Forest certification hits wall street market strides and stockholder results
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forest certification hits wall street market strides and stockholder results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Forest Certification Hits Wall Street Market Strides and Stockholder Results. Catherine M. Mater Pres.—Mater Engineering Senior Fellow – The Pinchot Institute for Conservation Corvallis, Oregon & Washington DC Tel: 541-753-7335 Fx: 541-752-2952 Email: [email protected]

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Forest certification hits wall street market strides and stockholder results l.jpg
Forest Certification Hits Wall StreetMarket Strides and Stockholder Results

Catherine M. Mater

Pres.—Mater Engineering

Senior Fellow – The Pinchot Institute for Conservation

Corvallis, Oregon & Washington DC

Tel: 541-753-7335 Fx: 541-752-2952

Email: [email protected]


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Let’s first examine market strides.

The big surprise might be on . . . public forestlands

Slide5 l.jpg

  • No publicly managed forestlands in the US were even considering certification.

  • Forest certification is here to stay.

  • Over 60% of all certified non-industrial forestlands in the US are owned/managed by government agencies.

Food for thought:

In 1997:


Slide6 l.jpg



In 1998, a radical middle approach was initiated . . .

Certification assessment of public forestlands


Not so fast . . .

Slide7 l.jpg

Pennsylvania - 1998

  • 2.1 mm acres (all state forests)

  • FSC certification

  • Major political division on how to manage public forests (deer or no deer).

  • Internal debate became major public debate.


  • Certification requirements resolved issue for DOF

  • Market demand for PA resource increased overnight (national & international buyer interest)

  • Up to 15% premiums gained on timber sales


Slide8 l.jpg

Minnesota - 1998

  • 600,000 acres

  • FSC certification

  • State & county forestlands questioned by public on management practices.

  • Public concerns transferred to legislative budget decreases.


  • Certification recaptured social license & improved management practices.

  • Market demand for lower-grade wood resource (aspen) increased overnight.

  • Legislative budgets increased to focus personnel on certified forestry & landowner outreach.


Slide9 l.jpg

New York - 1999

  • 700,000 acres (all state forests)

  • FSC certification

  • State legislature systematically pulling funding from “dedicated reserve” account to general funding.

  • Depleting budget for forestry agency seriouslyimpacting health of forests (not cutting enough).

  • No political clout to change dynamics.


  • Certification required more cutting to achieve healthyforests.

  • Certification required replenishment of reserve account for proper forest management practices.


Slide10 l.jpg

Tennessee - 2001

  • 125,000 acres (all state forests)

  • FSC & SFI assessment

  • FSC certification

  • Heavy environmental opposition . Tennessee had the largest number of legislative bills targeted against forestry practices over all other states in the nation.

  • Public discontent translated to legislative budget cuts . . .

  • . . . at a time when private industry divesting themselves of their forestlands


Slide11 l.jpg

Tennessee – 2001 (cont.)

  • 125,000 acres (all state forests)

  • FSC & SFI assessment

  • FSC certification

  • Tennessee achieved theunthinkable - became the first Southern state in the nation to achieve forest certification.

  • Achieved tremendous public & environmental support practically overnight.

  • Became the only TN state agency to achieve legislative budget increase (at a time of tremendous budget deficit).


Slide12 l.jpg

North Carolina - 2001

  • ~100,000 acres

  • FSC & SFI certification

  • State & university lands

  • Heavy environmental opposition (Dogwood Alliance & the chip mill debates

  • Intense public discontent

  • State & university joined forces to evaluate “radical” options for building path to solutions


Slide13 l.jpg

  • Like Tennessee – achieved the unthinkable

  • Incorporated lessons learned into academic curriculums at NCSU & Duke University

  • Now have environmental attention regarding certification as a solution on both public & private lands


North Carolina – 2001 (cont.)

  • ~100,000 acres

  • FSC & SFI certification

  • State & university lands

Slide14 l.jpg

Maine - 2001

  • 450,000 acres (all state forestland)

  • FSC & SFI certification

  • Highly contentious public debate over management of public & private forestlands.

  • Initiative to stop all logging on state forestlands.


  • Certification became effective tool in re-establishing credibility with environmental organizations & the public.

  • Initiative was defeated.


Slide15 l.jpg

Washington - 2003

  • 1.2 mm acres (Westside forestland)

  • FSC & SFI (gap only); assessment on-going

  • Highly contentious public debate over management of public forestlands.

  • Lawsuits filed by environmental organizations (WEC) against the state.

  • New “preferred alternative” management policy to be determined for all state forests.


Slide16 l.jpg

Washington - 2003

  • 1.2 mm acres (Westside forestland)

  • FSC & SFI (gap only) assessment

  • State recommended for FSC certification with conditions.

  • State recommended to proceed with full SFI audit.

  • Currently trying to secure funding to complete full SFI audit.


Slide17 l.jpg

At the same time, on Indian Nation lands . . .

Congress mandates independent assessment of forest management practices, and . . .

Slide18 l.jpg

30 Indian Nationsstep to the plate:

(FSC & SFI pre-assessments)

16 mm acres of forestlands

Slide19 l.jpg

Meanwhile, back to the radical middle . . .

. . . Could federal lands be far behind?

Slide20 l.jpg

Take Alaska for example

Of the 17 mm acres comprising the Tongass NF:

  • ~ 11mm acres not in roadless or wilderness area.

. . . Ridiculous to think about?

Slide22 l.jpg

. . . About those imports

Based on direct interviews for log flows . . .

Slide23 l.jpg

And let’s further suppose that over 90% of that export log volume is moved by Sumitomo Forestry & Nissho-Iwai Nichimen Corporation

  • Sumitomo: 2002 key restructuring to strengthen company performance included major investment in new LVL production line in New Zealand. That products facility is now one of the world’s largest LVL & MDF producer sites in the world.

