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Presentation of SC ROFEP SA. S.C. ROFEP S.A. Urziceni is the only producer in Romania for soft and hard ferrite and the most important Romanian producer for collecting brushes for electrical motors. Our products are addressed mainly for: - electronic and electrotechnic industry;

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Presentation of SC ROFEP SA

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Presentation of SC ROFEP SA

S.C. ROFEP S.A. Urziceni is the only producer in Romania for soft and hard ferrite and the most important Romanian producer for collecting brushes for electrical motors.

Our products are addressed mainly for:- electronic and electrotechnic industry;

- energetic industry;

- metal-working;

- production of automotive.


- 1968 founding factory –the fabrication of soft ferrite under the license of PLESSEY- Anglia;

- 1996 the develop of a new profile of fabrication - fabrication of the brush gathering for electric engine and other carbuncular materials;

- 2002 entrance in the Group of Firms ADRAS (78,835% from registered capital);

- 2005 the increase of registered capital (89,38% from registered capital hold by the Group ADRAS).

With the Romanian institutes and our own research, the ferrite productions diversified, at the moment getting to a wide products range:

  • Soft ferrites -12 types of materials, from which:· 9 types on Mn-Zn (with code MZ -1………..MZ- 9)· 3 types on Ni-Zn (with code NC - 4, NC - 5, NC - 6)

  • Hard ferrites - 8 types of materials from which:· 5 types of barium ferrites ( with code FB - 1, FB - 2.1, FB 2.2, FB - 3 and FB - 4) · 3 types of strontium ferrites (with code FS - 4.1, FS - 4.2, FS - 5)

  • Magnets assemblies - addressed to oil purification for heat engine baths, separation of ferromagnetic bodies from cooling and washing liquids of rectified machines, separation of chopped fodder and seeds by ferromagnetic bodies, precision comparators on machines-tools, door closing to domestic furniture, for water magnetic treatment and for other liquids in view of removing of calcareous crusts deposits, magnetotherapy.

  • Other products - sets of radio shielding ignition plugs, ramification case (carcass), deflecting tools, etc.

  • Beginning with year 1986, S.C. ROFEP S.A. has developed a new profile of manufacturing, respectively the manufacturing for collecting brushesfor electrical motors and other carboniferous material, in four groups of half finished products:- Metal-graphite (MGR)- Electro-graphite (EGR)- Bakelite-graphite (BGR)- Hard-carbon (CDR)

  • Tools, devices, mouldsAt request, can be manufactured moulds for ceramic and metallic powder, injecting moulds for plastics, various types of stamping dies.

  • Other activities

    In it's auto-manufacture section S.C. ROFEP S.A. manufactures at the beneficiary's request:- specific equipment for manufacturing of ceramic products (mills with balls, calcinations oven for heat treatment, specific grinding machines, equipment for transport);

    - metal constructions (fences, greenhouses, benches)- spare parts for consumer goods.

  • SC ROFEP SA produces sets of flash cards for a vehicle. Over the years have been similar sets of chips for cars brands Dacia Renault, Citroen, Daewoo.

  • Manufacturing components required on based:

    - presses

    - injection presses

    - extruded

    - crimping presses

    - machines for semiconductor.

Flow technology for achieving soft magnets and hard cover a range of machines such as:

  • Mills • 400 l, 2000 l 2400 l Ovens

  • Rotary of burning with electric heating and drying stove

  • Gas drying powder

  • Powder and granular storage tanks

  • Presses from 10 tons, 12 tons, 45 tons, 100 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 1000 tons

  • Furnace heat treatment and controlled atmosphere type SMITH, m = 16

  • Oven type SFEAT, 1 = 18 m

  • Oven type LV, 1 = 8 m

  • Oven type LW, 1 = 6 m

  • Oven type SIN, 1 = 4 m

  • Oven type RIEDHAMMER, 1 = 58 m

  • Grinding machines type SFSR, Lumsden, DW, 3 B

  • Grinding machines

  • MRS segments type

  • Extruded magnetic strip magnetic

Products of SC ROFEP SA

Hard ferrites

Soft ferrites


Collecting Brushes

Iron powder products

Magnetic circuits

Other products

Other products

Other products

Industrial halls constructions

  • The available lands existent in the industrial area in the N-W of Urziceni allow profitable investments in construction of new industrial halls.

  • The existence of specialized constructor companies and of several construction yards allows realization in short time of some industrial constructions. The land does not imply special consolidation.


  • The fact that the economic environment is secure in Romania because is a member country in the European Union;

  • All the cost from taxes which where coming from taxes when the products entered on the European space will not be necessary because the products will be fabricated in Romania and for these products there are no taxes issued because Romania is a country member on the European Union;

  • To reduce all the costs of transportation, costs which increased the cost for your product;

  • Qualified personnel in the industrial domain for manufacturing the components from the auto domain;

  • The possibility to approach many markets from Europe because the central position of Romania in Europe;

  • The reduction of the time for transporting the manufactured products;

  • The security of the transportation because can't occurred major events because all the means of transportation will be by auto transportation;

  • Of course the fact that the products will be manufactured together will have the fabrication brand "made in European Union" and these will offer trust and security and could be the result of future partnership of a long period of time.

