tabloid setup graphic basics
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Tabloid Setup/Graphic Basics

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Tabloid Setup/Graphic Basics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tabloid Setup/Graphic Basics. Socials Studies 10 Inquiry Mr. Chambers & Mr. Neilson. Open a new Drawing document in Appleworks. To change page view size click on mountain icons. Have some fun, get creative…. But if you’re stuck or unsure…. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

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tabloid setup graphic basics

Tabloid Setup/Graphic Basics

Socials Studies 10 Inquiry

Mr. Chambers & Mr. Neilson

have some fun get creative
Have some fun, get creative…

But if you’re stuck or unsure….

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Check out the Help menu
  • Share your knowledge with others
in the file menu choose page setup
In the File menu, choose Page Setup

Format for: Any Printer

Paper Size: Tabloid

in the format menu choose rulers then show rulers
In the Format menu, choose Rulers, then Show Rulers

You can also set the ruler to metric or imperial units

Note the rulers, graphics grid and ruler settings72 points in an inch; each 1/72 is called a pica An inch = 2.54 cm and a pica = .035 cm
5 column widths
5-column widths

This example has 1 19/20 inch wide columns

The gutters are 3/20ths of an inch minimum

all 5 column
All 5 -column

Obviously you will want to vary this boring pattern


Keep vertical gutters consistent when you vary column and picture widths

place a banner at the top this is your first frame select the text tool
Place a Banner at the top.This is your first frame.Select the Text Tool.

Click and drag it to where you want to place the frame. This banner is 48 point type. Use at least one inch at the top for your banner.

lock or unlock frames
Lock or unlock frames

Select Lock to stop a selected frame from moving

common grid choices
Common Grid Choices

3-column grid = limited options for photo & text widths

4-column grid = more flexible layout text columns still wide

5-column grid = most flexible layout but narrower columns


Layout 101

•Use only one or two fonts - visual unity helps you communicate effectively

•For this project use 10-pt type for plain column text…do NOT use a larger font

•Try to balance text with graphics

•Avoid making the page too “gray”

•Match headline size to story importance

•Use subheads to create visual “air”

•All pictures should have cutlines (bold)

•Avoid “bumping headlines”

•Use enclosed, lined boxes to reduce effect of “bumping” headlines

•Planning = good layout; use graph paper to sketch text and picture placement

•Less = More! Include only important and essential material. Be thorough, but brief.

linkng frames
Linkng Frames

Selecting Frame Links from the

Options menu creates linked text frames

linked frames
Linked Frames

This frame is linked to the one at left. Click this indicator to create more linked frames.