NERC IDC Interchange Distribution Calculator System Overview June 1999 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Nerc idc interchange distribution calculator system overview june 1999
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Open Access Technology International. NERC IDC Interchange Distribution Calculator System Overview June 1999. Contents. Transaction Management System (TMS) Transaction Information system (TIS) OASIS Phase II Management of Grid Congestion (NERC IDC) IDC Architecture IDC applications

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NERC IDC Interchange Distribution Calculator System Overview June 1999

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Nerc idc interchange distribution calculator system overview june 1999

Open Access Technology International

NERC IDC Interchange Distribution Calculator SystemOverviewJune 1999



  • Transaction Management System (TMS)

  • Transaction Information system (TIS)

  • OASIS Phase II

  • Management of Grid Congestion (NERC IDC)

    • IDC Architecture

    • IDC applications

    • IDC Maintenance & operation

    • IDC Security

  • Conclusions

  • Questions

Tms background

TMS Background

A reliable and secure nationwide

information system which provides:

  • Electronic exchange of transactions and scheduling data (TIS)

  • Seamless transmission reservation (OASIS II)

  • Management of grid congestion (IDC)

Transaction information system tis

Transaction Information System (TIS)

  • Electronic exchange of transaction information

    • energy profile

    • loss accounting

    • transmission reservation

  • NERC initiative to be operational by June 17, 1999

Tis background

TIS Background

  • Specification released by NERC in early December 1998

  • Prepared by NERC TIS working group (TISWG)

  • Constrained Path Method (CPM) for curtailment

  • TIS 1.4 is intended to support hourly tags

Tis benefits

TIS Benefits

  • Ensure electronic transfer of tagging information

  • Create more efficient tagging mechanism

  • Improve usefulness of tags with uniformity and better quality

  • Assure accuracy and uniqueness of tags

Business process

Business Process

Source TIS 1.3 Document p. 7

Tis services

TIS Services

  • Tag agent service

    • Responsibility of PSEs

    • Responsible for creation of tag

  • Tag authority service

    • Responsibility of CAs

    • “Traffic cop” for all tag interactions

    • Forward tags to IDC

  • Tag approval service

    • Responsibility of CAs and TPs

    • Sends approval or denial to authority service

Interface protocols

Interface Protocols

  • Standard interfaces defined for sending and receiving data between various entities

  • Tis 1.4 services communicate using TMP (built on top of TCP/IP, HTTP)

  • Tag transfer via e-mail is no longer supported

  • Data model based on CSV 1.1

  • Error codes defined

Tmp messages

TMP Messages
















Oasis phase ii


  • Provides for seamless transmission reservation nationwide

  • Streamline Scheduling and Transmission Reservation

  • Future activity

Management of grid congestion

Management of Grid Congestion

  • Proposal Initiated by NERC for the Eastern Interconnection

  • NERC IDC was Awarded to Alliance of OATI & Perot Systems in April 1999

  • Scheduled for Operation by June 24, 1999

  • IDC will be Delivered by the Alliance as a Service

Nerc idc


  • OATI Designs and Develops the System

  • OATI Houses and Maintains the System

  • Perot Systems Provides First Line of Customer Support, Project Management and Documentation

Idc data flow

IDC Data Flow

Idc architecure

IDC Architecure

  • Client /Server Architecture

  • Server Hardware/Software

    • Intel based hardware

    • NT Operating system

  • Client Hardware/Software

    • Any available hardware

    • Any Operating system

  • Inter-application communications and messaging

    • MS Message Queue


Server hardware

Server Hardware

Network configuration

Network Configuration

  • Public Internet Access

  • Private Internet Access (NERCNet)

Communication infrastructure

Communication Infrastructure

Idc software

IDC Software

  • Server IDC Software

    • Applications

    • Database

    • User Interface

  • Client IDC Software

    • Internet Browser

Idc applications

IDC Applications

  • NERC interchange distribution calculator

    • On-line TDF calculations

    • Transaction impact analysis

    • Transmission-line Loading Relief (TLR) and Transaction Halt

    • Market Re-Dispatch initiative

Idc database

IDC Database

  • Based on Third party RDBMS

    • MS SQL Server 7

  • Tag Database

  • IDC Database

  • Historical Archival Database

Idc user interface

IDC User Interface

  • Browser Based Technology

    • HTML

    • JAVAScript

  • Supports Mainstream Browsers

    • MS IE

    • Netscape

Idc user interface1

IDC User Interface

  • Security Coordinator Displays

    • TDF Viewers (PTDFs, OTDFs, LODFs)

    • Transaction Viewer

    • Impact Calculation Viewer

    • TLR Result Viewer

    • Next Hour Coordination (Halt) viewer

    • Execution Displays

    • Input Displays

    • Alarming and notification facility

User interface

User Interface

  • Market Re-dispatch

    • Flowgate real time displays

    • Generator Shift Factors (GSF)

    • Summary of TLR results (Active and last 7 days)

  • NERC TLR Public Access

    • TLR Results


External interfaces

External Interfaces

  • Interface to ISN via MAIN

    • Receive real time flowgate data

    • Access at 5-minutes interval

  • Interface to iIDC

    • Tags transferred every 5 minutes

  • NERC Interface via FTP

    • Public data (PTDFs/OTDFs/LODFs) (Hourly)

Redundance failover recovery


  • Redundant Application Servers

  • Redundant Web Servers

  • Redundant Database Servers

  • Redundant Component in each server (RAID disks, network cards, power supplies)

  • Automatic Failover

    • Each pair of servers configured as backup for the other

  • Redundant Internet Connections

Data software backups

Data/Software Backups

  • Daily backups of transactions and network changes

  • Daily tape backup of Software changes

    • database/ schema changes

    • UI template changes

    • IDC Applications changes

System sizing

System Sizing

  • Control Areas250

  • Transactions per-hour3000

  • Flowgates2000

  • NO. of Buses50,000

  • NO. of Branches80,000

  • NO. of Phase Shifters100

  • NO. of SCs17

Performance response time

Performance/Response Time

  • 1 TLR or Halt Response 10 secs

  • 3 Simultaneous TLR20 secs

  • 5 Simultaneous TDF views15 secs

  • SCs notification in30 secs

  • TDF updates1/hour

  • Min. System Availability98.5%

Maintenance and operation

Maintenance and Operation

  • Help Desk

    • One Call Reporting for operational problems on a 7x24 basis

    • Manned Staff 12-hours/weekday plus Saturday

    • Scheduled 2-level on-call staff during all hours

    • Guaranteed Response Time Performance

  • User Registration



  • Software Security

    • Password protection

    • Compartmentalization

    • User Type access

    • Security Token

    • Monitored logins by Administrator

    • Private Network (NERCNet) for SCs

  • Secured Tech Area at OATI Data Center

    • Restricted Access to Servers

Project management

Project Management

  • Communications and Reporting

  • Issue Management

  • Change Order Process



  • TMS provides seamless integration of:

    • Tagging/scheduling

    • Transmission reservation

    • Congestion management

  • Provides the foundation for efficient and reliable grid operation into next millennium

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