Church history ii lesson 34 a big body of baptists
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CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 34 A Big Body of Baptists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 34 A Big Body of Baptists. The Southern Baptist Convention: It’s origin, history and present condition. I. Review of Baptists in America. New England. Middle Colonies. 1688 Lower Dublin. July 21, 1707 Philadelphia Baptist Association. South.

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CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 34 A Big Body of Baptists

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CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 34A Big Body of Baptists

The Southern Baptist Convention: It’s origin, history and present condition

I. Review of Baptists in America

New England

Middle Colonies

1688 Lower Dublin

July 21, 1707 Philadelphia Baptist Association


1751 Charleston Association

1758 Sandy Creek Association

1814 “General Missionary Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States of America for Foreign Missions”

Triennial Convention

1832 American Home Missionary Society

May 1845Southern Baptist Convention: Augusta Georgia

“Evangelical Calvinists”

W. B. Johnson 1845-1851

R. B. C. Howell 1851-1859

1859-1863 Richard Fuller

Jesse Mercer

P. H. Mell

John L Dagg 1794-1881

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

1859Greenville, SC

Basil Manly, Sr

Basil Manly, Jr

James Petigru Boyce

John A Broadus

Abstract of Theology

How did the SBC fare in the 20th Century?

Programs vs Doctrine

“Were these regenerate church members?”

Last Half of Nineteenth Century

Liberalism / Modernism

“A movement who’s adherents were seeking to reshape the Christian faith into a form which would be acceptable to modern man”

Fatherhood of God

Brotherhood of Man

How did Modernism invade the church?

Dr. George Marsden Fundamentalism and the American Culture





SOCIETAL:Settlement of the West

Flood of immigrants in the East


Democracy+Capitalism=extreme individualism

American way!


Philosophy “A search for truth through logical reasoning rather than factual observation”

Webster, p 635

1926 “What Christian Liberals are Driving At”

Fosdick (1878-1969)

  • Philosophical Influences:

  • Empiricism

  • Rationalism

  • Romanticism

  • Scientific Influences:

  • The Hypothesis of Evolution



Higher Criticism

Man centered Arminian theology

Denominational structures

Push for unity for evangelism & missions

Para church organizations

Independent mission boards



Dr. Jack Arnold

Questioning Attitude

Indifferent Attitude

Fighting Attitude

Bible Conferences

Bible Colleges

Two Movements:

Recovery of Conservative Principals

Recovery of Doctrines of Grace

Paul Pressler

Paige Patterson (1942-)

Anatomy of a Reformation

Recovery of the Doctrines of Grace

“The Southern Baptist Conference on the Faith of our Founders”

Memphis, July 1983

Earnest Reisinger

  • Our purpose is to encourage pastors, students and church leaders to recover the gospel of God's grace and work for the spiritual health and reformation of local churches.

  • Our abiding concerns:

    • We desire to be orthodox without being obnoxious.

    • We want to be confessional, yet contemporary.

    • We are Southern Baptist, though not sectarian.

    • Our goal is to be doctrinally and devotionally balanced.

R Albert Mohler (1954-)

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