your need for food
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Your need for food

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Your need for food - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your need for food . Activity: List five foods you like and five you dislike. Next to each food, write a reason why you like or dislike it. Why do you eat? . Your physical health Your environment Your emotions. Your Physical Health. Physical reasons why/how we eat: Survival Growth

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your need for food

Your need for food


List five foods you like and five you dislike. Next to each food, write a reason why you like or dislike it.

why do you eat
Why do you eat?
  • Your physical health
  • Your environment
  • Your emotions
your physical health
Your Physical Health
  • Physical reasons why/how we eat:
    • Survival
    • Growth
    • Energy
    • Fitness
  • Basic needs in life:
    • Food, air and water
eating well
Eating well
  • Active life-style
    • Energy and stamina
      • Right types and amount of food
  • Nutritious diet
    • Growth and maintenance of healthy body
    • Mental alertness
    • Reduces health risks
    • Adds to quality and length of life
      • 6 out of 10 leading causes of death in US linked to food
your environment culture
Your environment: CULTURE
  • Food choices reflect:
    • Culture you live in
    • Ethnic background
    • Religious beliefs
  • Teenage culture
    • What are some food practices associated with the “teenage culture”?
your environment advertising
Your environment: ADVERTISING
  • TV, magazines, newspapers and billboards
  • Shape food decisions
  • Make you aware of certain foods and benefits
    • What food have you recently tried due to an ad?
your environment advertising1
Your environment: ADVERTISING
  • Do your research
    • People tend to believe what they read or hear without researching on their own.
    • Ads do not always tell the full truth
    • Ex: An ad may say that the food is low in fat but it does not mention that it is high in calories.
your environment advertising2
Your environment: ADVERTISING
  • Power of persuasion
    • Advertisers spend millions of dollars to persuade consumers
    • Ways they persuade you:
      • Status
      • Sex appeal
      • Weight loss
      • Appearance
your environment advertising3
Your environment: ADVERTISING
  • Be skeptical
    • Inform yourself about food and health
    • Listen and judge advertisement carefully
    • Control what foods you buy and eat – not the advertisers
  • Supplements – NOT FDA APPROVED!!!

your environment time and money
Your environment: Time and money
  • What are factors that influence food shopping?
  • Busy life-styles
    • Cook and eat quickly
      • Fast food
      • Microwave meals
      • Already pre-pared meals at grocery stores and mini marts
    • Choose more nutritious foods rather than skipping meals
  • How has cost affected food decisions that you have made?
your emotions
Your emotions
  • Eating habits ties to emotions
    • Boredom
    • Stress
    • Frustration
    • Depression
    • Social events
      • sports, celebrations, holidays, etc.
    • Fun
your emotions1
Your emotions
  • Emotions:
    • Overeating
      • Tension, boredom, stress, frustration, social events
    • Loss of appetite
      • Stress, depression
        • Loss of essential nutrients
  • Pay attention to your eating habits
    • Be aware of emotions tied to eating
    • Make more healthy food choices
nutrition throughout your life
Nutrition throughout your life
  • Nutrition is essential for health
    • Before you were born
    • Infant
    • Child
    • Teen
    • Young adult
    • Middle age adult
    • Older adult
nutrition throughout your life1
Nutrition throughout your life
  • Different needs at different stages of your life
    • At each age you needed the same nutrients
      • Amounts fluctuate as you grow
      • Younger ages need more nutrients to grow
      • Adults need less nutrients
        • Metabolism and decreased activity = less calories
        • Nutrients are still important
      • Knowing what your body needs during your life is key to your health
nutrition and adolescence
Nutrition and Adolescence
  • Period of fastest growth in lifetime
    • Very active as well
    • Good nutrition important for growth and energy
  • Teenage tendencies:
    • Skip meals
    • High-fat and/or sugary foods
  • Evaluate your eating habits
    • Identify food choices you can control
    • Food changes you need to make
    • Food choices that affect your overall health and level of performance
    • Promote your health by making wise food choices
review questions
Review questions
  • Describe factors that influence food choices, and give three examples.
  • How do your nutritional needs differ between your teenage years and adulthood?
  • How have your culture and family influenced your food habits?
    • (write in your health journal at home)
  • Evaluate five food advertisements on the radio or TV. Discuss the approach each on uses to influence your food choices.
    • (minimum of five paragraphs)