Synthesis of proteins
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Synthesis of proteins PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Synthesis of proteins. Objectives. What are proteins?. Types of amino acids. The amino acids. Structure of proteins. Secondary structure. Bonds. Tertiary structure. Quaternary structure. Proteins plenary. The structure of DNA. This is the key!. DNA. DNA contd. Protein Synthesis.

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Synthesis of proteins

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Synthesis of proteins


What are proteins?

Types of amino acids

The amino acids

Structure of proteins

Secondary structure


Tertiary structure

Quaternary structure

Proteins plenary

The structure of DNA

  • This is the key!


DNA contd.

Protein Synthesis

The base pairs:

Adenine to Thymine (uracil in RNA)

Guanine to cytosine

Transcription and translation

  • Transcription: The code in the DNA is converted to a messenger RNA (mRNA) strand.

  • Takes place in the nucleus.

  • Translation: the process by which the message on the mRNA is converted to a protein: Takes place in the cytoplasm and uses ribosomes and transfer RNA (tRNA).


Transcription contd.

Transcription diagram


Translation continued


Role of tRNA

Write the anticodons which pair with these codons

Genetic code

Each amino acid is coded for by bases

How are amino acids and tRNA joined

Protein synthesis at the ribosome

Translation diagram

Forming the chain


The three steps of translation


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