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Chapter 19 - Advertising. What effective advertisements have you seen recently? Why do you think the ads are effective? How do you think a business decides what to spend and where to advertise its goods and services?. Advertising and Its Purpose.

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Chapter 19 advertising
Chapter 19 - Advertising

  • What effective advertisements have you seen recently?

  • Why do you think the ads are effective?

  • How do you think a business decides what to spend and where to advertise its goods and services?

Advertising and its purpose
Advertising and Its Purpose

  • Advertising is non-personal promotion which promotes ideas, goods, or services by using a variety of media

    • The average person is exposed to more than 3,000 advertising messages every day!

    • Marketers use advertising to

      • Introduce a new business

      • Change a company image

      • Promote a new or existing product

      • Encourage the use of a particular service

      • Encourage business-to-business transactions

Advertising and its purpose1
Advertising and Its Purpose

  • There are two main types of advertising

    • Promotional Advertising

      • Advertising designed to increase sales

      • It is an effective way to support direct selling, visual merchandising and display, and other sales promotion activities

    • Institutional Advertising

      • Advertising designed to create a favorable image for a company and foster goodwill in the marketplace

      • Creates a good impression with potential customers

Types of media
Types of Media

  • Media are the agencies, means, or instruments used to convey advertising messages to the public

  • The four general categories of advertising media are:

    • Print

    • Broadcast

    • Internet

    • Specialty

  • The advertising message and target audience determine the type of media that is used

Print media
Print Media

  • This is one of the oldest and most effective types of advertising

  • Print media includes ads in:

    • Newspapers

    • Magazines

    • Direct mail

    • Directory advertising

    • Outdoor advertising

    • Transit advertising

Broadcast media
Broadcast Media

  • Radio and television advertising

  • By age 66, the average person spends nearly 10 years watching TV and almost 6 years listening to the radio!

  • Advantages and disadvantages of each?

Internet advertising
Internet Advertising

  • Uses either e-mail or the World Wide Web

  • Growing steadily

  • Examples?

    • Opt-in e-mail ads

    • Banner ads

    • Pop-up ads

    • Search engine ads

    • Video ads

    • Social marketing

Specialty media
Specialty Media

  • Special media (giveaways or advertising specialties) are relatively inexpensive useful products that are imprinted with the company’s name, message, or logo

  • To be successful, specialty items must be practical, used frequently, and displayed with high visibility

  • Examples?

Other advertising media
Other Advertising Media

  • Ad-supported TV screens at airports, gas stations, subways

  • Digital billboards at sports arenas

  • On-screen movie theater ads

  • Supermarket cart displays

  • Mobile device advertising

  • Others?

Advertising project
Advertising Project

  • For your final project / Due Friday, November 22nd.

    • You will need to develop the following:

      • 1 Print advertisement

      • 1 Broadcast advertisement (Radio or TV)

      • 2 Different Internet advertisements

      • 1 Specialty advertisements

    • All of the above need to include the company name, logo or brand name and product name, logo or product brand name.

    • You will need to product the “REAL” things, not just descriptions or outlines.

    • There will also need to be a written explanation as to why you chose that advertisement and how it reaches your target audience.