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Copywriting Portfolio. Subway series: Let’s go places. Let’s go places. Let’s go places. Let’s go places. ” Let’s Go Places. Co-branded Ad. Size does matter. Fly united, fly safe . Car, airline or tech ad. Highway Billboard.

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hang tag

My idea for a hang tag for Toyota would be to give them as an air freshener when you lease/buy your car to hang from the rear view mirror. The hang tag could say: Toyota Motor Sales has been named no. 1 retail manufacturer for 2013. Toyota creates reliable, durable cars with ingenuity and technology. Toyota will lead the future of mobility, creating safe and responsible ways of reaching destinations. I would make it either the Toyota logo or make it in the shape of the models of Toyotas vehicles.

Hang Tag
experience bus

My experience bus in Times Square would be transformed to look like a Toyota model, probably the Rav4 because that is one being advertised right now. I would put the Toyota symbol along the sides. On the inside, I would make it look like the inside of the Rav4 and either on or at a section set up outside of the bus, I would have a simulator head set so people could get a feel for how the car drives. I would also partner with Doughnut Plant in the city to offer free donuts.

Experience Bus
coffee sleeve

For the coffee sleeve I don’t know if Toyota would work on here, so for Stride Gum I would put different scenarios on the different sleeves where you would need fresh breath after your morning pick me up. Scenarios like meeting up with a significant other, going in for an important interview, having a meeting with clients, and have the tagline Better Breath with Stride. Then have on the other side of the sleeve a 50% off coupon for stride gum if you show your coffee sleeve at participating stores.

Coffee Sleeve
non profit ad

Survivor is a statement worth wearing

Non-profit Ad

Make a donation today to help others become a survivor


toyota phone app

One APP I would create would be one that you could take a virtual tour of each model of Toyota’s vehicles. It would show you all the features of each car Toyota offers, and the prices of the cars.

The APP would have a Toyota dealer that you could connect to where they could answer any questions you have about the car, and the financing on them.

Toyota phone App