- Romania’s position on the Globe is given mainly by our country’s location in the Northern hemisphere, at half distance between the Equator and the North Pole (being crossed by the 45° parallel Northern latitude) and in the Eastern hemisphere (being crossed by the 25° meridian Eastern longitude).

- The 45° parallel Northern latitude intersects our country through its central and southern part and the 46° parallel Northern latitude divides the country into two almost equal parts.

- The geometric center of the country is situated in the intersection of the two central coordinates: the 46° parallel Northern latitude and the 25° meridian Eastern longitude).

Romanian’s position in Europe

►Romania is an European State.

► Surface: 238,391 skm;

► Population: almost 22 million inhabitants;

► Located: approximately in the middle of the Europeancontinent, at almost equal distance from:

- the Arctic Ocean (North)

- the Atlantic Ocean (West)

- the Ural Mountains (East)

► Romania’s Regional Dimensions

- open (by means of the Black Sea) to the near Asiaticspace;

- links what is still named the West and the East;

- access from Central Europe to Eastern Europe, on the Danube, and by means of the Black Sea to the Caucasian-Caspian Sea region;

Urziceni’s position in Romania


Advantages for the industrial platform Rofep

- total surface : 62.841.44 sqm

- 57,5 km distance from Bucharest, the capital of Romania;

- direct acces to DN2 (E85) Bucuresti-Buzau 

- the industrial platform is situated at cca 60 km from the Aeroport Henri Coanda, Otopeni and cca 200 km from Constanta which is a naval port to the Black Sea.

- 80 km distance to Fetesti which is a naval port to the Danube, river which gives the possibility to the naval transport to all the European markets.

- 100 km distance to Giurgiu which is also a naval port to the Danube

- the industrial platform is located near the cross roads of

- DN 2 (E 85) – Bucuresti - Buzau - Iasi;

- E60 – Bucuresti - Slobozia - Constanta;

- DN1D – Ploiesti - Brasov - Sibiu;

- DJ203I – Bucuresti - Braila - Galati;

- 0,5 km ralwey station

- the buildings are for the development industrial projects which can have these activities or also other activities; the system of transportation by railways from Romania is very developed and the train station for the industrial area is very close, is situated at 500 meters.

- the industrial platform is connected to the power energetic system and natural gas, also as to the municipality water. The industrial platform has 3 water resource owned by Sc Rofep Sa which assure the industrial water. Electrical energy:: 3*380V+N; compressed air: pression 7 bar; natural gas: 200 mbar.

- the labor force is high-qualified and prepare to develop industrial projects in all domain

Industrial halls constructions

Building lists:

1. Ferrites fabrication building

- construction: P+partial floor

- building surface: 8192 sqm

- field surface: 10.019 sqm

utilities: electrical power, water, compressed air, heating, metan gas.

2. Hard ferrites building

- construction: P

- building surface: 775 sqm

- field surface: 898 sqm

3. Building

- construction: P+3

- building surface: 1100 sqm

- field surface: 652 sqm

utilities: electrical power, water, compressed air, heating, metan gas.

4. Offices Building

- construction : P+2

- building surface: 2241 sqm

- field surface: 2066 sqm

utilities: electrical power, water, compressed air, heating, metan gas

5. Warehouse

- construction: P+ warehouse

- building surface: 634 sqm

- field surface: 1099 sqm

utilities: electrical power, water, compressed air, heating, metan gas

6. Building

- construction: P

- building surface: 575 sqm

- field surface:1099 sqm

utilities: electrical power, water, compressed air, heating, metan gas

7. Building for auxiliary activities

- construction: P

- building surface: 1368 sqm

- field surface: 1467 sqm

8. Building:

- construction: P+1

- building surface: 774 sqm

- field surface 925 sqm

9. Building for collecting brushes

- construction: P

- building surface: 4548 sqm

- field surface: 5293 sqm

10. Building:

- construction: P+2

- building surface: 3330 sqm

- field surface: 1776 sqm

utilities: electrical power, water, compressed air, heating, metan gas

11. Building:

- construction: P+7

- building surface: 6912 sqm

utilities: electrical power, water, compressed air, heating, metan gas

12. Warehouse

- construction: P+1

- building surface:1152 sqm

- field surface: 5625 sqm

13. Building for warehouse

- construction: P

- building surface: 1049 sqm

- field surface: 1049 sqm

14. Building for maintenance

- construction:P

- building surface: 1043 sqm

- field surface:1049sqm

15. Building:

- construction: P

- building Surface: 238 sqm

- field Surface: 238 sqm

utilities: electrical power, water, compressed air, heating, metan gas

Current production buildings

1. Hall 26 x 16 x 9  = 416 sqm

5 tons force bridge crane – 5 m with hook

2. Hall 50 x 16 x 9 = 800 sqm

12 tons force bridge crane – 5 m with hook

3. Hall 50 x 14 x 9 = 700 sqm

8 tons force bridge crane – 5 m with hook

4. Hall 108 x 72 x 9 = 7776 sqm

Without bridge crane (but it can be applied)

These sizes can be extended or reduced according to the executed activity

Personnel and security

  • The personnel is very well qualified in the industrial field

  • The security is ensured by our own means.

SC ROFEP SA Urziceni Romania



  • Tel: +4 0744.554.298

  • Office: +4 0743.167.267

  • Email: [email protected]

    [email protected]

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