Using interpersonal influence ethically
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Using Interpersonal Influence Ethically - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Interpersonal Influence Ethically. Power Interpersonal Persuasion Compliance Gaining Strategies Assertiveness. Interpersonal Influence. Defined- symbolic efforts to preserve or change the attitudes or behavior of others. Examples.

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Using Interpersonal Influence Ethically

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Using Interpersonal Influence Ethically


Interpersonal Persuasion

Compliance Gaining Strategies


Interpersonal Influence

  • Defined- symbolic efforts to preserve or change the attitudes or behavior of others.


  • Have you attempted to influence someone recently or has someone attempted to influence you recently?

Interpersonal Power

  • Defined- a potential for changing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of a relational partner.

Sources of Power

  • Coercive Power- comes from the perception that people can harm their partners physically and/or psychologically, should the partners resist an influence attempt.

Sources of Power

  • Reward Power- comes from providing partners with monetary, physical, or psychological benefits that the partners desire.

Sources of Power

  • Legitimate Power- comes from using the status that comes from being elected, being selected, or holding a position to influence a partner.

Sources of Power

  • Expert Power- comes from people having knowledge that their relational partners don’t have.

Sources of Power

  • Referent Power- comes from people being attracted to others because of their physical appearance,

    image, charisma, or


Principles of Power

  • Power is a Perception, not a fact.

Principles of Power

  • Power exists within a relationship.

  • It is not a personality trait or behavior, it is specific to each relationship

Principles of Power

  • Power is based on Resources.

Principles of Power

  • The person with less to lose has greater power.

Principles of Power

  • The person with more power can make and break the rules for the relationship.

Principles of Power

  • Power is not inherently good or bad.


  • Defined- the art of skillfully and ethically influencing the attitudes or behaviors of others by crafting verbal arguments using reasoning, credibility, and emotional appeals (logos, ethos, and pathos).

Persuasive Proofs

  • Reasons to Believe

  • Ethos- credibility

  • Pathos- emotional appeal

  • Logos- logic/wisdom

Compliance-Gaining Strategies

  • Defined- strategies for influencing others to do what you want them to do.

Compliance-Gaining Strategies

  • Supporting Evidence

  • Exchange

  • Direct Request

  • Empathy Based

  • Face Maintenance

  • Other Benefit

  • Distributive

Methods of Expressing Our Needs and Rights

  • Passive- the reluctance or failure to state opinions, share feelings, or assume responsibility for one’s actions


  • The lashing out at the source of one’s discontent with little regard for the situation or for the feelings, needs, or rights of those who are attacked


  • The art of declaring our personal preferences and defending our personal rights while respecting the preferences and rights of others.

Assertive Message Skills

  • “I” Statements

  • Describe behaviors and feelings

  • Eye Contact and Confident Posture

  • Firm, but pleasant voice

  • Speak fluently

  • Be sensitive to the face needs of others

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