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The world of work in 2030
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The World of Work in 2030. Service Network St. James’ Park Newcastle September 29 th 2010 Rohit Talwar CEO - Fast Future Web / Newsletter:

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The World of Work in 2030

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The world of work in 2030

The World of Work in 2030

Service Network

St. James’ Park Newcastle

September 29th 2010

Rohit Talwar

CEO - Fast Future

Web / Newsletter:

The outlook is still turbulent

The Outlook is Still Turbulent

The world of work in 2030

Economic Power Shifts

The Top 20 in 2025?


Source: IMF WEO 2009, PwC ‘the World in 2050 March 2008 edition

The world of work in 2030

Transformational Change?

It’s Only Just Begun

Demographic destinies 2 billion more people in 40 years demographics is driving economics

Demographic Destinies 2 billion more people in 40 years – Demographics is Driving Economics













Source : United Nations

The world of work in 2030

Under 50’s have 90% chance of living to 100.

Aubrey de Grey suggests we could live to 500 or 1000

What are the health, consumption and resource implications?

What kind of opportunities will be created?

Life Redefined –

Lifespans are Increasing

The world of work in 2030

Tracking the rise of the middle class across the BRICs and N-11:Share of population with incomes between $6,000 and $30,000 in PPP terms (Goldman Sachs)

The world of work in 2030

Global Car Ownership (millions) – Forecasts Suggest a Rethink is Required on Vehicle Technology and Infrastructure

Science and technology s t the nbic convergence agenda

Science and Technology (S&T) – the NBIC Convergence Agenda





What advances might we see in science and technology s t over the next 20 years

What Advances might we See in Science and Technology (S&T) over the Next 20 Years?

What S&T Based or Enabled Occupations Might Emerge or Grow as a Result?

The 20 jobs science based

The 20 Jobs - Science Based

Body Part Maker


Pharmer of Genetically Engineered Crops and Livestock

Memory Augmentation Surgeon

‘New Science’ Ethicist

Vertical Farmers

Climate Change Reversal Specialist

Alternative Vehicle Developers

Quarantine Enforcer

Weather Modification Police

The 20 jobs science enabled

The 20 Jobs - Science Enabled

Old Age Wellness Manager / Consultant Specialists

Space Pilots, Architects and Tour Guides

Virtual Lawyer

Avatar Manager / Devotees - Virtual Teachers 


Waste Data Handler

Virtual Clutter Organizer

Time Broker / Time Bank Trader

Social 'Networking' Worker

Personal Branders

Most popular careers

Most Popular Careers

  • Old Age Wellness Managers

  • Social Networking Worker

  • Nano-Medic

Least popular careers

Least Popular Careers

  • Quarantine Enforcers

  • Weather Modification Police

  • Waste Data Handlers

Most aspirational

Most Aspirational

  • Space Pilots, Architects and Tour Guides

  • Nano-Medic

  • Memory Augmentation Surgeon

Biggest job creators

Biggest Job Creators

  • Old Age Wellness Managers

  • Vertical Farmers

  • Alternative Vehicle Developers

Best paid

Best Paid

  • Nano-medic

  • Memory Augmentation Surgery

  • Virtual Lawyer

Biggest contribution to society

Biggest Contribution to Society

  • Climate Change Reversal Specialist

  • Social ‘Networking’ Worker

  • Old Age Wellness Manager

What are the s t developments that will generate these jobs

What are the S&T Developments that will Generate these Jobs?

New industry models and mindsets

New Industry Models and Mindsets

Personal fabricators manufacture anywhere anytime

Personal Fabricators - Manufacture Anywhere, Anytime

Personalized medicine and nutrition

Personalized Medicine and Nutrition

Nanotechnology to defeat cancer

Nanotechnology to Defeat Cancer?

Science and technology our personal ecosystems will evolve

Science and TechnologyOur Personal ‘Ecosystems’ Will Evolve

Fully Mapped Personal Genome

Augmented Reality

Memory Capture / Enhancement

Body Area Network

The world of work in 2030

Technology – The World in your Hand?

  • Multimedia

  • Camera 8-16M

  • Camcorder

  • 24M Color Display

  • Memory (160GB)

  • Multiformat A/V

  • HD Video/TV out

  • Games (50-100M Tps)

  • DRM

  • Telephony

  • Voice

  • Messaging

  • SIM card

  • Phonebook

  • Ring Tones

  • Security

  • Connectivity

  • Cellular

  • Up to 14 bands


  • GPS

  • NFC

  • FM

  • Data/

  • Enterprise

  • 100Mbps

  • Email

  • IMS

  • Browsing

  • VPN

  • PIM

  • Ecommerce

  • Payments

  • Software

  • Protocols

  • Middleware

  • Applications

  • User Interface

  • Minimize fragmentation

Smart phones to become the dominant computing device

Smart Phones to Become the Dominant Computing Device?

Computing on demand

Computing on Demand



Self teaching ai

Self–Teaching AI

Intelligent brain computer interface

Intelligent Brain-Computer Interface

Full thought control

Full Thought Control

Green transport revolution

Green Transport Revolution

Space tourism

Space Tourism

New aircraft designs

New Aircraft Designs

Intelligent cars

Intelligent Cars

Hypersonic flight

Hypersonic Flight

Miami to London in 2 Hours

Infrastructure on demand

Infrastructure on Demand

Self healing construction materials

Self-Healing Construction Materials

Space hotels

Space Hotels?

So how can you respond

So How can you Respond?

1 be magnetic

1. Be Magnetic

2 encourage curiosity

2. Encourage Curiosity

The world of work in 2030

3. What does the development timeline look like for current and emerging sectors / markets?

4 thought leadership target the imagination gaps

4. Thought Leadership – Target the Imagination Gaps

5 seek breakthrough innovations

5. Seek Breakthrough Innovations

6 embrace networks and associations

6. Embrace Networks and Associations

7 incubate entrepreneurship 2 0

7. Incubate Entrepreneurship 2.0

8 make time and space for change

8. Make Time and Space for Change

9 create tolerance of uncertainty

9. Create Tolerance of Uncertainty

10 unleash your talent

10. Unleash your Talent

The world of work in 2030


Thriving in Turbulence

Be Curious



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