Lesson six
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Lesson Six. I’ve got…. 授课教师: 宜宾学院外国语学院 王丽春. Lesson Five. Guess the item My vacation have 的多种用法 Practice. 破冰行动 口语练习 语法讲解 巩固练习. Ice breaker Guess the item. Instruction Students take turns coming to the front of the class and looking in a bag which has many different items .

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Lesson Six

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Lesson six

Lesson Six

I’ve got…




Lesson five

Lesson Five

  • Guess the item

  • My vacation

  • have 的多种用法

  • Practice

  • 破冰行动

  • 口语练习

  • 语法讲解

  • 巩固练习

Ice breaker guess the item

Ice breakerGuess the item


  • Students take turns coming to the front of the class and looking in a bag which has many different items.

  • One student chooses one item in the bag to describe.

  • The other students must guess what item is being described.

  • The first student to guess the item can come to the front and pick an item from the bag to describe.

Ice breaker guess the item1

Ice breakerGuess the item

  • For example:

    Sam picks an apple, so he describes it as followed:

    “It’s round and can be eaten. It’s fruit. Crispy, not juicy. It’s neither big nor small. It tastes sweet and sour(酸的)…”

Group work

Group work

  • Work with another three classmates.

  • Each of you describe an unforgettable journey you’ve ever made.

  • Your description should include the following facts:

    When, where, who, what.

Reading and grammar

Reading and Grammar

He often does this!

Reading and grammar1

Reading and grammar

  • Words and expressions:

    look for give…back to sb.


    I haven’t got my bag.

Words and expressions

Words and expressions

  • Past perfect tense:

    After I had had lunch at a village pub, I looked for my bag.

    My dog had taken it into the garden.

Words and expressions1

Words and expressions

  • look for

  • find

  • find out




Lesson six


  • Have you found my purse, yet?

  • I’m looking for my school bag.

  • You should find out the answer for yourself.

Words and expressions2

Words and expressions

  • take, carry, bring

    I will ____ the children on an outing as well. I will ____ them to the zoo or to the park.

    Let's that_____ trip we didn't ____ last year.


Words and expressions3

Words and expressions

I need to ____ a shit.

I could not ____ my eyes from it. I looked at the photograph for some hours and then began working.“


Lesson six

Have 的用法

I haven’t got my bag.

= I don’t have my bag.

He has a lot of money.




Lesson six

have 的用法

  • 有家人、朋友 have brothers and sisters

  • 做 have a bath

  • 吃 have dinner

  • 喝 have a cup of tea

  • 患病 have a fever

  • 度过 have a good time

  • 收到 have a letter

  • 怀有想法 have an opinion

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