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WELCOME TO CRORES COMPETITION. Recap of Future Plans. Record Management System software. (RMS). ==Implemented on 19-12-12 Hospital Management System software. ==Bills module implemented . Automatic 70%marking of CRORES competition depends purely on data. == Done

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Recap of Future Plans

  • Record Management System software. (RMS).

    ==Implemented on 19-12-12

  • Hospital Management System software.

    ==Bills module implemented .

  • Automatic 70%marking of CRORES competition depends purely on data.

    == Done

  • Online Attendance feeding == Under Process

  • Managed Switch Installations at HOJ (3 Sections). == Material Received

Recap of Future Plans

  • Video Conference of 5 Users (Testing).== Done

  • Live Link of Vodafone Internet 4 MB.== Done

New initiatives
New Initiatives

  • To pay>1000 Auto accounting of to pay >1000 at booking station.

    This will secure bakaya of about 7.5 crore (to pay=54,paid=9,tbb=37)

  • Bank Commission We have made the option by which user can

    put voucher of bank commission after crediting only bank account.

  • CRORES Marking We have successfully generated the

    CRORES 70 % marking for the month of Sep12 and Oct12

    which purely depends on data.

Benefit to company
Benefit To Company

  • MIS of truck freight> 30000 and TDS not deducted for IA.

  • Auto downloading module to download freezed data completed and implemented. This module automatically download the data from server to local computer after every 30 minutes.

  • MIS of List of accounts for NFU.   

  • Change the name of accounts for all the fleet units .

  •  MIS of truck wise expenses for NFU .                    

  • Made some changes in Recruitment module and is now working smoothly.

Benefit To Company

(Up gradations of Servers) We have successfully upgraded BIOS 6.0.6001 & RAID Controller Version of IBM, SUN & Mail Server with the help of Consultants of various company’s. Due to this the server performance increased & also the hanging problem been resolved.(Up gradations of Win XP to WIN 7) We have successfully upgraded Computers from Windows XP to Windows 7. Due to this the speed of Computers increased & improved 90% issues of hardware from this windows. Details is attached below: Total No. of Computers in HOJ : 151Total No. of User in Win 7 : 121No. of Users in Win XP : 30Total No. of Users Upgraded from Windows XP to WIN 7 = 15e.g 1. Sunil Koul 2. Suman Lata 3. Avneet

Administrative new initiatives
Administrative New Initiatives

  • Give suggestion to MD Sir for changing the GOP schedule for NIC/HO staff.

  • The s/w developer will personally visit the section for better understanding of the working for which he/she is about to develop the software.

  • Standardize equipments and budgets of SFO/SFS/SFI.




  • 36.98Lac YTD Nov’11 & 19.51 Lac YTD Nov’12.

  • 3.20 Lac Oct’12 and 3.26Lac Nov’12

Important Updates

  • We have corrected 70+ GR/EB worth amount 4.34 lac by freeze GR module

  • In Oct12 observations in 1988 GR’s

  • In Nov12 observations reduce to 1024

Future plans
Future Plans

  • Online Attendance System.

  • Auto Profit-Loss calculation.

  • Hospital Management System software.

  • Auto Accounting OF JST

  • Managed Switch Installations at HOJ (3 Sections).

  • Reporting from SFO,s regarding maintenance schedule of their computers

  • Feasibility of stations by vodafone.