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Y! Mail Application Development Platform. Open Hack day 14 th Feb 2009. Agenda. An Introduction Application Scope Becoming a OpenMail hacker What is a View? Application Configuration Building your first OpenMail application Available APIs Reference. Introduction.

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Y mail application development platform

Y! Mail Application Development Platform

Open Hack day

14th Feb 2009


  • An Introduction

  • Application Scope

  • Becoming a OpenMail hacker

  • What is a View?

  • Application Configuration

  • Building your first OpenMail application

  • Available APIs

  • Reference


  • It is a platform for developing applications that can work on top of users Inbox

  • Also called Yahoo! Mail Development Platform

  • Can convert 'Inbox' to a ’More Smarter Inbox' through applications providing rich functionality

  • Ability to share applications with others

Application scope
Application Scope

  • Accessing Mail Features

    • Application can get access to user’s e-mail content (on a manual drag-drop basis only)‏

    • Application can trigger a new mail 'Compose' ( but cannot automatically send a mail)‏

  • Accessing Yahoo! Calender

    • Application can ’Add a new event’

  • Accessing user’s data on Yahoo! Network

    • Either using YQL or individual Yahoo! Property level webservice (e.g Mail, Answers etc)

  • Application Rendering Options

    • Tabbed View and Dialog View

  • Application Space

    • Each application gets a storage space of 5 mb for application components ( js, css, images etc)

  • Only available with ’All new Yahoo! Mail’ (not with Yahoo! Mail Classic)

Becoming a openmail hacker
Becoming a OpenMail Hacker

  • Collect a OpenMail hacker ID(one per team)‏ and test Yahoo! IDs from us

  • Login to the test Yahoo! ID

  • Register all your test Yahoo! ID under the hacker ID by logging into http://om1.mail.vip.mud.yahoo.com/openmail/dev_activate.php

  • Start you development at http://om1.mail.vip.mud.yahoo.com/openmail/devtool.php

What is a view
What is a View?

Each page of an open Mail Application is called a view

A view is simply HTML that can be rendered inside the Mail UI

An application can be collection of one/more views

Application configuration
Application Configuration

  • XML based application Config

    • For outlining application launch methods

      • E.g clicking on application, drag of a message on application etc

    • For configuring which and what type (Tabbed/Dialog) of view to trigger upon application launch

Building your first openmail application
Building your first OpenMail application

  • Login to the developer tool and create a new Application

  • Goto 'Views' tab and create a new view, say 'HelloMail'

  • Add some HTML to display 'Hello Mail' and save it

  • Login to mail with the test Yahoo! ID

  • Click on 'Add' near Applications section and add your application

Available apis
Available APIs

  • Web Services

    • Request are sent through Adobe Flash

    • Requests have a crossdomain.xml file configured to accept '*.yimg.com' domains

    • Use openmail.Application.callWebService method to make the call

    • More info at http://om0001.mail.mud.yahoo.com/om/docs/OpenapiPublic/Application.html

  • For generating Views

    • openmail.Application.openView()

    • openmail.Application.closeView()

    • More info at http://om0001.mail.mud.yahoo.com/om/docs/OpenapiPublic/Application.html

Available apis contd
Available APIs contd...

  • Interacting with Mail

    • openmail.Mail.compose() - used to compose a new mail

    • openmail.Mail.search() - this method will initiate a keyword search inside mail

    • More info at http://om0001.mail.mud.yahoo.com/om/docs/OpenapiPublic/Mail.html

  • Accessing Application Data

    • openmail.Application.setData() – persistently stores the given key-value pair object in the application space

    • Openmail.Application.getData() – retrieve the values of the keys from the application space

    • More info at http://om0001.mail.mud.yahoo.com/om/docs/OpenapiPublic/Application.html

Available apis contd1
Available APIs contd...

  • Miscellaneous APIs

    • AuthService Class is available for making authorized web service calls.

    • Supports OAuth (2 and 3 legged) and BBAuth

    • openmail.Calendar.addEvent() method for adding a new event in Yahoo! Calender

    • For detailed information refer http://om0001.mail.mud.yahoo.com/om/docs/OpenapiPublic/


  • Open Mail Dev Tool - http://om1.mail.vip.mud.yahoo.com/openmail/devtool.php

  • API Documentation - http://om0001.mail.mud.yahoo.com/om/docs/OpenapiPublic/

  • Complete Open Mail Documentation http://openhack2009.pbwiki.com/f/YMDP-documentation-020409.pdf

  • Registering test Yahoo! ID with hacker accounts http://om1.mail.vip.mud.yahoo.com/openmail/dev_activate.php

  • Other Yahoo! APIs http://developer.yahoo.com

Happy hacking thank you

Happy Hacking!!! Thank You!