Nuclear science the new standard model neutrinos fundamental symmetries in the next decade
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Nuclear Science & the New Standard Model: Neutrinos & Fundamental Symmetries in the Next Decade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The next decade presents NP with a historic opportunity to build on this legacy in developing the “new Standard Model” The value of our contribution will be broadly recognized outside the field.

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Nuclear Science & the New Standard Model: Neutrinos & Fundamental Symmetries in the Next Decade

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Presentation Transcript

The next decade presents NP with a historic opportunity to build on this legacy in developing the “new Standard Model”

The value of our contribution will be broadly recognized outside the field

Nuclear physics studies of ns & fundamental symmetries played an essential role in developing & confirming the Standard Model

Our role has been broadly recognized within and beyond NP

Nuclear Science & the New Standard Model: Neutrinos & Fundamental Symmetries in the Next Decade

Solar ns & the neutrino revolution

Fifty years of PV in nuclear physics

Michael Ramsey-Musolf, NSAC March, 2007

Community Input

  • Pre-Town Meetings:

    Santa Fe Nov 2006

    Caltech Dec 2006

  • DNP Town Meeting

    Chicago Jan 2007

  • White paper (merging two)

Substantial work by the organizing committee

Scientific Questions, Achievements & Challenges

  • What are the masses of neutrinos and how have they shaped the evolution of the universe? 0nbb decay, q13, b decay,…

  • Why is there more matter than antimatter in the present universe? EDM, DM, LFV, 0nbb, q13 …

  • What are the unseen forces that disappeared from view as the universe cooled? Weak decays, PVES, gm-2,…

Tribble report

Primary Scientific Questions

Tribble report

Related Scientific Questions

  • What is the internal landscape of the proton? PVES, hadronic PV, n scattering,…

  • What causes stars to explode? Large scale supernova simulations, n flavor transformation…

  • What is the origin of the heavy elements from iron to uranium? Weak interactions and n interactions in heavy nuclei,…

Scientific Achievements

  • Discovery of flavor oscillations in solar neutrinos; Solution of the solar neutrino problem; 1300+ citations

  • Discovery of flavor oscillations in reactor neutrinos; Identification of LMA solution; over 1000 citations

  • World’s most precise measurement of (gm-2) Possible first indications of supersymmetry; over 1000 citations

  • Most precise measurement of sin2qW off the Z0 resonance using PV Moller scattering; constrains new physics at the TeV scale (Z’, RPV SUSY…)

Scientific Achievements

  • Definitive determinations of strange quark contributions to nucleon EM form factors using PV electron-proton & electron-nucleus scattering; confirmed theoretical estimates of hadronic effects in electroweak radiative corrections

  • Quark-lepton universality tested to 0.05% using superallowed nuclear b-decay, yielding most precise value of any CKM matrix element (Vud) 2006 Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics recognizing work of Towner & Hardy

Scientific Achievements

  • Completion of a comprehensive set of computations of supersymmetric effects in low-energy electroweak observables; 2005 Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics to A. Kurylov

  • Reduction in the theoretical hadronic uncertainty in extraction of Vud from neutron and nuclear b-decay

  • New theoretical breakthroughs in simulating neutrino flavor transformation in supernovae; modeling n flavor transformation effects nucleosynthesis with SN’s; understanding weak interaction effects in SN shock dynamics

Scientific Achievements

  • Development of a EFT treatments of parity violation in the nucleon-nucleon interaction that will guide the future experimental program at the SNS and NIST

  • Reduction in theoretical uncertainty in QRPA computations of 0nbb decay matrix elements

  • Substantial technical developments opening the way for searches for the permanent EDMs of the neutron, neutral atoms, deuteron and electron with 2-4 orders of magnitude greater sensitivity

Technological Achievements & Investments

b-decay:Neutrino Mass


Total Lepton Number & Neutrino Mass Term






Technological Achievements & Investments

Multi-purpose Facility


Technological Achievements & Investments

Fundamental Neutron Physics Beamline at SNS

1.4 MW , 1 GeV H- beam on L Hg

Also new capabilities at LANSCE, NIST…

Muon storage ring at BNL

ISAAC, RIAcino….

