Background On Reading
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Background On Reading. Reading is only one communication tool. Speaking. Listening. Reading. Writing. How did you Learn to Read? . What Helps People Learn to Read?. Models Seeing others read or having others read to them. Purpose Having a reason for reading or learning. Confidence

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Background On Reading

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Background On Reading

Reading is only one communication tool





How did you Learn to Read?

What Helps People Learn to Read?


Seeing others read or having others read to them


Having a reason for reading or learning


Believing that they can learn


Having access to interesting, stimulating materials


Getting encouragement and reinforcement from others


The Reading Process

How to Find It

Letters won’t help, but numbers will. Decide

If you have to use the numbers on the top or the numbers on the bottom.

Get as close as you can to the number you want. You will probably then have to go

right or left. Sometimes you’ll be at the

exact place but you won’t find it because

you’re too far away.

Perhaps a little illustration will help make

the reading clearer?


There are 10,000 kinds of quigs in the world. However, only finnyquigs

make finny. There are three types of finnyquigs: stips, follers and terps.

The stip’s job is to smat the kots. The follers are smaller than the stip, and

their jobs are to take the finny and to take care of the kots. The terp‘s job is to flim with the stip. A stip must flim in order to smat foller kots. If the

stip doesn’t flim, the stip can only smat terp kots.

  • Questions:

  • Is it true that there are 10,000 finnyquigs in this country?

  • Name three types of finnyquigs.

  • What happens if the stip doesn’t flim?

The Reading Process







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