Multiplex autoantibody profiling for autoimmune diseases and cancer
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Multiplex autoantibody profiling for autoimmune diseases and cancer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multiplex autoantibody profiling for autoimmune diseases and cancer. April, 2, 2014. Profile antibodies to over 10,000 human proteins using Luminex xMAP™ technology. Jim Lazar, Ph.D. VP, Assay Development. OriGene Introduction. OTI Locations Rockville (HQTs/R&D) Seattle (Blue Heron)

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Multiplex autoantibody profiling for autoimmune diseases and cancer

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Multiplex autoantibody profiling for autoimmune diseases and cancer

April, 2, 2014

Profile antibodies to over 10,000 human proteins using Luminex xMAP™ technology

Jim Lazar, Ph.D.

VP, Assay Development

OriGene Introduction

  • OTI Locations

    • Rockville (HQTs/R&D)

    • Seattle (Blue Heron)

    • Delaware (SDIX)

    • Maine (SDIX)

    • Foster City (BioCheck)

    • Beijing

    • Wuxi

Antibodies as Biomarkers

  • The immune system functions as a an early warning system.

    • Malignant transformation, infections, and many diseases can trigger an immune response

  • Antibodies are abundant, easily detectable and stable in serum.

Autoantibodies to Tumor Antigens

  • Tumors typically over-express multiple normal and mutant antigens

  • Autoantibodies to tumor antigens can be detected much earlier than other cancer biomarkers

  • Frequency of autoantibody responses to an individual tumor antigen is typically 15-20%.

  • Responses to a panel of antigens can be higher than 90%

  • Multiplexed autoantibody detection to a panel of antigens is necessary.

What is EarlyCDT–Lung?

EarlyCDT-Lung is a simple, physician-ordered, diagnostic blood test that measures the presence of autoantibodies to a panel of seven lung cancer-associated antigens.

Autoimmune Diseases

  • Autoimmune diseases affect an estimated 3% of the world population.

  • Over 150 recognized autoimmune diseases.

  • Each disease is characterized by autoantibodies to multiple antigens.

  • Profiles may help classify disease variants and indicate organ-specific involvement.

  • Autoantibody profiles may help guide the development of antigen-specific tolerizing therapy.

Biomarker Discovery

  • Proteomic /2D gel methods

  • Proteomic Mass Spec methods

  • High Density Protein Microarrays

Identification of many targets from a small number of samples

Biomarker Screening

& Quantitative Evaluation

Large sample #s

Refine target list

ROC calculations

  • Luminex Bead Arrays

  • Mid-Density Multiplexed methods

Clinical Assays

  • Luminex Bead Arrays

  • Low-Density Multiplexed methods

10,000+ Full Length Human Proteins

  • Produced from TrueORF Gold™ cDNA clones

    • Fully sequenced

    • Expression validated

  • Expressed in HEK293 cells

    • Human-expressed

    • Affinity purified

  • Native presentation

    • Optimal preservation of protein structure,

    • post-translational modifications

Available Antigens

Any of OriGene’s >10,000 purified proteins can be custom-coupled to Luminex beads

Luminex xMAP™ technology

  • Multiplex Bead Array

  • Efficient high-throughput microplate format

  • Up to 100 targets per well

  • OriGene is a Luminex partner and Certified Assay Developer

Assay Principle


Protein-coupled Luminex Beads

Sample containing human IgG


Mix with Anti-human PE Conjugate

Read Signal in Luminex

Product Configuration

  • TruePlex™ Human Antibody Profiling Kit

    • Assay Reagents, Control Bead Mix, Positive Control

combine with

  • Custom TruePlex™ Antibody Profiling Array

  • TruePlex™ Antibody Profiling Array

  • (pre-defined array)


Multiple profiling arrays can be mixed together and analyzed as a larger multiplex

Assay Protocol

Dilute sample

Mix with beads, incubate

Total time – about 2.5 hours for 96 samples

Up to 100 results per well

Quantitative results

Wash, add conj. & incubate


Read in Luminex

Analyze Data

Stringency Options

  • Sample Diluent can be prepared at different stringencies

    • High, medium or low

  • High-stringency Sample Diluent will minimize non-specific signals and is recommended for initial sample testing.

  • The medium- or low-stringency Sample Diluent may give better results for samples

    • with low autoantibody levels,

    • in which the antibody affinity may be low

    • for higher sample dilutions (1:500 or greater),

Available TruePlex™ Profiling Arrays

Autoimmune profiles in serum

Autoimmune sera – data from SSB and TRIM21

Normal (non-disease) Sera

Dynamic Range

Control Results

Breast cancer samples tested with 20-plex tumor antigen panel

Available cancer tumor antigens known to generate autoantibodies

  • Breast Cancer

    • ASB-9, BAT4, BDNF, Survivin, Livin, BMX, BRCA2, P16, CSNK1E, NY-ESO-1/LAGE1, CTBP1, DBT, EIF3E, HER2, Fibulin, FKBP4, GIPC-1, HSP-90, HSPA4, HSP-27, HSP-60, IMP1 , P62, IMP2, MUC1, C-Myb, c-myc, PDCD6IP, PPIA, PRDX2, RAB5A, RAC3, Lipophilin B, SERPINH1, SF3A1, SOX2, p53, TRIM32, UBAP1

  • ProstateCancer

    • Caldesmon 1, Clusterin, c-myc, HER2/neu, HSP70, HSP71, IMP1, MCP1, NY-ESO-1/LAGE1, p53, p62, p90, PARK7, PSA, RACE, SSX2, SSX4, Survivin, TARDBP, TTLL12

  • Pancreatic Cancer


  • Antigens for other cancers and diseases available including

    • Ovarian cancer, melanoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, lung cancer, diabetes, COPD, multiple sclerosis

Extensive Bibliography Available

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  • Autoantibodies are useful biomarkers for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

  • OriGene’s TruePlex profiling kits are optimally suited for biomarker screening and validation.

  • Choose from over 10,000 proteins expressed in human cells.

  • The assay procedure is simple and fast.

  • Make great discoveries

  • Improve human health

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