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SEXUAL HARASSMENT. BY: DEENA MEGARO, JENNIFERMELKER, MATT BRILL, AND MICHAEL DEFRANCO. WHAT IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT?.  U nwelcome sexually determined behavior as physical contact and advances, sexually colored remarks, showing pornography and sexual demands, whether by words or actions.

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sexual harassment





what is sexual harassment

 Unwelcome sexually determined behavior as physical contact and advances, sexually colored remarks, showing pornography and sexual demands, whether by words or actions.

scenario 1
Scenario 1

 While at work, Nina frequently makes personal phone calls to her friends. Her conversations are loud and generously

sprinkled with foul and obscene language. Her co-workers in nearby cubicles cannot help but overhear her conversations.

 Is Nina\'s behavior sexually harassment? Agree or Disagree?

scenario 2
Scenario 2

 Mark persists in asking his co-worker Maria out to dinner, even though she turns him down each and every time he requests a date. She has told him several times to stop asking.

 Mark behavior does not constitute sexual harassment, because sexual harassment may only occur between a male boss and a female subordinate.

 Agree or Disagree?

scenario 3
Scenario 3

 Alexander frequently tells off-color jokes during team meetings. Lily is very offended. She doesn\'t think Alexander\'s

jokes are funny.

 Alexander\'s behavior is not sexual harassment because his jokes are all in fun, and he does not intend to sexually harass anyone.

 Agree or Disagree?

scenario 4
Scenario 4

 Suzanna and Harry enjoy a great working relationship and just recently have started dating. They can\'t seem to get enough of each other. They take breaks and lunch together and are often seen flirting at the copy machine. They are clearly infatuated with each other.

 Romance has no place at work. This couple\'s behavior is clearly at risk for sexual harassment.

 Agree or Disagree

scenario 5
Scenario 5

 Tim and Olga, advertising sales executives, travel together on a week-long business trip. In the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel, Tim snuggles up to Olga and tries to hold her hand. Olga strongly objects, and Tim backs off.

 While Olga finds Timur\'s behavior offensive and unwelcome, the regulations regarding sexual harassment in the work place are not relevant, since Tim and Olga were not at their usual workplace when the incident happened.

 Is this sexual harassment? Agree or Disagree?

scenario 6
Scenario 6

 Anthony is a Vice President of Marketing at EZ Interactive Company and has hired Rosa, just out of graduate school, as his assistant. Some time after Rosa started working at the company, Anthony tells her that the only way she can keep her job at EZ Interactive is by having sex with him. Rosa refuses and is fired a few months later for no reason.

 Rosa is the target of sexual harassment.

 Agree or Disagree?

scenario 7
Scenario 7

 Mindy has returned from maternity leave and needs to leave work promptly at 5:00 to pick up her child at child care. Her boss is not happy about her early departure, but makes it clear to her that if she does something “extra” for him, it will be okay. It is clear to Maria that something extra means something sexual and she is very uncomfortable with the situation.

 Do you think the boss’s behavior constitutes sexual harassment?

 Agree or Disagree?