Module3 unit1
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Module3 unit1. Have you got any stamps from China?. A guessing game( 猜猜看 ). Have you got a….?. Have you got a ….?. Have you got a….?. Have you got any ….?. some 和 any 一些,许多. some 用于肯定陈述句中。 any 用于否定陈述句和疑问句中。. Some, any 表一些, 二者用法有规律。 Not, n’t 和? 能把 some 变 any , 其余一律用 some 。.

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Module3 unit1

Module3 unit1

Have you got any stamps

from China?

Have you got a

A guessing game(猜猜看)

Have you got a….?

Have you got any
Have you got any….?

Some any
some 和 any一些,许多

  • some 用于肯定陈述句中。

  • any 用于否定陈述句和疑问句中。

Some, any 表一些,


Not, n’t 和?



Have has got there be
have / has got 和 there be 有…

  • have / has got 某人、某物(有生命的) 有…

  • there be 在某处(无生命的)有…

There are

some cakes on the desk.

have got

Wesome cakes.

has got

He some cakes.

About Simon:

  • What are you doing

  • I’m putting my new stamps into my album.



Have you got any stamps from china
Have you got any stamps from China?

  • No, I haven’t.

I haven’t got any Chinese stamps.


These aresome stamps from .


These are some stamps from.


These aresome stamps from.


These ones are very,very.


These ones are very,very.

About daming
About Daming

  • 1.Daming always sends emails to Simon.

  • 2.Daming collects stamps.

  • 3.Simon gave Daming some stamps from

  • 4.Daming had an album before.

2.Daming doesn’t collect stamps.


America and Canada


  • China and England.

4.Daming didn’t have an album before.


What have you got in your room
What have you got in your room?

I’ve got…..

a desk

a piece of paper

a blackboard

some books

some pencils

a bag

some pens


  • 1.-What are you doing?

  • -I’m (put)my new pens into my pencil-box.

  • 2.-Have you got (some) toys?

  • No, I (have).





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