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English Monarchy PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English Monarchy. Major Monarch. Important Ladies. Kingly Conflicts. Dynasties. Potpourri. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____. _____.

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English Monarchy

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This Normand duke successfully invaded England in 1066, declaring himself king.

“Who was William the Conqueror?” is correct!

She was not England’s first queen, but her many achievements, such as defeating the Spanish Armada, make her among the most memorable.

“Who was Elizabeth I?” is correct!

This dastardly king was forced by his barons to sign the Magna Carta.

“Who was King John?” is correct!

While his territory was not all of modern England, this king claimed to be the first “King of the English.”

“Who was Alfred the Great?” is correct!

“Important” might be a strong word for this would-be queen; she only held the title for nine days.

“Who was Lady Jane Grey?” is correct!

Despite her father’s efforts to will her his throne, this powerful empress lost the English crown to her proactive cousin, Stephen.

“Who was Empress Matilda?” is correct!

Edward II may have been unpopular, but this queen consort might have overstepped her bounds in arranging his brutal death.

“Who was Isabella (of France)?” is correct!

This daughter of the House of York’s marriage to Henry Tudor officially ended the War of the Roses.

“Who was Elizabeth of York?” is correct!

Despite its name, this war between England and France actually lasted 116 years.

“What was the Hundred Years’ War?” is correct!

This civil war between two branches of the royal family ended with the rise of the Tudor dynasty.

“What was the War of the Roses?” is correct!

This period of English history was chaotic due the war between King Stephen and Empress Matilda over the crown.

“What was the Anarchy?” is correct!

This civil war did not come to end until King John died; his refusal to follow the Magna Carta had triggered the conflict.

“What was the First Barons’ War?” is correct!

This famous dynasty was started by Henry VII and included his son Henry VIII and his granddaughter Elizabeth I.

“What was the House of Tudor?” is correct!

This Francophile dynasty ruled over the collective Angevin Empire, not just England.

“What was the House of Plantagenet?” is correct!

This rival house rose to power by usurping the crown of Henry VI.

“What was the House of York?” is correct!

Named after its country of origin, this house ruled England for one generation during the Anglo-Saxon period.

“What was the House of Denmark?” is correct!

Created by Henry VIII to grant him the power to divorce his first wife, this church marked the transition for England from Catholic to Protestant.

“What is the Church of England?” is correct!

Created to protect baronial feudal rights, this document, signed by King John, became a key part of the English Constitution.

“What was the Magna Carta?” is correct!

This famous battle, in which Henry Tudor killed Richard III, marked the end of the War of the Roses.

“What was the Battle of Bosworth Field?” is correct!

Royal lineage can get confusion, especially when both the House of Lancaster and the House of York are descended from this son of Edward III.

“Who is John of Gaunt?” is correct!

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