Making money or just chips
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Making money, or just chips? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making money, or just chips?. Reducing cycletimes is the best way to beat competition. So far there was no tool available to help CNC users to reduce cycle times. CAPS solves this problem.

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Making money, or just chips?

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Making money, or just chips?

Reducing cycletimes is the best way to beat competition. So far there was no tool available to help CNC users to reduce cycle times.

CAPS solves this problem.

Whether you are a job shop making large variety of new parts or a large company making large volume of old legacy parts - CAPS will help you become more productive .. and therefore more profitable.

Engineering NEW parts?

A new part every week

Too many inquiries to respond in a short time

Cycle time calculated is either too high or too low

Schedules are dependent on contract programmers

Cycle times depend heavily on thumb rules

Poor standardization in tool and FS selection

In house skill levels need updating / upgrading

Suspect that there is 20% scope for improvement in cycle times

Common pain points…

Re-engineering OLD parts?

Large number of parts need a fresh look to shorten cycle times

Re- engineering is a slow and painful process but must do

Process methodology, tools and FS used are outdated

Programs are not efficient or too complex to understand

Will need machines to verify re-engineered parts

No documentation available on process or program

In house skill levels need upgrading overnight to start re-engineering

Suspect that there is 40% scope for improvement but no way to measure

Common pain points…

5 factors that impact profitability

1. Speed

2. Accuracy

3. Safety

4. Skills

5. Standardization


I need programs fast, my machines are waiting

I need quick cycle time calculations, my customers are waiting

My machines are used for trials, wasting many machine hours

I want to quickly interchange programs between machines

Challenges before you

How can CAPS help?

  • Cuts down programming time by 80%

  • Calculates cycle time in just a few seconds

  • Helps you weed out wasteful motions on PC

  • Generates programs for any machine within seconds


My job quotations are always higher than my competitor’s

I want to ensure shortest tool paths automatically

I wish to calculate cycle times accurately, to quote realistically.

I wish to avoid trial and error in proving new programs

Challenges before you

How can CAPS help?

  • Calculates machine specific cycle times,100% accurate

  • Ensures shortest tool path, using optimal cutting logic

  • Considers minute factors to calculate cycle time accurately

  • Generates specific machine programs, first time right


I wish to be 100% confident of the program before cutting

I wish to avoid tool gouging / collisions

I have high part rejections due to poor tool and FS selection

I wish to avoid trial and error in tool and FS selection

Challenges before you

How can CAPS help?

  • Generates programs after tool path verification on PC

  • Automatically warns and shows tool gouge before cutting

  • Prompts optimized FS and tool selection to the user

  • Learns and remembers user’s tool and FS preferences


I am too dependant on operators or a part-time programmer

I wish to be able to quickly decide on the best process plan

I wish to upgrade process planning skills rather than programming

I wish promote systematic approach to cycle time reduction

Challenges before you

How can CAPS help?

  • Safe and optimal cycle time guaranteed even for a fresh user

  • Allows user to quickly try out different machining strategies / plans

  • Easy to learn and master, takes just one day

  • Allows user to assess the impact of various FS on cycle times


I wish to have common programs for similar machines

I wish to use CAD files directly to program, to save time

I wish to standardize tool and FS selection

I wish to document my processes for ISO compliance / repeat runs

Challenges before you

How can CAPS help?

  • Generates flawless and ready to run programs for any machine

  • Reads CAD profiles directly

  • Enables user configurable tool and FS database

  • Generates shop floor documents automatically in seconds

CAPS advantage summary

  • SPEED :

  • Generates cycle times sheets in minutes

  • Generates machine specific programs in a minute


  • Shortest possible cycle times

  • 100% accurate cycle time calculations


  • Zero accidents, Zero rejections

  • First time right optimal programs


  • Do-It-Yourself, spread the skills in house

  • Less dependence on programmers for productivity


  • Good bye to thumb rules in FS selection

  • Generates process documents

Final word:

Increased speed of response to RFQs

Increased confidence in job quotes

Increased accuracy in cycle times

Increased profitability

Reduced cycle times

Reduced machine downtime

Reduced dependence on programmer's skills

Reduced use of thumb rules


Cycle time sheet from CAPSturn


Cycle time sheet from CAPSmill

How much ?

CAPS is very affordably priced

If you are engineering new parts for short batches, then

your ROI on CAPS is the time taken to make just 15 parts.

If you are re-engineering old legacy parts for large

volumes, then your ROI on CAPS is the time taken to

refine just 6 parts.

CAPS is a CMTI-PMT award winner at IMTEX and is the

industry standard productivity tool.

Famous users

OEM users

World wide users


CAPS is sold as OEM

CAPS supports

Cadem Technologies Pvt. Ltd

36th cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar

Bangalore 560 070. INDIA

Tel:  + 91-80-26650561

Fax: + 91-80-22242732

Cadem’s range of uniquely designed CNC software products is helping manufacturers around the globe to cut metal intelligently and remain profitable. Enabling CNC users to make money, not just chips.

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