Iaea services for sustainable energy development
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IAEA Services For Sustainable Energy Development PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kazakhstan: 20 Years of Sustainable Growth New Horizons for Investment & Cooperation. IAEA Services For Sustainable Energy Development. Thomas Koshy, Head Nuclear Power Technology Development Division of Nuclear Power. Outline of presentation. IAEA Mission

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IAEA Services For Sustainable Energy Development

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Iaea services for sustainable energy development

Kazakhstan: 20 Years of Sustainable Growth

New Horizons for Investment & Cooperation

IAEA Services For Sustainable Energy Development

Thomas Koshy, Head

Nuclear Power Technology Development

Division of Nuclear Power

Outline of presentation

Outline of presentation

  • IAEA Mission

  • Concept of sustainable development Holistic nature

  • Factors of Consideration

  • IAEA Tools

  • Nuclear Energy System Assessment

  • IMPRO methodology

  • Conclusion

Iaea at a glance

IAEA at a Glance

  • Founded in 1957

  • 151 Member States

  • 2300 professional and support staff

  • Headquarters in Vienna

  • 2 scientific laboratories and research centres

Iaea services for sustainable energy development

Three “Pillars” of the IAEA

The iaea and its mission

The IAEA and its Mission

Maximizing the contribution of nuclear technology to the worldwhile verifying its peaceful use

Iaea three pillars

IAEA - Three Pillars

Safeguards & Verification

The IAEA performs an indispensable role in furthering non-proliferation through verifying States' commitments regarding the peaceful use of nuclear energy

Safety & Security

The IAEA works to protect people and the environment from harmful radiation exposure.

Science & Technology

The IAEA works to foster nuclear applications in Member States.

Iaea characteristics

IAEA / characteristics

  • Global membership

    • developed and developing countries alike

  • Unique mandates in particular …

    • in nuclear safety (IAEA Safety Standards)

    • in the area of non-proliferation and safeguards

  • Technical capacity

    • in Secretariat itself and in its technical programmes, e.g. in nuclear energy, science and technology

  • Capacity building mechanisms

    • through Technical Cooperation programme

Iaea services for sustainable energy development

Department of Nuclear Energy


Division of Nuclear Power

Dept of nuclear energy

Dept. of Nuclear Energy

  • The mission of the Department of Nuclear Energy is characterized by three words:

    • support,

    • catalyse and

    • build.

  • The Department fosters the efficient and safe use of nuclear power by supporting existing and new nuclear programmes around the world, catalyzing innovation and building indigenous capability in energy planning, analysis, and nuclear information and knowledge.



Facilitate information exchange and collaborative research and development in the area of nuclear system technologies needed to meet, in a sustainable manner, the increasing energy demands of the 21st century.


Iaea approach

IAEA Approach

  • To help ensure that nuclear energy is available to contribute, in a sustainable manner, to the energy needs of the 21st century.

  • To bring together technologyholdersand users to consider jointly national and international actions required for achieving desired innovations in nuclear reactors and fuel cycles.

Factors of consideration

Factors of Consideration

Logical planning sequence

Logical planning sequence

  • National sustainable development plan

  • Energy planning

    • PESS tools

  • Long-range nuclear energy stragtegies

    • INPRO

  • Building 1st NPP

    • Infrastructure

  • Technology selection

  • Brochure on planning tools


Iaea tools for newcomers

IAEA Tools for Newcomers


Holistic nature of nesa

HolisticNature of NESA

Nuclear Energy System Assessment (NESA)

Covers innovative and evolutionary designs of all reactor types and Nuclear Fuel Cycle facilities.

  • Covers all components (or facilities) of a Nuclear Energy System (no matter where located).

  • All phases of a Nuclear Energy System, i.e. cradle to grave.

Holistic nature of nesa1

Holistic Nature of NESA







(Fuel Cycle)



Infra structure

Physical protection




Potential users of a nesa

Potential Users of a NESA

Benefit for 3 Potential users of INPRO Methodology in a NESA:

  • Technology developers: Assistance for planning/ executing R&D.

  • Technology users:  Assistance for decision making when considering additional deployment of NES components.

  • Prospective first time users:Assistance with becoming knowledgeable .

Architecture of inpro requirements

Basic Principles

User Requirements


Architecture of INPRO requirements

Basic Principles :goals for development of sustainable NES.

User Requirements:what should be done by designer, operator, industry and/or State to meet goal defined in Basic Principle.

Criteria:Assessor’s tools to check whether a User Requirement has been met .

Architecture of inpro requirements1

Architecture of INPRO requirements

Characteristics of inpro requirements

Characteristics of INPRO Requirements

  • INPRO User Requirements are directed at:

    • Designeror developer of nuclear facilities.

    • State (government institutions).

    • Operator of nuclear facilities.

    • National industry (involved in nuclear power program).

  • Input data needed for evaluation of INPRO User Requirements to be provided by responsible organization.

Documentation of the inpro methodology

Documentation of the INPRO Methodology


Iaea services for sustainable energy development

IAEA Analytical Tools for Energy Planning






Model for the Analysis of Energy Demand

Wien Automatic System Planning Package

Model for Energy Supply System Alternatives and their General Environmental impacts

Financial Analysis of Electric Sector Expansion Plans

Simplified Approach for Estimating Impacts of Electricity Generation

Indicators forSustainableEnergyDevelopment


Iaea tools for planning

IAEA Tools for Planning

Nuclear Energy series

“Milestones in the development of a National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power”

New tool for new comers


  • IAEA Milestones

  • National Position

  • Legal Framework

  • Safeguards and Security

  • Nuclear Power Infrastructure

  • Human Resource Development

  • Safety/Regulatory Framework

  • First Nuclear Plant

  • Radioactive Waste Management



  • Nuclear Power Option remains in the mix of primary energy sources for diversity, security of supply, and because of its low carbon emissions

  • Fukushima has raised new challenges

  • Our collective wisdom will find solutions to overcome the evolving challenges and manage the risks to an acceptable level

  • Innovative technologies can contribute to safe, secure, economic and proliferation resistant nuclear energy systems.

  • IAEA provides leadership to address challenges

Iaea services for sustainable energy development

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