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The progressive era
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The Progressive Era. 1880s-1920s. A Reaction to Industrialization. And it’s associated problems. The Sweat Shop. …ills…. Corruption Scandals Waste. …and troubles. Child Labor Immigration. Characteristics of Progressives. Most were WASPS White Anglo Saxon Protestant

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The Progressive Era

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The progressive era

The Progressive Era


A reaction to industrialization

A Reaction to Industrialization

And it s associated problems

And it’s associated problems

The Sweat Shop

The progressive era


  • Corruption

  • Scandals

  • Waste

And troubles

…and troubles.

Child Labor


Characteristics of progressives

Characteristics of Progressives

  • Most were WASPS

    • White

    • Anglo

    • Saxon

    • Protestant

  • Northeastern-Midwest origins

  • Do-gooders, busy-bodies middle-class, liberals with college education

Their causes were many

Their Causes Were Many

  • Reforms in business, politics, education, labor, sanitation, social status distinctions, and living conditions

    • Trust-busting

    • Destruction of the urban political machines

    • Temperance

    • Unions

    • Immigrants

    • Food and drugs

    • Housing, sewers, and conservation



Three Presidents Claimed to be Progressives

Theodore Roosevelt



William Howard Taft



Woodrow Wilson



The progressive amendments

The Progressive Amendments

Local and state politics

Local and State Politics

New York: Tenement House Law

Maryland: Workmen’s Compensation Law

Wisconsin: Direct Primary Law

Oregon: Initiative and Referendum

Women’s Labor Law

Virginia: Newlands Act

Public enemy 1 the trusts

Public Enemy #1…The Trusts

The Octopus

Trusts imperialism war

Trusts + Imperialism=War

The robber barons over time

The Robber Barons over Time

Slave Master



Robber barons

Robber Barons

Milton Pennybags/Mascots

Ford/Motor Corp.

Carnegie/US Steel

Morgan/J.P. Morgan Finance


Rockefeller/Standard Oil

P o v


Leading to

Leading to…

And this

And this

Progressive personalities

Progressive Personalities

  • The Muckrakers—journalists who exposed the dirt (raked up the muck)

  • Novelists—much like Charles Dickens did in England

  • Social Workers—settlement house movement

  • Conservationists—national parks, forest preserves, environment, outdoorsmen



Ida B. Wells/Lynching

Ida Tarbell/Standard Oil

Nellie Bly/Insane Asylums

Helen Hunt/Indians

Jacob Riis/Slums

The novelists

The Novelists

Benjamin Franklin Norris—

The Octopus—monopolies and their affects on society

John Spargo—

The Bitter Cry of Children—

child labor

Upton Sinclair—


meat packing and immigrant labor in Chicago

Social workers

Social Workers

Hull House founded by Jane Addams and Ellen Starr Gates near UIC as a settlement house for “new immigrants” mainly Greeks and Italians.

Services: kindergarten, English classes, nutrition, housekeeping, hygiene, recreation, lending library, shelter from domestic violence.



A place to hide

A Place to Hide

Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir

Not all appreciated Muir

Attempts to end jim crow

Attempts to End Jim Crow

Booker t washington

Booker T. Washington

  • Tuskegee Institute in Alabama

  • Vocational training

  • Useful, indispensible

  • Gradual integration

  • Work for equal rights

  • Patience, respect

  • Influence on M.L. King—passive resistance, non-violent

William edward burckhardt dubois

William Edward Burckhardt DuBois

  • First Harvard PhD in sociology

  • Entitled to equality

  • Demand immediate results

  • Influence on Malcolm X—byany means necessary

Prohibition temperance


  • Cause of…

    • Poverty

    • Domestic violence

    • Prostitution

    • Child labor

    • Crime

    • Being “Ethnic”

  • Associated with…

    • Catholics

    • Immigrants (German, Irish, Polish, Russians)

Radical campaign

Radical Campaign

Frances Willard—Evanston, Women’s Christian Temperance League

Carrie Nation—Anti-Saloon League, smashes up bars with her hatchet

Bleeding heart liberals

“Bleeding Heart Liberals”

Lincoln, Garfield, and now McKinley, died for your sins (slavery, trusts, imperialism)

Guilt by association…lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas…you are known by the company you keep….

Women s issues

Women’s Issues…



  • Graduated taxes—rate depends on income

  • Direct election of Senators by the people

  • Prohibition of alcohol

  • Women’s suffrage

  • Child labor laws

  • Sanitation

  • Compulsory education

  • Meat and drug inspection

  • Open voting

  • Anti-trust laws

  • Hospital, asylum, and prison reform

  • Civil rights movement

  • Immigration quotas

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