Robert s rules of order
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Robert’s Rules of Order PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Robert’s Rules of Order. Purpose of Parliamentary Procedure. Protects the rights of people to join together to accomplish common goals and enable them to debate and take action in a fair manner with the least amount of controversy. Parliamentary rules Protect:.

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Robert’s Rules of Order

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Robert’s Rules of Order

Purpose of Parliamentary Procedure

  • Protects the rights of people to join together to accomplish common goals and enable them to debate and take action in a fair manner with the least amount of controversy

Parliamentary rules Protect:

  • The rights of the majority to decide

  • The rights of the minority to be heard

  • The rights of individual members

  • The rights of absentees

Basic Rules of Parliamentary Procedure

  • The rights of the organization supersede the rights of the individual members

  • All members are equal and their rights are equal. Those rights are:

    • To attend meetings

    • To make motions and speak in debate

    • To nominate, To vote, and To hold office

Basic Rules of Parliamentary ProcedureContinued

  • A quorum must be present to do business

  • Majority Rules

  • Silence means consent

  • One question at a time and one speaker at a time

  • Debatable motions must have full debate

  • Once a question is decided buy it

  • Personal remarks are always out of order

What officers need to know

Running a Meeting Effectively

Duties of the Presiding Officer

  • Maintain order

  • Enforce the rules so the work gets done

  • Be on time - start on time

  • Stick to the agenda

  • Know the rules and bylaws

  • Control the floor

    • Recognize the member who wishes to speak by name

    • Request remarks be held until the floor has been assigned to him or her

    • Private discussions between members while another has the floor is out of order and disruptive

Duties of the Presiding Officer (Continued)

  • Focus - keep discussion relative

  • Be impartial - both sides gets an opportunity to speak

  • Presiding officer does not vote unless there is a private ballot

  • Restate motions before voting

Duties of the Secretary

  • Keep the minutes of an organization

  • Report minutes from previous meetings

  • Sign the minutes and date

  • Write minutes promptly and send copy to head of organization

Minutes Should include

  • Adopted or defeated motions

  • Name of the maker of a motion

  • Name of second of a motion

  • Names and office of those reporting

  • Names of those elected or appointed

  • Number of votes on each side of a ballot

  • Time meeting begins and time of adjournment

Roll of the Treasurer

  • Responsible for the funds of the organization

  • Reports the standing of funds to the group

Motion - “I Move”

  • Motion is the way to introduce business to a meeting

  • Debate on a motion should continue as long as the members choose unless it is redundant, personal or argumentative

How a motion is made and acted upon

  • A member requests the floor

  • The floor is assigned

  • The motion is made

  • The motion must be seconded

  • Debate is held

  • Chair puts the motion to a vote

  • Chair announces the result of the vote


  • Majority vote is more than half of the votes

  • Voting can be done by voice (all in favor)

  • Show of hands

  • Ballot

  • The Chair does not break ties, and should be impartial and not vote except by ballot


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