleas  tend  to  latch  on  to  hairy  animals  because  blood  is  their  source  of  nourishment.  Fleas  are  

best  eliminated  by  getting  rid  of  their  habitats  around  the  home.  It  is  also  useful  to  apply  flea  control  

chemicals  that  are  approved  by  veterinarians.  Our  pest  control  team  will  get  rid  of  the  fleas’  habitats  

and  recommend  the  best  flea  control  products  to  use  on  your  pets.  



-­‐-­‐-­‐  Cockroaches:    There  are  some  cockroaches  that  are  pests  while  there  are  others  that  are  beneficial  to  

the  environment.  The  cockroaches  that  invade  homes  and  offices  are  often  carriers  of  diseases.  They  

hide  themselves  well  and  are  best  eradicated  by  a  pest  control  team  that  has  the  requisite  equipment.  




CATCH-­‐IT  PEST  CONTROL  LTD  LONDON  |  |  0208  787  5929  




5.  FLIES  

-­‐-­‐-­‐  Flies:  Flies  transmit  over  100  pathogens.  Whenever  a  fly  lands  it  leaves  behind  microbes  that  can  

cause  a  variety  of  complications  such  as  blood  infections,  food  poisoning,  and  diarrhea.  Flies  are  

prevalent  during  spring  and  autumn  when  the  climate  is  warm.  The  best  way  to  eliminate  flies  is  to  hire  

a  professional  pest  exterminator.  Empire  Pest  Control  North  London  has  some  of  the  best  pest  

exterminators  in  the  business.  


6.  WASPS  

-­‐-­‐-­‐  Wasps:  Wasps  are  said  to  be  quite  useful  in  pest  control  for  crops  and  plants.  However,  they  pose  a  

threat  to  humans  because  of  the  potency  of  their  sting.  Wasp  control  involves  surveying  the  area  to  

determine  the  best  plan  based  on  the  species  of  wasp  and  the  threat  that  species  poses.      

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About  Us  

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