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Laser engraver – A powerful method for precise cutting and engraving PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Laserprona.com is the leading supplier of top edge laser engravers and cutting machines that works with all types of materials to suit your specific needs. Visit our website for any further information http://www.laserprona.com/laser-systems/or simply give us a call at our number 408-782-5122.

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Laser engraver – A powerful method for precise cutting and...

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WEBSITE: http://www.laserprona.com/laser-systems/

Laser engraver – A powerful method for precise cutting and engraving

Since it is an extremely precise, exact strategy for cutting, and in light of the fact that it doesn't include a real cutting edge which can get to be adulterated and damaged, it is perfect for manufacturing segments. As the innovation developed and turned out to be all the more broadly accessible, architects began to see the capability of laser cutting to change their thoughts into reality. Laser engraving is utilizing the same system to render a configuration on the surface of a material.

Which materials can be cut by laser?

  • Plastics which don't contain chlorine i.e. acrylics can be cut by laser, PVC and vinyl can't

  • Wooden surfaces

  • Some metals

  • Paper and card

  • Fabric

Which materials can be laser engraved?

  • All the above mentioned materials

  • Stone, including slate and marble

  • An assortment of metals including steel and metal

  • Glass

Laser cutting and laser engraving are methods which are on the ascent however not generally used further bolstering their best good fortune, particularly by businesses in littler towns and urban areas. For smaller businesses, picking a laser cut or engraved sign is an incredible approach to make your premises emerge and draw in consideration. These machines are widely used in industrial applications, businesses and other areas where precise engraving is required.


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WEBSITE: http://www.laserprona.com/laser-systems/

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