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What is Truth? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Truth?. Outside Lobbying Strategies Inside Lobbying Strategies Ambiguities of “Truth.”. Whom will you Lobby?. Friends Persuadables Opponents Leadership. “The Ten Commandments of Lobbying”.

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What is Truth?

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What is truth l.jpg

What is Truth?

  • Outside Lobbying Strategies

  • Inside Lobbying Strategies

  • Ambiguities of “Truth.”

Whom will you lobby l.jpg

Whom will you Lobby?

  • Friends

  • Persuadables

  • Opponents

  • Leadership

The ten commandments of lobbying l.jpg

“The Ten Commandments ofLobbying”

How to Win In Washington:Very Practical Advice aboutLobbying, the Grassroots and theMedia

Ernest Wittenberg & Elisabeth Wittenberg

Basil Blackwell, 1990 edition, p.16.

It is one thing to convince people you are smart it is another to convince people you are right l.jpg


  • Here at the K-School, you are judged on whether you are bright. As a lobbyist, you are judged on whether people think you are right.

  • Consider yourself a salesperson. You are selling your client’s interest. Your audience is Congress or the Administration.

Enable those you wish to convince to take the path of least resistance l.jpg


  • Begin with the proposition thatpeople are overworked

  • When you read a letter that aMember has written to anothermember or an editorial they havewritten for the paper, or you hear a speechthey have given, 90% of the time, they didn’t write it.

Slide6 l.jpg

  • If you want a member topropose legislation, draft it

  • If you want a member to writea letter or give a speech onyour behalf, draft it

  • Give press releasesto reporters______

Understand your opponents arguments and refute them l.jpg


  • Tell the person you are trying to convince up front what the opponents arguments are going to be. Then refute them.

    • For example, if your opposition has a strong base in Mississippi, you had better explain what Senator Lott’s position is on the matter.

Help thy friends win reelection but in victory dwelleth not on the power of the pac l.jpg

Help thy friends win reelection; but [in victory], dwelleth not on the power of the PAC.

  • Updated commandment;Never dwell on the power ofthe PAC.

  • $ gives you access – notanswers.

Slide9 l.jpg

V. Thou shalt know thy issue and believe in it, but be ready to compromise; half of the loaf will feed some of thy people.

  • System of Checks and Balances

  • “I’m just a bill on Capitol Hill…”

  • Know your bottom line, but don’t start with it.

Vi runneth not out of patience if thou can not harvest this year the next session may be bountiful l.jpg

VI. Runneth not out of patience. If thou can not harvest this year, the next session may be bountiful.

Vii love they neighbor thou wilst need him for a coalition l.jpg

VII. Love they neighbor; thou wilst need him for a coalition.

  • “As always, victory finds a hundred fathers; but defeat is an orphan.”

    Count Galeazzo Ciano, 1939-1943

    Ciano Diaries

Build upon your circle of friends how does one build one s rolodex l.jpg

BUILD UPON YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS How does one build one’s rolodex?

  • Contact your friends in the area;

  • If someone has assisted you, follow up:

    • Send a thank-you note;

    • Invite them to appropriatefunctions;

    • Take them to lunch;

    • Send holiday cards.

Slide13 l.jpg

  • Call someone you normally wouldn’t once a week, just to keep in touch.

  • Unless you want to be known as a partisan, don’t neglect those that are in the minority.

Viii study arithmetic that thou may count noses l.jpg

VIII. Study arithmetic, that thoumay count noses.

  • House: Suspension of the Calendar.

  • Senate: Unanimous Consent.

  • Any one member can kill your initiative.

Ix honor the hard working staff for they prepare the position papers for the members l.jpg

IX. Honor the hard-working staff, for they prepare the position papers for the members.

  • Staff often carries a bigstick.

  • Staff is almost always overworked andunderpaid.

  • A little kindness goes a long way.

X be humble in victory for thy bill may yet be vetoed l.jpg

X. Be humble in victory, for thy bill may yet be vetoed.

  • “The pendulum will swing back.”

    House speaker Joseph Cannon at his retirement in 1923.

  • “The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency.”

    Vice President Theodore Roosevelt, remarks to Harvard Undergraduates 1901.

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