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It is a word that has been misunderstood in our modern era. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Orthodox Stewardship A Presentation Based on “Stewardship: a Way of Life” Resource One articles by, Father Frederick Watson and Father Basil Aden. Stewardship is a biblical word. The Church Fathers, especially St. John Chrysostom, used it to mean “almsgiving.”.

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OrthodoxStewardship A Presentation Based on“Stewardship: a Way of Life”Resource One articles by, Father Frederick Watson and Father Basil Aden

Stewardship is a biblical word.

The Church Fathers, especially St. John Chrysostom, used it to mean “almsgiving.”

It is a word that has been misunderstood in our modern era.

We Orthodox Christians usually hear about stewardship when it is related to money:


*Fund Raising Drive

*Special financial program

*Sermons are about giving

*Stewardship = money

Stewardship is more than these

It does not tell the whole story

of what Christian Stewardship

is all about.

Stewardship as a Way of Life it is related to money:

St. Peter wrote that every Christian is charged to "be a good steward of God's grace." (I Peter 4:10)

St. Ignatius of Antioch told the faithful that they were "stewards in God's house, members of His household, and His servants." (Epistle to Polycarp, 99)

We have nothing of our own. All that we have we borrow from God.

Stewardship is enshrined in our Divine Liturgy.

“We offer

unto You Yours of

Your own, in behalf

of all, and for all.“

It is giving back in thanksgiving

  • Bad GodStewardship:

  • Pollution

  • pornography

  • waste

  • servitude

  • apathy

  • abortion

  • environmental

  • destruction

St. John Chrysostom God

180 Degree

Turn Around ?


Motivation for Stewardship

Personal stewardship personal responsibility growing more christ like
Personal GodStewardshipPersonalResponsibilityGrowing moreChrist Like

Stewardship GodGrows From ourSpiritual Practice*Prayer*Fasting*Eucharist*Stewardship We become Christ Like

Fruit of Good God






Rewards of Stewardship God



*God’s Love

*God with us

Already Bestowed

Stewardship is


Instead of



Two basic principles for stewardship in the Orthodox Church. First- Orthodoxy is a way of life.Second- Worship is the defining role in this way of life.

What happens when we think of giving in terms of worship? Concern Shifts New reference, context, motive, and purpose.IT IS OFFERING

First Fruit And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, "Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: 'When you come into the land which I give to you, and reap its harvest, you shall bring a sheaf of the first fruits of your harvest to the priest.

Our stewardship becomes holy
Our Stewardship Becomes Holy

Our jobs s hould b e holy
Our JobsShouldBe Holy

Our family life should be holy
Our Family Life Should Be Holy

Our teaching and learning should be holy
Our TeachingandLearningShould BeHoly

From Personal Stewardship

To Our




Our community life and service should be holy
Our Community Life and Service Should Be Holy

Our church life should be holy
Our Church Life Should Be Holy

A l iving s acrifice t o god
A Living SacrificeTo God

Sample o pinions for m otivation of orthodox s tewardship
Sample opinionsformotivationofOrthodoxstewardship

Most urgent need for growth was money
Most Urgent Need For Growth Was Money

More adult education more o utreach to t he w ider community
More adult education More outreach to the wider community

Thank You ACRODStewardship Commission For more thoughts and information, see ‘Stewardship: a Way of Life: Resource One’.www.acrod.org- Stewardship

Bibliography Watson, Father Fredrick, chairman, Aden, Father Basil, Hall, Father Deacon Stephen,Bilanin, John, “Stewardship: a Way of Life.” A publication of the Diocesan Stewardship Commission, American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese. 2010.Krindatch, "The Realities of Orthodox Parish Life in the Western United States: Ten 'Simple' Answers to Ten 'Not Too Easy' Questions,"