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IOC Products and Services Alert, Earthquake Sea Level display/stations Tsunami event data Education, Awareness, Training. Laura Kong, Director, ITIC ICG/IOTWS-II Hyderabad, India, 14-16 Dec 2005, rev 25 Jan2006, rev 7 Apr 2006.

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IOC Products and ServicesAlert, EarthquakeSea Level display/stationsTsunami event dataEducation, Awareness, Training

Laura Kong, Director, ITIC


Hyderabad, India, 14-16 Dec 2005, rev 25 Jan2006, rev 7 Apr 2006

Communications Plan forInterim Advisory Information System for the Indian Ocean Region, vers 16 Jan 2006

  • Interim advisories by PTWC, JMA

  • 10-20 min after earthquake based on seismic information

  • As sea level stations are installed, advisories based on tsunami confirmation to be issued

  • Consistent format and wording of message

  • Consistent reporting of earthquake location and magnitude

  • Communications Test 4x/year

    TWC requests confirmation that links working

    JMA – 5 December 2005 Summary

    only 45% acknowledge response

RANET – ITIC - PTWC Tsunami Alerts SMS/Cell Phone Text Messaging – 1 Mar 2005

Information Feeds(currently PTWC, but expand to other warning centers for cyclones, etc.)

Commercial Gateway(near ‘global’ coverage where cell phone or satellite phone services exist)

RANET Servers(receive messages and process to ensure security, backup, and place in appropriate SMS format)

RANET – ITIC - PTWC Tsunami Alerts SMS/Cell Phone Text Messaging

  • What the SMS system IS NOT:

  • Not meant to replace existing and formal/official

  • means of communicating alerts or critical information.

  • Not meant to become the sole means of receiving

  • critical alert information – warnings and communication

  • should come through a ‘layered’ approach.

  • Not meant to be mass-public communicationsystem

  • for national official / disaster managers,

  • international organizations needing to be notified

  • Coverage: Africa, IO, Pacific, Central America

  • Pilot - contact [email protected], [email protected]

Alert services real time earthquake display and alert system usgs us nthmp
Alert ServicesReal-Time Earthquake Display and Alert System (USGS – US NTHMP)



EQ broadcast

Alert system

(page, email)




Alert services real time earthquake display and alert system usgs us nthmp1
Alert ServicesReal-time Earthquake Display and Alert System (USGS – US NTHMP)

  • Further enhancements (early 2006, v2.0):

  • Integrated Display and Emailer with text messaging

  • Tsunami Warning Message alerting – RED flashing

  • Tsunami travel time / model layers

  • Improved customization, GIS data layering,

    include raster images (currently vector only)

  • SIGN-UP: ITIC will be local administrator

  • Send email to [email protected]

Sea Level Station Decode / DisplayStation Inventory Web ServicePreserving Tsunami Data:Sea Level, Geophysical, Engineering, Social, etc

IO GLOSS Sea Level Data Display

What (PTWC-provided tool):

  • Decode, Display, Manipulate (expand, measure

    period/amplitude) satellite-transmitted sea level data

  • Open-sourceshell programming, graphics

  • (Tcl/Tk, BLT extension), PC, Linux, Unix

  • Continuously downloaded data (from GTS)

  • Continuously decodes satellite data,

  • creating station time series files

91642 46/// /1205 10296 40080 22200 00287555 77744 A0102 516`3 60029 6315B 03024 83030 00A07 02548 02901 29631 6B09024520 2400A 13025 90036 00297 317B1 50240 60310 0A190 26230 38002 96317B2102 37103 100A2 50266 50330 02973 18B27 02331 02800 A3102 70103 100298318B 33022 92026 00A37 02736 03401 29831 8B390 22570 2801A 43027 6602800299 319B4 50222 50230 0A490 27960 34002 98319 B5102 19202 901A5 5028220380 02983 19B57 02163 03200 BV289 134S1 41249 C0501 22080 00070 23677 44777=^^33487552206011307M94168411DZpQ^@@rI}[email protected][[email protected][email protected]\[email protected]@[email protected]@@[email protected]@[email protected]@BjBZEwAGABhBZ"@[email protected]@[DvAI4B[5Ad6a`=OE0uVW>ZAnA|BYBkCRCqCsDWDnER"@[email protected]>YCqC?DBCtDSD[DnDxEGEa"@[email protected]_OLAoP 50+1NN 116W

Sea level Station Global Inventory


Integrate tide station databases

  • tsunami warning center managers

  • determine if station supports tsunami

  • monitoring

  • Integrate operator inventories


  • Univ of Hawaii Sea Level Center (UHSLC)

  • Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC)

  • West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center

  • (WC/ATWC)


  • National Sea Level Networks

International Tsunami Information Centre (ITIC), UH Sea Level Center (UHSLC), Pacific Disaster Center,

World Data Center/NGDC, NOAA Pacific Region Integrated Data Enterprise (PRIDE) Project

UH Sea Level Center (UHSLC), International Tsunami Information Centre (ITIC), WDC/NGDC

NOAA Pacific Region Integrated Data Enterprise (PRIDE) Project









Sea level Station Web Service


Web Services =

- Integrate information

- Open standards (e.g., XML)

- Use Internet backbone.

