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Energy Jeopardy!. Moving objects – like a car. What is mechanical kinetic energy?. Light to chemical energy. What is photosynthesis?. Stored Energy. What is potential energy?. The greatest source of energy for the earth . What is the sun?. Can not be created or destroyed.

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Energy Jeopardy!

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Energy Jeopardy!

Moving objects – like a car

What is mechanical kinetic energy?

Light to chemical energy

What is photosynthesis?

Stored Energy

What is potential energy?

The greatest source of energy for the earth

What is the sun?

Can not be created or destroyed

What the Law of Conservation of Energy?

This form of energy is stored in wood, batteries, and food

What is chemical energy?

Electrical to light to thermal

What is energy transformation of a lamp?

Everything that is moving

What is kinetic energy?

Food, wood, fireworks, and batteries are examples of this type of energy

What is chemical energy?

The ability to do work

What is energy?

The splitting is called fission, the coming together of atoms is called fusion

What is nuclear energy?

This object requires light in order to operate.

What is solar powered calculator?

Car on top of a mountain

What is potential energy?

This energy depends on the weight and height of an object

What is gravitational potential?

In every energy transformation some energy is lost.

What is thermal energy?

Anything that can be bent, squeezed, or stretched.

What is elastic potential energy?

This energy transformation (electrical to thermal) is found in the kitchen. It is commonly used for breakfast.

What is a toaster?

Legs pumping the pedals of a bike.

What is kinetic energy?

This kind of car has two engines – one is an efficient internal combustion engine, the other is an electric engine.

What is a hybrid?

Rest + Motion

What is mechanical energy?

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