Parliament limits the english monarchy
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Parliament Limits the English Monarchy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parliament Limits the English Monarchy. Chapter 21 Section 5. Elizabeth I Dies Leaves huge debt for England James I heir to throne – struggles with Parliament over money. English Monarchy. Charles I becomes King of England Always at war with Spain and France Needs $ - Parliament says “NO”

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English monarchy

Elizabeth I Dies

Leaves huge debt for England

James I heir to throne – struggles with Parliament over money

English Monarchy

English monarchy1

Charles I becomes King of England

Always at war with Spain and France

Needs $ - Parliament says “NO”

Charles I dissolves Parliament

English Monarchy

English monarchy2
English Monarchy

  • Forced to call Parliament again…

    • Parliament refused to give him money until he signed Petition of Right.

Petition of right
Petition of Right

  • The King CANNOT:

    • impose taxes without Parliaments consent

    • imprison subjects without due cause (the accused knowing their crime)

    • *In theory the idea contradicted theories of absolute monarchs

English monarchy3
English Monarchy

  • Charles dissolvesparliament…again

    • To get money he imposed fees/fines on English people

    • Very unpopular

English monarchy4
English Monarchy

  • Charles offended Puritans

    • Wanted subjects to follow one religion

    • Scots rebelled

  • Charles needs money for army…

English monarchy5
English Monarchy

  • Calls Parliament

  • Parliament passes laws to limit his power.

  • Furious! Arrest parliament leaders…too late.

  • Charles I flees to the north to be with his followers

English civil war

English Civil War – 1642 - 1649

Charles I (North) – Supporters = Royalists

Puritans (South) – Support Parliament

English Civil War

English civil war1
English Civil War

  • Puritans

    • Leader: Oliver Cromwell

    • Puritans Successful!

  • Charles I arrested

    • Brought to trial

    • Guilty

    • First monarch to be sentenced to death!

Military ruler

Cromwell becomes leader

Abolished monarchy

Strict leader / military rule

Tolerant of religions (except Catholics)

Military Ruler

Cromwell dies

Parliament asks Charles II to become King of England (Charles I son)

Restoring Monarchy in England - Restoration

Cromwell Dies

Restoration (Charles I son)

  • Charles II

    • Signed into law Habeas Corpus – “to have the body”. Guarantees every prisoner the right to know why they were arrested.

Charles ii dies

James II named King (Charles I son)

Offends Parliament by displaying his Catholicism.

James II dissolves Parliament

Wife gives birth to son

England is scared of a line of Catholic kings! WHY?

Charles II Dies…

Glorious revolution

Parliament asks Mary, James II’s daughter, to overthrow her father


married to William of Orange (prince of the Netherlands)

Glorious Revolution

Glorious revolution1

William and army march to England her father

James flees to France

James II gone…bloodlessoverthrow of James II called “Glorious Revolution”

But, what was the overall impact?...

Glorious Revolution

Constitution al monarchy
her fatherConstitutional Monarchy!

  • William and Mary King and Queen

  • England now a Constitutional Monarchy – laws limit ruler’s power

  • Created English Bill of Rights

  • Cabinet System developed – links parliament and monarchy.