Information exchange

without exposing

data owner’s system

- self-describing docs / interface

- Establish XML schemas,

- Push data out to,

- Pull data in (multiple provider databases),

  • Transform, push out in multiple report formats

  • through central client server

International Tsunami Information Centre (ITIC), UH Sea Level Center (UHSLC), Pacific Disaster Center,

World Data Center/NGDC, NOAA Pacific Region Integrated Data Enterprise (PRIDE) Project


Sea Level Station Web Service Tool

ArcIMS sea level station

inventory application


Tide Station



International Tsunami Information Centre (ITIC), UH Sea Level Center (UHSLC), Pacific Disaster Center,

World Data Center/NGDC, NOAA Pacific Region Integrated Data Enterprise (PRIDE) Project

UH Sea Level Center (UHSLC), International Tsunami Information Centre (ITIC), WDC/NGDC

NOAA Pacific Region Integrated Data Enterprise (PRIDE) Project

Preserving critical tsunami information
Preserving Critical Tsunami Information

  • Reconnaissance teams visit affected areas after tsunami events

    • Gather critical info including

      • Estimates of runup, scour, beach erosion, etc.

      • Physical measurements of damage

      • Eyewitness accounts

    • This info “disappears” if not gathered immediately

  • Why?

    Observations benchmark models Better mitigation

Tsunami Reconnaissance Data Repositoryhosted by San Diego Supercomputermirror site IOC IODE, Belgium

  • New digital repository for reconnaissance data - Dec. 26th tsunami

    • Centralized archive with backup and preservation capabilities

    • User-friendly tools for searching / exploring / analyzing / extracting data

    • Curated by experts

    • Ability for community to add commentary

  • Developed as part of US NSF NEES program

    • George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES)

  • Support efforts of IUGG Tsunami Commission data collection by providing archiving facility

Tsunami data preservation goals
Tsunami Data Preservation Goals

  • Preserve key data 26 Dec tsunami

    • would otherwise be scattered or lost

  • In future, facility can preserve all tsunami data

  • Make data widely accessible via Web interface /tools

    • in ways that make sense to non-specialists

  • Add methods/tools compatible with emerging standards

    • so data can be cross-

      analyzed w/other sources

How you can help contact l kong@unesco org
How You Can Help? contact [email protected]

  • Contribute relevant data from the international tsunami community

    • Maps and satellite imagery

    • Topographic and bathymetry data

    • Images and videos

    • Field measurements (inundation data, beach profiles, scour data, land uplift/subsidence, etc)

    • Post-event questionnaires and surveys

    • Recorded tsunami data (e.g., tide gauges)

    • Observations of damage to buildings and infrastructure

    • Eyewitness accounts and personal interviews

    • Casualties and other social impact statistics

Delivering the message building an educated and aware public

Delivering the Message:Building an Educated and Aware Public

Customizable awareness materials
Customizable Awareness Materials

  • Tsunami: The Great Waves

    - Global phenomenom - Indian Ocean

    - Comprehensive tsunami mitigation: hazard risk assessment, warning guidance, preparedness and education

    - Customize with stories, graphics, photo

  • Tsunami Warning!

    - Children’s book on tsunami response - Customize source - Customize national/local response

  • Tsunami Safety Poster

    - Customize story, photos

  • Tsunami Glossary – January 2006

    - Tsunami-related terms

    - classification, characteristics, measurement, surveys, instruments, governance, warning, mitigation

Tsunami warning
Tsunami Warning!

  • Text, Graphics separate objects

  • Easy delete, replace







Also Tsunami: The Great Waves, Tsunami Glossary, Tsunami Safety Poster

Customizable awareness materials tsunami safety poster
Customizable Awareness MaterialsTsunami safety poster

  • Template - national or local safety posters

  • Customize - local languages, photos, graphics

  • Standard set of information for public

    • What a tsunami is? How do tsunami act when they come ashore?

    • What are natural tsunami warning signals?

    • What should you do when a tsunami warning is issued?

    • Where do I find out more tsunami information (national, local)?

