Aarc house of delegates orientation
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AARC House of Delegates Orientation. Mission. - Serve as a representative body of the general membership and representative body of the affiliate societies. - Participate in the establishment of the goals and objectives for the association and participate in the governance of the Association. .

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Aarc house of delegates orientation
AARCHouse of Delegates Orientation


- Serve as a representative body of the general membership and representative body of the affiliate societies.

- Participate in the establishment of the goals and objectives for the association and participate in the governance of the Association.


  • As a delegate we must understand we function in an advisory capacity.

  • The fiduciary responsibility of carrying out the goals and objectives of the Association are the responsibility of the at-large elected officer of the Association, the Board of Directors.

Expectation of the delegate
Expectation of the Delegate

  • Represent the your Society’s AARC Membership

  • Represent the Society BOD to the AARC

  • Attend the AARC Annual Business Meeting

  • Conduct yourself according to House rules

Expectation of the delegate1
Expectation of the Delegate

  • Attend all Society BOD meetings

  • Report HOD activities to Society BOD and Society AARC members

  • Serve/Chair HOD committees as appointed

  • Elect House Officers

Delegate charges
Delegate Charges

  • Become familiar with the House Rules

  • Become familiar with the AARC goals and strategic plan

  • Bring forth meaningful resolutions which result in improvement and changes in the operation of our Association

House objectives
House Objectives

  • Two meeting per year

  • Parliamentary Procedure

  • Information Upload/Download

  • Communicate

House objectives1
House Objectives

  • Consider Committee Recommendations

  • Consider Resolutions

  • Approve AARC Budget

  • Elect House Leadership

  • Elect AARC Bylaws and Election Committee Members

Resolutions process
Resolutions Process

  • Formalized Process

  • Resolutions written by Society/Delegation

  • Submitted to resolutions committee

  • Considered by House

  • All passed resolutions are carried to BOD

  • BOD considers HOD resolutions

  • Activity communicated back to HOD

Good resolutions
Good Resolutions

  • National Concern

  • Based on facts – do your homework

  • Brief and to the point

  • Financial impact considered

  • Seek support/input from other societies

Hod election process
HOD Election Process

  • Summer Meeting

    • House Officer Nominations

    • Committee Nominations (AARC Bylaws and Elections Committees only)

  • Fall Meeting

    • Election of House Officers

    • Reopen AARC Committee Nominations

    • Committee Elections (AARC Bylaws and Elections Committees only)

Aarc budget process
AARC Budget Process

  • House meeting prior to annual business meeting AARC Budget reviewed and considered for approval

House leadership
House Leadership

  • Speaker

  • Speaker-Elect

  • Immediate Past Speaker

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Parliamentarian

  • House Liaison

House committees
House Committees

  • Chartered Affiliates

  • Credentials

  • Delegate Assistance

  • Elections

  • Orientations

  • Progress and Transitions

House committees1
House Committees

  • Publications

  • Resolutions

  • Scrutinizing

  • Special Recognition

Aarc the corporation
AARC the Corporation

Incorporated: Not for Profit (501c6), Illinois, 1947

Governance: BOD

  • Responsible to individual members (stockholders)

  • Fiduciary Responsibility

  • Policy Makers

  • Legally responsible for all aspects of AARC

Aarc organizational chart
AARC Organizational Chart



Executive Director

Associate Executive Director





Government Affairs


Accounting Membership Conventions/


Executive office staff
Executive Office Staff

  • Advises on appropriate business practice (business and legal counsel)

  • Manage corporation consistent with accepted business practices (audits, tax filings, insurance, etc.)

  • Works at direction of BOD

  • Provides fulfillment for member services (publications, websites, meetings, lobbying, etc)

Executive office staff1
Executive Office Staff

  • Provides support for special projects (CPGs, Benchmarking)

  • Provides continuity for AARC (transitions)

  • Executes policies and decisions

  • Provides support for voluntary sector (sections, committees, HOD, etc)

  • Acts as resource for members

Other components
Other Components

  • AARC – the parent

  • Daedalus – for-profit subsidiary for “unrelated” activities

  • ARCF – the charitable arm 501c3

  • International Council for Respiratory Care – a federation of country reps

  • NLHEP – a separate organization run by AARC

  • YourLungHealth.org – a website for patients

Aarc committees
AARC Committees

  • Standing Committees (proclaimed by bylaws)

  • Special Committees (appointed annually by president)

  • Specialty Sections/Roundtables

  • Representatives

Tools you ll need to do your job as delegate
Tools You’ll Need to do Your Job as Delegate

  • AARC Website

  • Listserv/Email list

  • “Secret Site”

Aarc email list
AARC Email List

[email protected]

1. Make sure you’re subscribed (Pat Lee)

2. Make sure you check

3. Message to one goes to all

4. No jokes, chain mail, funny stuff

Secret site
Secret Site


1. Get documents, tools for delegates, state society

2. Submit resolutions

3. Read your newsletters

Focus on membership
Focus on Membership

  • Help build membership

  • Monthly lists

  • Membership committee

  • Retention programs

  • New member welcome

  • Newly credentialed welcome

Focus on public relations
Focus on Public Relations

  • Use your website for common good

  • PRAT

  • Look for opportunities; use them

Focus on government affairs
Focus on Government Affairs

  • Know your issues

  • Understand the PACT

  • Encourage member involvement in advocacy

  • Create a buzz

Focus on what matters
Focus on What Matters

  • Professional interests

    . . .Not meeting mechanics, committee functions, travel arrangements, budget questions, donuts

    Spend time on the things that make this profession and its members better

Congratulations you re a delegate
Congratulations, You’re a Delegate

Do good work and have fun!