Observations vs. Inferences

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Observations vs. Inferences

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1. Observations vs. Inferences testing your observational skills

2. Observations A. use 5 senses to notice what is going on in the world around us 1. noting facts (verified truth) Example: there is one TV in the roomExample: there is one TV in the room

3. II. Inferences A. logical interpretation based upon prior knowledge, experiences, and observations Example: when you entered the room, you most likely inferred that the individual in the front of the room is the teacherExample: when you entered the room, you most likely inferred that the individual in the front of the room is the teacher

4. III. Observation versus Inferences A. In lab, record observations not inferences 1. inferences are used when writing your laboratory conclusions

6. Question 1: are there cars parked on the sides of the road? Question 2: what color is the pickup truck driving in the road? Question 3: any minivans around? Question 4: what does the blue sign say? Question 5: what’s the speed limit? Question 6: are there any pedestrians on the road?

7. answers Yes Blue Yes Yard Sale 35 mph No

9. Question 1: how many cars were in the intersection? Question 2: across the street, are there any parked cars on the side? Question 3: can you describe at least one of the cars driving through the intersection? Question 4: are there any other potential witnesses?

10. Question 5: what was the witness doing? Question 6: what was the speed limit? Question 7: was there anyone parked in the first parking spot?

11. Observation vs. Inferences Challenge! state whether the statement is an observation or inference

12. There is a representation of the face on one side of the coin The Latin word “Dei” means “God” The coin was made by deeply religious people

13. 4. 1772 is printed on one side of the coin 5. The coin was made in 1772 6. The face on the coin is a representation of the nation’s president

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