Marriage lab experiment in edlib
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تجربة مخ بر الزواج في محافظة ادلب Marriage Lab Experiment in EDLIB PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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تجربة مخ بر الزواج في محافظة ادلب Marriage Lab Experiment in EDLIB. مقدمة حول الأمراض المنتشرة في الوطن العربي Short Introduction about the Diseases in the Arab Nation. يصعب معرفة و حصر الأمراض المنتشرة في الوطن العربي و ذلك لشح المعلومات الاحصائية و الموثقة عن هذه الأمراض.

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تجربة مخ بر الزواج في محافظة ادلب Marriage Lab Experiment in EDLIB

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Marriage Lab Experiment in EDLIB

Short Introduction about the Diseases in the Arab Nation


It is not easy to know and conclude the diseases scattered in the Arab Nation due to the poor accurate statistical data about these diseases.

Also the percentage of these diseases is different for each country in the Arab nation


  • ,

    These diseases can be classified into the following:

  • Hereditary Blood diseases, such as Anemia

  • Neurologic disease as dystrophic myotsnica

  • Metabolic Disorders

  • Indocrine Disorder , such as Adrenal glance and thyroid


Most of these diseases are transferred to the new generation by marriages between relatives

So it is clear the importance of

Pre- Marriage labs on the mission of reducing the number of new annual illness and to create the public awareness of the danger of these dieses


Pre-Marriage tests .....Where to Start & Where to End?


  • .

  • .

  • .

    PreMarriage tests can be classified into 3 main Groups:

  • Tests to avoid the Hereditary diseases

  • Tests to know if any of the marriage couples is carrying diseases that can be transferred by sexual relation or due to close social relation.

  • tests to the ability of fertility.


To give more details we have to discuss each part



1st Group : Tests to avoid the Hereditary diseases.

Hereditary examination that must be done beside the

Thalassemia tests is the Hemolytic Anemia.

Thalassemia is a Hereditary disease which affect the life

time of blood cells.

Thalassemia is not the only Hereditary disease that affect the blood but it is the most spread disease in Syria.

/7000/ , , /849/ 155 /694/ /50/ . s.

In Syria there are 7000 Thalassemia patient but the carrier

for the Thalassemia are about 1.5 million. The number of

Thalassemia patient In Aleppo only until the end of last month

was 849 patient, 155 are treated in Menbij Thalassemia unit,

649 Patient are treated at Aleppo Thalassemia center. Knowing

that there are 50 new Thalassemia cases in Aleppo Annually. By

the way there another wide spread disease in the Gulf Area

which is Sickling Anemia that concerned with HbS.

Blood Slide for thalasimia Case


Couple to get married should search in their Families for the presence of Hereditary Diseases and they are advised to consult the Hereditary specialist to do some tests and have advice .


2nd Group : Tests to know if any of the couples is carrying diseases that can be transferred by sexual relation or due to close social relation.



Some of these tests are HbsAg & HCV in addition to the HIV

and any other sexual infections


3rd group :tests of fertility for both Male & female

  • . FSH

  • These tests should include Sperm Quality Analyses for Male (Sperm Concentration, Motility & Morpholgy) in addition to some fertility hormone

  • FSH Hormone for female.

Our experiment in EDLIB concerning the Pre-Marriage Lab


We can conclude the results of our experiment in Edlib as follows:


1888 150 7.94%.

We started the wok in our lab in 2 stages:

1st stage include the period from May to the end of July,

during this period we were performing 2 tests only which

are CBC & Blood grouping, the number of marriage

cases during this period was up to 1888 case, from these

cases we found that the number of adersion factions was 150 which mean 7.94% from the total marriage cases

35 % Michrocytic Anemia

The percentage of general Anemia cases for the female was 35% but most of these cases where from the Michrocytic Anemia type

: \

2nd Stage was during the period August and September


In this period we preformed all the tests that has been Declared

by the MOH and by the Committee of Pre Marriage clinical

Examination, where we have started to run the HB-V tests.

HPLC technology has been considered according to the MOH

Approval . This is a high performance technic, where it Is the

reference method globally for the HB-V .

HPLC Chromsystems HPLC Chromsystems :

There after, we are in Doctors Union of Edlib have

adapted the HPLC System from the Germane company

of CHROMSYSTEMS through their exclusive agent in SYRIA


This decision has be taken after Comprehensive study & comparison between different instruments using the HPLC technology available in the market. We found that the best choice for the instrument & the reagent were from Chromsystems due to the

following reasons:


HPLC Chromsystems

120 120 .

User Friendly :

The HPLC system from Chromsystems is very easy to deal

with where you can load a large number of samples up

to 120 samples on the auto sampler & start the work by 1

click without the need of any extra efforts or any human

attention with auto print for the result of 120 samples


HPLC Chromsystems () HB-V .

Results Accuracy:

The HPLC system from Chromsystems is characterized by a High Accuracy of the results. In addition we are able To get knowledge about all types of normal and Abnormal Hemoglobin though one run for the sample Using just 1 reagent which is HB-V Kit. this will save a lot of time and cost that is not available from any other company .

HB-V Chromsystems :

HbA1C HbA0 HbA2 HbE HbF HbD HbS HbC

The HB-V from Chromsystems is able to give the following variants:

HbA1C HbA0 HbA2 HbE HbF HbD HbS HbC


So we are able in this case to cover the detection of the Sickling Animia & Thalasimia at the same time & these are the Hereditary blood disease mostly spread in Syria

All stages of the analysis are automated,

from the start & till printing of the results

: HPLC Chromsystems Chromsystems 5 0.3 :

A1c, A2, F, D, E, S, C

The HPLC System from Chromsystems doesnt need calibration, all needed is to run Control Only for the purposes of Quality control specially when changing the lot no. of the reagent.

Chromsystems is Producing vial of control of 0.3ml , each vial can control the following variants:

A1c, A2, F, D, E, S, C


Last point is the Excellent after Sales servicing provided by ICSLE from the pint of view of technical support & and the quick response for supplying our needs from reagents and accessories, bearing in mind that our run didnt stop since we started*

Conclusion for the discovered cases during August & September

  • :

    • 9 0.41%

    • HBV 45 2.08%

    • HCV7 0.32%


  • 9 cases of Minor Thalassemia which represents 0.41% from the total samples

  • 45 cases of HBV carrier which represents 2.08% from the total samples

  • 7 cases of HCV carrier which represents 0.32% from the total samples

    • :

      • 8 0.37%

      • HBV21 0.97 %

      • HCV 5 0.6%


  • 8 cases of Minor Thalassemia which represents 0.37% from the total samples

  • 21 cases of HBV carrier which represents 0.97% from the total samples

  • 5 cases of HCV carrier which represents 0.6% from the total samples

  • :

    Results & Conclusion:


    Informing the couples that they have adersion factions so they can take precautions before babys delivery.

    This will participate in reducing the number of death


    health problem for the new born.


    There are a cretin percentage of minor

    Thalassemia patients, an issue we should take

    care of this issue


    High percentage of males having HBsAg which

    could indicate that circumcision operation is not

    well monitored by the Health authority

    which is critical issue


    We can conclude that the Pre-Marriage tests start with the blood tests for the Thalasima patient but it could be extended to much more according to the wish of the couples getting married, so they can get more Medical information about them selves


    At the End of my presentation , I would like to say:

    Let us re-build this world for the peace sack which we want to live with, let re-build the healthy human being because he is the most precious in the world

    ( )

    God says in Holly Quran:

    (and who ever saves a life is like one who saves the lives of all man kind )


    Dr. Mohammed Walid Tammer

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