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Project/Program Discovery – < Project/Program Name> - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project/Program Discovery – < Project/Program Name>. A discovery deck will describe information a team has learned as a foundation and provide implementation plan recommendations. Delete all yellow notes from this presentation. Purpose and Intended Outcome. Purpose

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Project/Program Discovery – < Project/Program Name>

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Project program discovery project program name

Project/Program Discovery – <Project/Program Name>

A discovery deck will describe information a team has learned as a foundation and provide implementation plan recommendations.

Delete all yellow notes from this presentation.

Purpose and intended outcome

Purpose and Intended Outcome


  • To present the high-level goals, scope, plan and vision as created during the Discovery phase for Project/Program: X

    Intended Outcome

  • To create a shared understanding of the potential opportunity and proposed approach; and

  • To decide whether we should invest in a full scoping, budgeting and planning process for this project/program

This presentation assumes the project/program team has put significant thought into objectives, goals, KPIs, staffing and implementation framework

Problem opportunity statement

Problem / Opportunity Statement

A problem statement should be concise, written in laymen’s terms and can include the following:

  • A brief description of the problem and the metric used to describe the problem

  • Where the problem is occurring by process name and location

  • Who is affected by the problem (number of people, names of departments, schools, centers, etc.)

  • The time frame over which the problem has been occurring

  • The size or magnitude of the problem

  • If possible, cost metrics

This slide should be concise.

Think “Elevator Pitch” when considering content length

Project program vision

Project/Program Vision

Slide should be updated with project/program vision slide



This slide should not be overcomplicated. Each response should be limited to a sentence each, maximum.


Before and after

Before and After

Think “Telling the Story” when considering content

Core project program delivery team

Core Project/Program Delivery Team

  • Sponsor:

  • Project/Program Manager:

  • Other Leads (Tech, Usability, etc.):

  • Anticipated Delivery Organization (Existing/New):

  • Oversight Group(s):

High level plan and workstreams

High-level Plan and Workstreams

This is slide is not meant to convey the detail of a project/program plan. As such it should not be crowded but only provide a high level overview and should not be a crowded slide

It should be a top down visual to provide high-level timing for executive leadership.



All planning milestones should be documented

Future phase milestones (Implementation, Transition, etc.) optional

Key Next Steps

  • Indicate activities that the team will be taking next to meet the milestones listed above

Questions and answers

Questions and Answers?

  • Does this approach, objectives and next steps align with the expectations of the governing body?

  • Do the milestones and next steps meet expectations?

  • Other Questions?

Every Discovery overview should leave time for Q&A from the audience to , at a minimum, ask the governing board to validate the approach and provide guidance and input

Project program discovery project program name

If necessary add additional slides beyond this point to support the update and to assist with pre-reading. If unnecessary, please delete this and next slide.

Supporting Materials

Appendix a title

Appendix A: <Title>

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