Faith Cardiovascular Health Project

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WHY HOUSES OF FAITH?. Congregations (20 to 5,000 )Persons from all walks of lifePersons from community at largeFacilities that are equipped for training and environmental change. WHO?. PastorsPastors WivesChurch LeadersPersons with a zeal for Project. HOW?. Pastor must take leadMust assess needs of communityDevelop a team for faith initiativesKeep congregations informed and involvedDevelop partnershipsSeek out persons with zeal for project.

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Faith Cardiovascular Health Project

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1. Faith Cardiovascular Health Project Manager – Rev. Walter C. Johnson Coordinator – JohnAvia Walker Budget – Rhonda Scott Marketing – Rosa Johnson Regional Pastors- Site Managers: Dr. Lundy – Keysville Mrs. Johnson – Tidewater Dr. Brown – Northern VA Dr. Burgess- Richmond Rev. Fitz – Danville

2. WHY HOUSES OF FAITH? Congregations (20 to 5,000 +) Persons from all walks of life Persons from community at large Facilities that are equipped for training and environmental change

3. WHO? Pastors Pastors Wives Church Leaders Persons with a zeal for Project

4. HOW? Pastor must take lead Must assess needs of community Develop a team for faith initiatives Keep congregations informed and involved Develop partnerships Seek out persons with zeal for project

5. Overview Data Collection Statistical Data Health Ministries Walking Trails Nutrition Blood Pressure Checks Partnership Development Web Page Development

6. Data Collection Pastor Interviews Site Assessments Congregate Surveys

7. Statistical Data Surveys obtained from faith organizations in the 5 regions of Virginia showed that: Healthy food choices were not included when meals were served. Many churches did not have walking trails close to their property. There was a need for health ministries/health fairs and health activities; to facilitate the need for blood pressure/health screenings, walking clubs, fitness classes, weight management. Diabetes/Arthritis /AIDS/Cancer/Tobacco Cessation etc., awareness/support groups. Logic model was created.

9. Health Ministries (49 total) Keysville Area – 16 health ministries Tidewater Area -12 health ministries Danville Area – 7 health ministries Richmond Area – 8 health ministries Northern VA Area – 6 health ministries

10. Walking Trails Keysville Danville Northern Virginia Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church-indoor walking trail -Tidewater. Designated Walking Trail-Ringold, Sutherlin and Keeling areas of Pittylvania County Virginia. Fitness For Christ Walking Trail-Richmond-pending

11. Nutrition Healthy Food Served at Church Events Distribution of Healthy Recipes Pamphlets on Healthy Eating Nutrition tips in church bulletin Healthy snacks after Sunday Service Foodbank- Bread / USDA distribution

12. Blood Pressure Checks Blood pressure checks are conducted after service at churches in the 5 areas. Blood pressure pre-training for medical / lay persons was attended by 10 persons representing the 5 areas. The training was conducted by Barbara Mueller (CVHP) at the quarterly meeting held in Keysville on 22 June 2004. Training and certification was completed on 28 September 2004, for those who received the pre-training.

13. Partnership Development Healthy Pathways Faith Committee, Minority Health Coalition of South Hampton Roads, Riverside Medical Center-Parish Nurses, Cancer Coalition, American Heart Association, Lackey Free Clinic, S.P.A.-(Self Protection Awareness), Red Cross Diversity Task Force, Diabetes, Arthritis, Peninsula Obesity Coalition.

14. Interventions Health Fairs-Health Promotion –Awareness And Behavior Change Activities Facilities Changes – Walking Trails Health Ministries – Blood Pressure Checks Healthy Food Served at Church Events Sermons on Cardiovascular Health

15. Mini-Grants 1. Diabetes 2. Tobacco 3. Arthritis 4. Cancer Future: Obesity

16. Diabetes Prevention and Control Project The goal of this project is to promote permanent changes for a healthy lifestyle through improved nutritional habits and weight loss. Conducted an 11 week project at Prospect Community Empowering Center (Yorktown) Conducted an 8 week project at Saint Mark Baptist Church (Richmond), Oak Grove Baptist Church (Northern VA), Flat Rock Baptist Church (Keysville) and Kentuck Missionary Baptist Church (Danville).

17. Diabetes Prevention and Control Project Continued This project had a minimum of 14 participants and a maximum of 40 (ages teen to senior) at each area site. Participants were weighed in, received nutritional counseling, blood pressure checks, exercise and a healthy meal/recipes. Some weight loss was achieved, elevated blood pressures found and a desire to continue exercise and eating healthy. These lifestyle changes will help to prevent or control the onset of diabetes and/or hypertension / cardiovascular diseases.

18. Diabetes Prevention and Control Project Continued Prospect Community Empowering Center had 154 contacts and 385 hours. Saint Mark Baptist Church had 171 contacts and 342 hours. Oak Grove Baptist Church had 101 contacts and 202 hours. Flat Rock Baptist Church had 101 contacts and 202 hours. Kentuck Missionary Baptist Church had 176 contacts and 352 hours. This Project totaled 703 contacts and 1,484 hours.

19. Diabetes Prevention and Control Project Continued As a result of this project area churches across the state are monitoring their weight, exercising (walking/water aerobics), serving healthy meals and promoting a healthier lifestyle. A Weekly Weight Support group was started in which persons are weighed, recipes exchanged and successes/testimonies shared. Motivational speakers address the group weekly.

20. Tobacco Conduct Surveys – smoking surveys for youth and adult were completed by over 2,000 congregates from 6 churches in each of the 5 areas. Results of completed surveys are pending. Initiate non-smoking policies on church grounds/vehicles. Educate congregates on the effects of tobacco usage and second hand smoke.

21. Arthritis Arthritis Education Symposium was attended on May 21-22, 2004 in Richmond. Arthritis training received in Keysville on June 22, 2004 on Living Well With Arthritis…YOU CAN, exercise for persons with arthritis.

22. Cancer Prevention and early detection cancer (skin, lung, prostate, colon) messages on three Sundays of each month. Conduct awareness sessions to address prostate cancer. Pre and Post awareness assessments will be completed. Recruit a Health Care Professional to talk with church members.

23. Obesity Addressing Childhood Overweight Awareness training on July 14, 2004, in Yorktown sponsored by Virginia Department of Health, Division of WIC and Community Nutrition Services Richmond. Goal: to tackle the problem of obesity in children in our communities.

24. Budget Budget manager-Rhonda Scott Vouchers Scope of Services Service Agreements In house auditing 1099 made for all personnel for scope of services. QuickBooks Non Profit Accounting Software

25. Summary Establish new partnerships Add new churches/health ministries New walking trails Blood pressure training medical/lay persons. Health fairs/education Logic Model Grants Web Page

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