CEBAF 12 GeV Up-grade

Two frontiers in the search for new physics

Collider experiments (pp, e+e-, etc) at higher energies (E >> MZ)

Indirect searches at lower energies (E < MZ) but high precision

Large Hadron Collider

Ultra cold neutrons


Particle, nuclear & atomic physics

High energy physics

Challenges: What role can low energy studies play in the LHC era ?

(and beyond!)

Scientific Opportunities

  • Major Discovery Potential:

    0nbb-decay & EDM

  • Precision measurements

    Neutrino mixing & hierarchy

    Weak decays, PVES, gm-2

  • Electroweak probes of QCD

    PVES, Hadronic PV, nN scatt…

“Known Unknowns”

Cosmic Energy Budget

Electroweak symmetry breaking: Higgs ?

Leptogenesis: discover the ingredients: LN- & CP-violation in neutrinos

Weak scale baryogenesis: test experimentally: EDMs

Nuclear Science mission: explain the origin, evolution, & structure of the baryonic component

Beyond the SM

SM symmetry (broken)

The Origin of Matter & Energy

Baryogenesis: When? CPV? SUSY? Neutrinos?

WIMPy D.M.: Related to baryogenesis?

“New gravity”? Lorentz violation? Grav baryogen ?


Long baseline




0nbb-Decay: LNV? Mass Term?



Yale, Indiana, Amherst

ANL, Princeton, TRIUMF…



fdSM dexp dfuture


Also 225Ra, 129Xe, d

If new EWK CP violation is responsible for abundance of matter, will these experiments see an EDM?

EDM Probes of New CP Violation

dn similar

Theory progress & challenge: refined computations of baryon asymmetry & EDMs


LHC reach

LHC reach

ILC reach

LEP II excl

Present de

Present de

Present de

Prospective de

Prospective de

Prospective de

Baryogenesis: EDMs & Colliders

Electroweak symmetry breaking: Higgs ?


Beyond the SM

SM symmetry (broken)

Precision Probes of New Symmetries

New Symmetries

Origin of Matter

Unification & gravity

Weak scale stability


Daya Bay

Mini Boone

Precision Neutrino Property Studies

Mixing, hierarchy, & CPV

Long baseline oscillation studies:


Normal or Inverted ?

High energy solar ns


Ice Cube





Precision Neutrino Property Studies

Solar Neutrinos


SUSY models

Vud from neutron decay: LANSCE, SNS, NIST

Similarly unique probes of new physics in muon and pion decay


CKM, (g-2)m, MW, Mt

Non (V-A) x (V-A) interactions: me/E



Weak decays & new physics

JLab Future

SLAC Moller

Z0 pole tension

Parity-violating electron scattering

Scale-dependence of Weak Mixing

Weak Mixing in the Standard Model

RPV: No SUSY DM Majorana n s

SUSY Loops


d QWe, SUSY / QWe, SM


12 GeV

6 GeV


Probing SUSY with PV Electron Scattering






Had VP

Had LbL



SUSY Loops

SM Loops

Future goal

Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment



Total: $514m

Project Funding for Neutrinos and Fundamental Symmetries

Total: $300m

DUSEL Funding Candidates

Total: $214m

Non-DUSEL Projects

  • Equivalent to a major new initiative:

  • “New Standard Model Initiative” (NSMI)

  • ~ $750m over 10+ years

  • One major new facility (DUSEL)

  • Targeted program at other facilities

  • Benefits to NP:

  • Make NP a major player in era of historic discovery potential; we can help write the textbook on the new SM

  • Builds on substantial achievements since 2002 LRP & development of strong groups

  • Attractive to junior scientists

  • Economy of resources & synergy with other NP facilities


Back Matter


Greene Geoff Oak Ridge Nationa Lab/U. Tennessee

Organizing Committee

Symmetries Subcommittee

Neutrino Subcommittee

Higher Twist: qq and qqg correlations







Charge sym in pdfs

12 GeV

6 GeV

d(x)/u(x): large x

Electroweak test: e-q couplings & sin2qW

Deep Inelastic PV: Beyond the Parton Model & SM

Effective Field Theory

  • Model Independent (7 LECs)

  • Few-body systems (SNS, NIST…)

  • QCD: weak qq interactions in strong int environment

  • Weak Int in nuclei (0nbb decay)

Long range: p-exchange?

T=0 force

T=1 force

Parity-Violating NN Interaction

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