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Electronic Commerce

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Electronic Commerce. Electronic Commerce Business Model & E-Government. Amn 2012. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES. Define and describe the 9 major e-commerce business models. Identify the differences and similarities among customers and their perception of value in B2B and B2C e-commerce.

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electronic commerce

Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce Business Model



Amn 2012

student learning outcomes
  • Define and describe the 9 major e-commerce business models.
  • Identify the differences and similarities among customers and their perception of value in B2B and B2C e-commerce.
  • Compare and contrast developing a marketing mix in B2B and B2C e-commerce.
  • E-commerce is changing everything
  • Electronic commerce (e-commerce)is a commerce, but it is commerce accelerated and enhanced by IT
    • Build powerful relationships with customers
    • Build powerful relationships with suppliers
    • Build powerful relationships with partners
  • But e-commerce is still commerce
  • You must have a clear path-to-profitability (P2P), a formal business plan that outlines key business issues such as…
    • Customer targets
    • Marketing strategies
    • Operations strategies
    • Projected income statement and balance sheet targets
understand your business products services customers
  • To be successful, you must…
    • Define your products and services
    • Define your target customers
      • B2B (other businesses)
      • B2C (individuals)
    • Define your customers perception of the value of your products and services
  • Each of your customer is different and has different needs and wants.
business to business marketing
Business to Business Marketing
  • Much more personal
  • Not usually done with generic ads designed for mass distribution
  • Often take place in e-marketplaces
  • Once a contact is made, the relationship must be established
  • This often requires face-to-face meetings
  • Must also integrate the IT systems to the supplier business and customer business
payment systems
Payment Systems
  • In e-commerce, most money moves electronically
  • Security becomes very important
  • There are many ways to make a payment such as:-
e business trend
E-Business Trend
  • “E” is certainly changing many things
  • Many trends in every part of your life
  • There are Four important ones:-
e business trend long tail
E-Business Trend – Long Tail
  • Long Tail – first offered by Chris Anderson; explains e-commerce profitability in terms of a sales curve
  • Brick-and-mortar businesses carry limited inventory, inventory that is popular
  • E-businesses can carry huge amounts of “niche” inventory that may only sell a couple of times a year
e business trend crowdsourcing
E-Business Trend – Crowdsourcing
  • Crowdsourcingis when businesses provide enabling technologies that allow people – instead of designated employees – to create, modify, and oversee the development of a product or service.
  • All examples of crowdsourcing value
    • eBay
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
e business trend virtual good
E-Business Trend – Virtual Good
  • Virtual good – nonphysical object
    • Music
    • E-cards
    • Toys, weapons, clothes, and accessories you buy in online communities like Farmville and World of Warcraft
e business trend mobile commerce
E-Business Trend – Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile computing – your ability to use technology to wirelessly connect to and use centrally located information and software
  • Mobile commerce – electronic commerce transactions conducted over a wireless device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet PC
e government
  • The e-government initiative launched the country into the Information Age. It will improve the government operates internally as well as how it delivers services to the people.
  • It to improve the convenience, accessibility, and quality of interactions with citizens and businesses.
  • It will improve information flow and processes within the government, improve the speed and quality of policy development, and improve coordination and enforcement.
e government malaysia
E-Government Malaysia
  • e-Government was initiated with the introduction of the
  • Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) in 1996
  • E-Government seeks to improve the expediency, openness, and
  • quality of interactions with the public and businesses at large
  • e-Government is one of the seven flagship applications introduced in MSC
e government malaysia1
E-Government Malaysia
  • Main objectives to initiate and accelerate the growth of MSC, to improve national competitiveness,
  • To create high value jobs and export growth, to reduce digital divide, and
  • To make MSC a regional hub.
  • Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMMPU), has been entrusted to plan, implement and monitor the e-Government initiative.