The meaning of miling an
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米靈岸的含意 The meaning of Miling’an 「米靈岸」排灣族語意,神話故事。 它可以是一個名詞,也可以是一個動詞「說神話故事」 千年以來,族人的文化裡沒有文字,一切的訊息傳承 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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米靈岸的含意 The meaning of Miling’an 「米靈岸」排灣族語意,神話故事。 它可以是一個名詞,也可以是一個動詞「說神話故事」 千年以來,族人的文化裡沒有文字,一切的訊息傳承 都是靠「米 靈岸」。.

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米靈岸的含意 The meaning of Miling’an 「米靈岸」排灣族語意,神話故事。 它可以是一個名詞,也可以是一個動詞「說神話故事」 千年以來,族人的文化裡沒有文字,一切的訊息傳承

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The meaning of Milingan

Milingan means myth in the Paiwan indigenousLanguage.It could be a noun, it also could be a verb means telling a story. There are no written words in Paiwan language.

For the thousands of years, Paiwan people

pass down their complete history by the way of milingan.


The elder tells stories thousand years ago with kids sitting around the camp fire in the evening. Thats MilinMilingan. Milingan not only reproduces scenes in tribes and in modern life, but instruct us with the intelligence from the past.

Milingan Hunter Trip

How Long Havent You Left the City?

The Motive Of This Journey

An adventure into the forest with hunters

A grip of firewood surrounded by travelers

Acupof refined millet wine

A ritual performance in the forest

A simple attitude of living merges with

ancient culture and modern life, makes us

turn to mother nature and tranquilizes our heart.


Welcome friends! The Ritual Before Entering the Forest

Hunters talk to ancestors in their mother tongue, and pass a cup of millet wine to friends who walk together.

The Signs Of Hunters

Guests are separated into groups. Hunters use silver grass to make sign for the following groups.




Observing the action and trace of animals.

Track Of Hunting

When its raining, you can pick a leaf of Giant Elephants Ear. When you are thirsty, cut the trunk of banana tree to drink water. When you are injured, use Shellflower to wrap your wound.

Cooperate and Share

Carrying the baskets in turns and sharing food and joys together

Tribal Crafts

Use strong vines and sprigs to build hand-made tribal facilities, which represents the care and considerate actions of tribal people.

Delicacies Of Pork and Salt

Use blades to sharpen sticks to roast the pork without steel nets. Make a gorgeous meal simply with salt.

Have A Tea!

A Fire and A Home

Nature is the home to hunters. Surrounding around fire is the key element of a home.

Refined Millet Wine Of the Elders

A cup of top level millet wine is made of exquisite millet, pick up from tribal women.

Singing and Dancing

Sing ancient tunes with Atayal people. Get a deep feel for tribal life.


End of Milingan Hunter Trip

After enjoying the fabulous atmosphere, guests descend from forest with unforgettable memories and sweats along the hunting track.


Volando Spring SPA and Resort


Escort to riverside.


A Hand-Carved Slate Ticket

Slate: The material for slate house

Tattoo of sun: It represents the energy of life for breeding people.

English Alphabets: Its the numbers of The Paiwan language. Ida means one. Ida is the most honorable number for guests.

A Hand-Carved Stone Ticket From

Tribal Attendant


The Slate Comes From The Paiwan Tribe

Kavulungan- the Origin Of Life

Its the material for Paiwanslate house. Its the symbol of prosperous energy. The tattoo of sun tells ancient stories. The sun came to Paiwan tribe to lay eggs and the first ancestor come to life.

18:30~19:00 party

Party Of Mt. LitseaTea By the Lake

Enjoy the delicate Mt. litsea tea and snacks by the romantic lake

Natural Essential Oil Towel

Roonkas Special Aroma

Desert of Taiwan Cherry Blossom


In every February, the Cherry Blossom Festival has become one of the most important cherry blossom viewing activities in Urai ,Taiwan.

Mochi is an Atayal traditional desert.

Atayal people put local Taiwan cherry juice in it so the clients can taste the pinky flavor with fruit fragrance and get a feeling of happiness.

Millets Cultivated By Elders In PingTung

The precious plant of Atayal lit sea.

It has the aroma of lemon grass and rosemary. We can use it to ease headache, refresh spirits. Tribal people add it to fish or chicken soup to enhance the fragrance nowadays.

( / )

Wulais Vanilla Lit Sea Tea (cool/ hot)

Milingan Riverside Dining Theater


A Multi-Angle Visual Enjoyment

This is a 40 minutes performance especially produced and design for a small outdoor area with a water pool and a water fall. Artists will place and move themselves around the irregular landscape. It totally gets rid of the restriction of the box like indoor opera theater. The audience might feel they are one of the participant witnessing a musical ceremony.

Milingan uses the space to reproduce the scene of ancient tribal ritual. Audiences are surrounded by actors. They are all the participants of the ritual, not just viewers.

A Blessing Ritual With Dim Light

This program will perform bythe winner of the Golden Melody Best Singing Award Ms. ResresLivulivuwan and the best drummer in Taiwan.


A Song Deep Into the Soul

Princess Baneen falls in love with Chineses moccasin. She to family and lives with Chinses moccasin under the lake.

With Resres beautiful voice, we can merge into the story.

A Dance Floating Above Water

A Live Cello Surrounding Near By


Dance With Millet Wine

All guests dance together, hand in hand, and drink millet wine.

19:55~21:55 ABU

Abu Authentic Cuisine





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