Using technology to enhance ministry and mission
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Using Technology to Enhance Ministry and Mission - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Technology to Enhance Ministry and Mission. Paul Hennings. Outline. The Case for Technology Technology for: Image and Influence Creating Community Worship and Teaching Evangelism and Stewardship Staff Effectiveness Field-Tested Technology

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  • The Case for Technology

  • Technology for:

    • Image and Influence

    • Creating Community

    • Worship and Teaching

    • Evangelism and Stewardship

    • Staff Effectiveness

  • Field-Tested Technology

  • “Church Tech” Now and Future = Relationships

  • Q & A

  • The case for technology
    The Case for Technology

    • How many of you…?

      Three Quick Stats

    • 77.4% of people in the US use the Internet

    • Over the last 20 years mobile phone subscriptions grew from 12.4 million to over 4.6 billion

    • Almost 50% of couples I marry meet online

    Technology for
    Technology For…

    Image and Influence

    • How you use technology influences how people view your relevance.

    • In particular, younger generations assess churches through technology.

    • Today, your web presence is directly related to your image.

    • Social media impacts your influence.

    Technology for1
    Technology For…

    Creating Community

    Community is all about communication.

    • Leaders need up-to-date communication from staff.

    • Groups use technology to organize.

    • Technology helps the whole congregation (and others) be informed.

    Technology for2
    Technology For…

    Creating Community

    Community is all about relationships.

    • Relationships are built with face time. Technology helps from scheduling to skypeing.

    • Church and staff social media is used (and misused) to strengthen relationships.

    Technology for3
    Technology For…


    • Technology enhances the audio and visual aspects of worship.

    • Technology helps to organize worship.

    • Technology improves the creativity of worship.

    • And, well… it can make sermons a lot better!

    Technology for4
    Technology For…


    • Especially for visual learners, technology is a vital part of teaching.

    • Teaching can be recorded, reproduced, and disseminated effectively.

    • Technology allows teaching to be experienced by multiple people in multiple locations.

    • Technology also allows for students to express their faith in various ways.

    Technology for5
    Technology For…


    • The Internet allows you to reach beyond geographical boundaries with the gospel.

    • It also allows you to target specific locations.

    • Technology opens up multiple mediums for evangelism.

    Technology for6
    Technology For…


    • Technology allows your church to be environmental stewards.

    • The Internet offers more options for financial giving.

    • Stewardship of time is a welcomed aspect of technology (especially for leadership).

    Technology for7
    Technology For…

    Staff Effectiveness

    • Technology enhances inter-staff communication and planning.

    • Technology helps staff manage time.

    • Technology improves staff productivity.

    • Mobile technology is a must.

    Field tested technology
    Field-Tested Technology

    Image and Influence

    • Clover Websites (

    • In-house/congregation Graphic Design (or find someone in your community)

    Field tested technology1
    Field-Tested Technology

    Image and Influence

    • Facebook page (

    • Blogs (side note on Google)

    • Wireless access to Internet onsite

      – or/and terminals

    Field tested technology2
    Field-Tested Technology

    Creating Community: Communication

    • The Basics – E-mail lists and on-line calendars

    • Constant Contact (

    • The City by Zondervan (

    • Group texting (,

    • Video displays on location

    Field tested technology3
    Field-Tested Technology

    Creating Community: Relationships

    • The Basics – Outlook, Social media

    • Skype (

    • Instant Conference (

    Field tested technology4
    Field-Tested Technology


    • The Basics – Screens, PowerPoint, Sound System

    • MediaShout(

    • Worship House Media (

    • CCLI “Song Select” (

    • Worship Planning Software (,

    Field tested technology5
    Field-Tested Technology


    • Audacity (

    • Video Recording (multiple possibilities)

    • Worship Stream (

    Field tested technology6
    Field-Tested Technology


    • TVs are the way to go…

    • Audio Recorders (multiple options)

    • Video Recorders (

    • Image + Audio/Video Software (

    Field tested technology7
    Field-Tested Technology


    • Podcast it… (iTunes,

    • You can also webcast…

    Field tested technology8
    Field-Tested Technology


    • Digital Media (billboards, street signage)

    • Google Adwords

    • TV Ads, Worship Broadcast

    • Online Demographic Studies (through your LCMS district or

    Field tested technology9
    Field-Tested Technology


    • Being in two places at once (vids for devos)

    • Less Meetings – More Doing! (e-mail groups, private webpages, online blogs/forums, conference calls)

    • Financial Stewardship (, online giving through thrivent, lcef, etc.)

    • Less paper is just the beginning to a better Earth (

    Field tested technology10
    Field-Tested Technology

    Staff Effectiveness

    • Storage and Access (server, the cloud)

    • Outlook Calendar and Scheduling

    • Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones

    • Integrity (,

    Church tech now and future
    “Church Tech” Now and Future

    • Mobilization of Christians.

      • Draw people together (community) and send people on mission (empowering)

      • Sharing of God’s activity

    • Ability for more cross-cultural engagement.

    • Decentralization of Christianity.

    • Not just a “younger person” issue, but must be if you want to reach them.