  • Nissho –Iwai Nichimen: Corporation now has a joint venture with Tackikawo Forest Products Ltd – a sawmill operation in New Zealand.

  • As of March 2003, 40% of all New Zealand plantations are FSC certified and Tackikawo Forest Products is FSC chain of custody certified.

Slide25 l.jpg
Suppose: for lumber flow into the lower 48 purchased by 15 companies, notable percentage of that volume goes to:

  • Pella: Who recognizes SFI, CSA, & PEFC equally and has stipulated that all of its lumber suppliers need to be third-party certified by 2008. As of February 2003 – 63% of their wood supply comes from certified sources.

  • Premdor-Masonite: FSC - certified

  • Jeld-Wen: also FSC - certified

Slide26 l.jpg

Federal lands … not so impossible !!

Already have Dept. of Defense and National Park Service lands certified!

Let s next look at unexpected new market pull strides on the retailer customer end l.jpg
Let’s next look at unexpected new market pull strides on the retailer/customer end . . .

Slide28 l.jpg


Lanoga Corporation (Lumbermans) is FSC-certified and becomes the first retailer in the US to finance certification of public forestlands (WA state). (FSC and SFI)

Slide29 l.jpg


Home Depot announces

  • 1999 sold only $15 million in certified wood product.

  • 2002 sold over $250 million

  • Looking for more.

Slide30 l.jpg

2003: Home Depot and Tembec (~$4 billion in sales/yr.; 55 manufacturing operations) announce major partnership:

  • Agree to offer large amounts of FSC-certified softwood lumber into the US Home Depot markets

  • All Tembec holdings – 32 mm acres – to be FSC-certified by 2005.

Slide31 l.jpg

Domtar: Third largest uncoated freesheet paper producer in NA announces agreement with WWF to certify 22 mm acres of Canadian forests under FSC by 2006

Alberta-Pacific (AlPac): NA’s largest single line kraft pulp mill to undergo FSC certification in 2005 (~15 mm acres)

Slide32 l.jpg

With the announcements of Tembec and Domtar, FSC is slated to become the predominate certification system in Canada by 2005, funneling product into the US:

  • 74 mm acres: FSC

  • 70 mm acres CSA

  • 60 mm acres SFI

Slide33 l.jpg


Time Inc. Paperco

  • 2003: 60% of 600,000 tons of wood fiber per year for newspapers, book companies, and magazines will come from a certified (FSC and SFI) supply.

  • By 2004 – 70%

  • By 2005 – 85%.

Slide34 l.jpg

Maine - 2003

Time Inc. Paperco intervenes and . . .

  • Governor announces new initiativeto get 10 mm acres of forestlands (public & private) certified within by 2006. (FSC or SFI)

Slide35 l.jpg

Minnesota - 2004

Time Inc. Paperco intervenes and . . .

The Governor issues an Executive Order mandating the certification of all state forestlands by 2006. (FSC and SFI assessments)

Slide36 l.jpg

Wisconsin - 2004

Time Inc. Paperco intervenes and . . .

Governor initiates FSC and SFI assessments on all state and county forestlands. Issues statement to the public stating that market demand “too great to not get certified”.

Slide37 l.jpg

Michigan - 2004

Time Inc. Paperco intervenes and . . .

Governor announces the mandate to have all state forests certified by 2006. FSC and SFI assessments already initiated.

Slide38 l.jpg

Maryland - 2004

Time Inc. Paperco intervenes and . . .

Governor announces an Executive Order mandating all state forests to be certified by 2006. Also announces FSC and SFI certification of partial state lands this week.

Slide39 l.jpg

  • Kinko’sfirst major paper supplier (over 1,000 stores in US) to offer FSC – certified paper.

  • Quad/Graphics, the world’s largest privately-held printer of catalogs, magazines, and other commercial products ($1.8 billion annual sales) becomes FSC-certified.

Slide40 l.jpg

  • 600,00 acres

  • SFI-certified - US forestlands

  • FSC-certified Idaho and Oregon; and …

  • InitiatesFSC assessments on allother timber holdings in the US


Potlatch Corporation

First publicly-traded forestry corporation in US to step to FSC plate.

Slide41 l.jpg

US Green Building Council: LEED certified

  • Currently gives credit FSC-certified wood use;

  • Has captured within 5 years:

    • 25% of all government and institutional construction in US

    • 5% of all commercial construction; and

    • Just approved for residential construction

Slide42 l.jpg


And stay tuned for some new announcements in 2004

Slide43 l.jpg

Meanwhile, on the wall street front . . .

Slide44 l.jpg

New events unfolding almost daily:

  • Citigroup – the world’s largest financial institution just announced its new corporate policy providing specific investment funds dedicated to FSC certified products.

  • Others targeted to “meet or beat” Citigroup: US Bancorp, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, John Hancock.

Slide45 l.jpg

  • Innovest- internationally-recognized investment research and advisory firm ($1 billion under advisory mandates) – determined that FSC-certified companies achieve superior stock market returns. In 2003 upgraded Domtar from a BBB to A rating when the company committed to FSC-certification of all its woodlands and operations throughout Canada.

Slide46 l.jpg

  • Swiss Reinsurance Company– one of the world’s largest reinsurers in life, health, property, motor, and liability insurance creates investment portfolio (valued at ~ $50 million) committed exclusively to sustainability. Has begun investing in FSC-certified companies.

Forest certification l.jpg

If you’re not at the table on this one . . .

. . . you’re not at the table!!

Forest Certification:

  • Growing demand

  • Growing on Wall Street

Here to stay!