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THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY GENOCIDE MEMORIALS IN RWANDA 1994—PRESENT Giovanni Zambotti gzambotti@cga.harvard.edu ( http://www.genocidememorials.cga.harvard.edu/ ). About the project.

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About the project

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About the project

THROUGH A GLASS DARKLYGENOCIDE MEMORIALS IN RWANDA 1994—PRESENTGiovanni Zambottigzambotti@cga.harvard.edu(http://www.genocidememorials.cga.harvard.edu/)

About the project

About the project

  • It was committed by Professor Jens Meierhenrich from the Harvard’s Department of Government. It started around June 2009 and completed a year later.

  • It is an interactive website in support of a multi-year project on genocide memorials in Rwanda. It was meant to showcasing original geographic, ideographic, and photographic data collected in the field.

Rwanda s genocide and memorials

Rwanda’s genocide and memorials

  • In 100 days at least 800,000 people were killed (20% of the country's total population).

  • Hutu extremists killed mostly Tusti.

  • Officially there are few memorials all over Rwanda, unofficially there are hundreds of them.

Project main challenging

Project main challenging:

  • Choosing the right graphics to visualize such painful dataset.

  • Coordinate CGA prospective and Professor’s expectation.

  • Since CGA did not have any real expert in web developing, the project turned out to be a demanding web project, even if the final product ended up to be a static website that use html code and basic javascript.

Technology used

Technology used:

  • Jquery (home page / images carousel)

    • http://buildinternet.com/2009/03/sliding-boxes-and-captions-with-jquery/

    • http://leandrovieira.com/projects/jquery/lightbox/

    • http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/

  • Flash (intro)

  • Flex(map):

    • http://code.google.com/p/gmaps-samples-flash/source/browse/trunk/demos/?r=18#demos%2FAFCPicasaMapFlip

  • Google Earth (map)

  • Yahoo YUI 2 (html, css):

    • http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/2/



  • Excellent application to integrate text and images into a neat website.

  • Probably not the right technical implementation. HTML is not flexible enough, the site is easly adaptable to other project.

  • With more knowledge and better planning, we could used technology like xml-xslt or database like mysql.

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