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Imperialism. SWBAT. Examine the causes the imperialist policy pursued by the united states in the late 19 th and early 20 th century. Warm-Up. What were the causes of imperialism? Provide examples. Imperialism.

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  • Examine the causes the imperialist policy pursued by the united states in the late 19th and early 20th century

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  • What were the causes of imperialism? Provide examples

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  • Actions used by one nation to exercise political or economic control over smaller or weaker nations.


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Answer the following question based on the political cartoon above

1. What is shown in this political cartoon? (List all the things you see)

2. What two time periods are shown in this cartoon? (Dates!)

3. How much land does the US have in 1798?

4. How much land does the US have in 1898? (what was acquired?)

5. What does the eagle symbolize?

6. Sum it up: Explain the meaning of this political cartoon.

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Quick Write

  • Why did the United States become an imperial power?

Why did the united states become an imperial power l.jpg

Why did the United States become an imperial power


A stronger nation trying to gain political/economic control over a weaker nation.

Economic Reasons

-bypass tariffs

-creating overseas markets

-economic strength

-investment opportunities

Social Reasons

-Social Darwinism

-Anglo-Saxon predominance

-Spread of Christianity

  • Military/Political Reasons

  • -more land more power

  • Buffer zone-military bases

  • -bases for refueling

  • -”Success” in opening Japan

Causes for imperialism l.jpg

Causes for Imperialism

  • Economic Interests-Investments in foreign countries

  • Militarism-building up military and fighting/taking over other nations

  • Preaching-Christian missionaries trying to civilize and Christianize

  • Industrial Revolution-new technologies (better weapons/railroad) and new product needed new markets

  • Republic-Spread democracy throughout the world. Get rid of Authoritarian rulers

  • Ethnocentrism-focus on the great qualities of Americans, believing that we are better than other ethnic groups/nations


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Imperialism letter l.jpg

Imperialism Letter

  • You are the citizen of either Japan, Hawaii, China, or Panama.

  • Write a letter discussing the events happening in your country as the United States is taking over.

  • Include examples and details from the chart, video, and book.

America becomes a world power l.jpg

America Becomes A World Power

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