a global conflict
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A Global Conflict

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A Global Conflict - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Global Conflict. WWI more than a European conflict Australia and Japan fought with Allies India supplied troops to British Ottoman Turks and Bulgaria fight with Central Powers New allies and war fronts around the globe. War Affects the World. Allies look to attack the Dardanelles

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WWI more than a European conflict

    • Australia and Japan fought with Allies
    • India supplied troops to British
    • Ottoman Turks and Bulgaria fight with Central Powers
    • New allies and war fronts around the globe
war affects the world
War Affects the World
  • Allies look to attack the Dardanelles
    • Take Ottoman capital of Constantinople
    • Defeat Turks
    • Establish supply line to Russia
    • Use Danube River to attack Austria
the gallipoli campaign
The Gallipoli Campaign
  • Efforts begin Feb. 1915
    • Repeated attacks on Gallipoli Peninsula
      • British, Australians, New Zealand, French troops
      • Western side of Dardanelles Strait
      • Turkish troops defend the region
    • May – bloody stalemate
    • December – Allies give up
    • 250,000 casualties
battles in africa and asia
Battles in Africa and Asia
  • Southwest Asia
    • British help Arabs rise up against Turks
      • Lawrence of Arabia
      • Allies take Baghdad, Jerusalem, Damascus
  • Asia and Africa
    • Germany’s colonies come under assault
    • Japanese overrun outposts in China
      • Capture Pacific island colonies

British and French recruit colonists

    • Troops and laborers from Africa, India, Indochina
america joins the fight
America Joins the Fight
  • 1917 – Focus of war shifts to the high seas
  • Jan 1917 - Germans begin unrestricted sub warfare
    • Sink without warning any ship in the waters around Britain

May 17, 1915 – Germans sink Lusitania

    • British ship
    • 1,198 dead – 128 Americans
    • Germans claim ship carrying ammunition – true
    • American public outraged
    • President Wilson protested to Germany
    • 2 attacks later Germans stop attacks on neutral and passenger ships

Purpose of German blockade

    • Starve Britain into defeat before US could go to war
      • Ignore Wilson’s warning and sink 3 American ships
zimmerman note
Zimmerman Note
  • Feb 1917
  • German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmerman
    • Sends note to ambassador in Mexico
    • Mexico would ally w/Germany
    • Germany would help Mexico “reconquer” land lost to US
    • British decode message and give to US

Americans call for war

    • Bond w/England
      • Shared language and ancestry
  • Apr. 2, 1917 – US declares war on Central Powers
war affects the home front
War Affects the Home Front
  • Three years of war before US enters
    • More men killed than in 3 centuries before
    • War claimed lives of millions
      • Affected everyone
gov ts wage total war
Gov’ts Wage Total War
  • Total War
    • Countries devote all resources to war effort
  • Wartime gov’ts take control
    • Told factories what to produce and how much
    • Every able-bodied citizen put to work
    • Gov’ts look to foreign workers


    • People could only buy small amounts of items needed for war
  • Gov’ts suppress anti-war activity
    • Censor news about the war
    • Use propaganda
      • One-sided information designed to persuade

War’s Impact on Women

    • Thousands go to work
      • Replace men in factories, offices, and shops
allies win the war
Allies win the War
  • Russia withdraws from the War
    • March 1917
      • Civil unrest in Russia brings down czar’s gov’t
      • Nicholas abdicated throne on March 15
      • New gov’t vows to keep fighting
      • Army refuses

Nov 1917 – Communist Revolution

    • Lenin ends involvement in war
    • Offers Germany truce
treaty of brest litovsk
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
  • March 1918
    • Ends war between Germany and Russia
    • Required Russian gov’t to surrender land
      • Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
    • Nations gain independence at end of war