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Enrichment PD - Math. September 29, 2010. Van de Walle Reading Chapter 2. Refer back to chapter 2. Highlight, record, or post the answer to the following questions: What do you AGREE with in the text? What do you ARGUE with in the text?

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Enrichment PD - Math

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Enrichment PD - Math

September 29, 2010

Van de Walle ReadingChapter 2

  • Refer back to chapter 2.

  • Highlight, record, or post the answer to the following questions:

  • What do you AGREE with in the text?

  • What do you ARGUEwith in the text?

  • What parts of the text do you want to ASPIRE to?

Three A’s Text Protocol

  • In a round, have each person identify one AGREE in the text, citing the text (with page numbers, if appropriate) as evidence.

  • Go around the circle and repeat with ARGUE and ASPIRE.

  • End the session with an open discussion framed around a question such as: What are the implications of this chapter on our instruction?

Text Share Out

  • What are the implications of this chapter on our instruction?

Maximizing our Instructional Situations

“Challenge Like” Problems Defined

Challenge Like problems are problems that…

  • combine math topics

  • contain a real-world context

  • are able to be solved in multiple ways

The BEN & JERRY’S Challenge


  • To maximize our instructional situations through the use of creative problems (i.e. “challenge like” problems).

Use them because they are


Why use “challenging problems”?

Characteristics of “Challenge like” problems :

  • COMPLEX: are thoughtful, purposeful, and intellectually demanding

  • AMBIGUOUS: allow for “multiple entry points” and can have more than one solution

  • PROVOCATIVE: deliberately aimed at stimulating student interest and curiosities

  • ENGAGING: are student-centered

  • CHALLENGING: designed for greater intellectual demand

  • Personally or Emotionally Challenging: challenges the learner to confront and think about situations, beliefs, philosophies, cultures, and behaviors that are unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable

Multiple Representations






Real World




What do you know about Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream?

Fun Fact from 1983…

This makes my brain think…

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is sold in pint containers. So…how many pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream did it take to build this 27,102 pound sundae?

Your Task…

As a group be able to answer this question:

How many pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream would it take to build a 27,102 pound sundae?


  • What are we going to need to know to solve this problem?

  • How could this help us to solve this problem?

Your Group’s Task

  • Find the total number of pints needed to build the sundae.

  • Create a chart/poster/presentation that explains the process your group went through to come up with an answer.

  • Show how your answer was calculated.

  • Be sure to organize any data collected into a chart, graph, or table.

  • Credit your sources of information.

  • Explain what each person contributed to the final product.

Resources Needed

  • Internet: BEN & JERRY'S WEBSITE

  • Calculators

  • Math to Know

  • Chart Paper

  • Converting Grams to Pounds

    • Multiply the grams x 0.0022 get the number of lbs.

  • Mini-lesson offerings:

    • How to find mean, median, and mode

    • How to convert units (pints, cups, quarts, gallons)

Possible Objective Connections

3.C.2 Calculate equivalent measurements

4.A.1 Collect, organize, and display data

4.A.2 Describe a set of data (median, mean, mode)

6.A.1 Apply knowledge of whole numbers and place value

6.A.2 Apply knowledge of fractions & decimals

6.C.1 Analyze number relations and compute

How does using “challenge like” problems help me maximize my instructional situation?

  • Allows you to assess what math content knowledge students have.

  • Allows you to see which students can apply their math content knowledge.

  • Allows you to pull small groups for remediation.

  • Allows you to assessment “stand

“Rigorous Evaluation”

Extension Activities

Reading/Writing Connections

Sugar Plum

It swirled in our heads,

It danced in our dreams,

It proved not to be though,

The best of ice creams.



Ethan Almond

In memory of nuts

And Green Mountain Boys,

Here history shuts

The pint lid on their joys.



Economic Crunch

A delightful mash,

This flavor we remember

For the stock market crash

On the sixth of November.



Bovinity Divinity

Where do all the cows go

When heaven give the word?

This flavor kicked the bucket

When angles took the herd.


Questions? Thoughts??

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