Customizable awareness materials tsunami safety poster1
Customizable Awareness MaterialsTsunami safety poster

Customize: 26 Dec 2004 stories, pictures, readiness

Itic products
ITIC Products:


Hawaii Tsunami

Warnings, 1986, 1994

NTHMP, 2005

Selected Interviews




DVD, Download from web

Ioc tsunamiteacher supporting capacity building resource kits and accompanying measures

IOC TsunamiTeacherSupporting Capacity BuildingResource Kits andAccompanying measures


  • WHAT: Consolidated Resource/Training Toolkit

    • New and existing materials

    • Reliable and verified materials

    • Training modules for stakeholders


  • Media, Education Systems, Governments,

  • Community Groups, Private Sector

  • USE: Enable governments / stakeholders to:

    • Share existing body of research / good practice

    • Adapt high-quality materials to local context

    • Build stakeholder / public awareness

    • Develop local responses for saving lives,

    • mitigating impacts



  • Different audiences use different materials

  • Training modules must be locally relevant

  • None of the modules use all the resources,

  • but different modules can utilize same materials

  • Specialists review and validate content

  • Editors continually update and add content

  • WHEN: April 2006 -3 modules - Media / Edu / Govt

  • End 2006 - Complete (5 modules)

  • USE in IOC-WMO-ISDR Train-the-Trainer

  • NMHS, NDMO, government, UN

Binary structure
“binary” structure:

  • An updatable“collection”of reliable tsunami-related information and materials

    • arranged in “folders” and including, for example, brochures and documents, graphics, multi-media materials, strategies and school curricula resources.

  • Continually produced training modules

    • targeting different audiences with specific training and resources – linked to the “collection” – that build awareness and understanding of, and capacity to mitigate, tsunamis.

  • Enables multiple use of content

  • Available through Internet and DVD

  • Base English, Spanish and French planned


Government (Policy Makers)












Public Safety




Disaster Kit

Family Plan







Education (Grade 2-4)

Photos, video




Other collections



Other modules

ITSU Training Programme (ITP)

  • ITP – Hawaii 2004-2006

  • Tsunami Warning and Mitigation Systems

  • Pacific 2004 – class of 5 (16 applicants)

  • IOC-ISDR Japan / Hawaii TWS Study Tours

  • Indian Ocean - July, 2005

  • Hawaii: 45 participants, 19 countries

  • PTWC, Civil Defense,

  • Pacific Tsunami Museum

  • Indian Ocean TWC and NDMO

  • Tsunami Warning Centre Ops

    • Indonesia BMG (class of 6)

    • Jan-Feb 2006

ITP – International 2005-2006

  • Numerical Modeling (TIME) - 2005:

  • 7-19 Nov 2005, Manila


  • Class of 17 (50 applicants)

  • Pacific, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia

  • Physics, lap-top case study, Real data

  • Numerical Modeling

  • Seismic Monitoring – 2006

  • IO – meet WG1/WG2 and National Needs

Ioc activities 2006
IOC Activities – 2006

  • Coordinated Implementation Plan - partners

  • ICG/IOTWS WGs (coordinate, facilitate, synergize across other regions)

  • Upgrade/install GLOSS and other sea level, seismic network - ongoing

  • TsunamiTeacher - May 2006

    electronic, dynamic training modules + resources (Media, Education, Public/Private Sector)

  • Customizeable awarenessmaterials

    Adapt for language, culture, local community

    IOC-ADRC Educational Curricula - Thailand, April 2006

Ioc activities 20061
IOC Activities –2006

- Seismology – USGS, FDSN/IRIS GSN, AfricaArray

Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Maldives, East Africa /West IO

- Numerical Modeling – Expert scientists,

I - Sources / Propagation, May (Malaysia, Belgium)

II - Inundation / Evacuation, Sept-Dec

- TsunamiTeacher Workshops – up tp 8 countries, May

- Tsunami Warning Operations / Emergency Response - Indonesia, Thailand, Mozambique, Mauritius, etc

- RANET Communications - warning centre to local

communities - May 2006

Icg ptws south china sea
ICG/PTWS - South China Sea

  • Synergies with ICG/IOTWS WGs

  • Interim Tsunami Advisory Information Service

    JMA NW Pacific Tsunami Advisory Center expands

    Close coordination with PTWC

    Start 1 April 2006

  • IOC-Malaysia MOSTI, 27-28 April, Kuala Lumpur

    Roundtable Symposium on Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards and Risks

  • Pacific-wide Tsunami Drill, 16-17 May 2006

    PTWC initiated

    2 sources - Philippine (Pacific) and Chile

    UNDP to sponsor observers to Philippines

AfricaArray: CB in Eastern Africa

  • Better Natural Resources Management

  • Build upon existing for Eastern Africa -

  • Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Madasgascar, Comoros;

  • can incl Seychelles, Mauritius, Somalia

  • Real-time earthquake monitoring - active African

  • Rift System, offshore tsunami EQ, active volcanism

  • Partners: IRIS – seismology (GSN)

  • AfricaArray, public-private - academia,

  • govt, industry CB natural resources

  • IOC - oceanographic / tsunami warning

  • Proposal:

  • Real-time sharing – upgrade to broadband stations

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • Build long-term capacity - MSc or PhD degrees

  • => $350,000 / country for 5 years