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M10 unit3 Aids today reading (II). 弘扬中学高三英语备课组. Answer the following questions. 1.What’s the conection of HIV and Aids? 2.How does HIV affect the body? 3.What is being done in China to control the Aid epidemic? ( three aspects )

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M10 unit3 Aids today reading (II)

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M10 unit3 Aids today reading (II)


Answer the following questions.

1.What’s the conection of HIV and Aids?

2.How does HIV affect the body?

3.What is being done in China to control the Aid epidemic? (three aspects)

4.What have the UNAIDS been doing to help prevent the spread of Aids? (four aspects)

5.What do you think of Ajani?

pitiful ,lucky , kind

brave , determined, ambitious

Translate the following phrases into English or Chinese.


be familiar with


1.subscribe to


3.lose sb to sth



6.a weakened immune system


8.seek an abortion

9.devote his body and soul to bringing up-to-date

Technology and international attention to China’s Aids problem


be involved in fighting Aids

It’s estimated that


There is no cure for



have access to


deadly diseases

11.outward symptoms


13. Aids prevention education and medicine distribution programmes

14. 忍住哭泣


16. 除了政府的努力






choke back sobs

leave a scar on sb

apart from government efforts

the key to stopping the disease

people at risk

prevent the spread of Aids

provide free drugs for Aids patients in need

1.subscribe to 2.be familiar with 3.lose sb to sth

4.be involved in fighting Aids

5.It’s estimated that 6.a weakened immune system

7.There is no cure for 8.seek an abortion

9.devote his body and soul to bringing

10.have access to 11.outward symptoms

12.deadly diseases

13.Aids prevention education and medicine distribution programmes

14.choke back sobs 15.leave a scar on sb

16.apart from government efforts

17.the key to stopping the disease 18.people at risk

19.prevent the spread of Aids

20 .provide sth for sb in need

Translate the following sentences



They lost their father to Aids two years ago, and now their mother died of the same disease.

There is no cure for HIV and Aids, after a person has been infected, he or she will carry the virus.

(Analyse the functions of the underlined part.)

3.Although many people are familiar with Aids and how it is transmitted, more than a few people subscribe to the view that HIV and Aids are an African problem because the infection rates there are high.

4.The work of international organizations, such as the United Nations, is even more important when you consider how much more severe the situation around the world could become.




5.The organization also offers programmes that teach Aids to young people and sets up treatment centres, where HIV-positive mothers can receive drugs to prevent mother-to child transmission.


1. (改错) As is recorded in history, silkworms were first raised by a woman in the place is today Hebei Province.

2.When people talk about the famous attractions in Changzhou, the first ___ comes into their mind is China Dinosaur Park.

A. place B. one C. that D. of which


the place 改为 what

6.HIV and Aids are spreading across the world at frightening rate, with about 14,000 people being infected daily.

7.The number of children who have lost both parents to Aids is also expected to rise, reaching more than 26 million in 2010

8.He believes that educating people at risk, as well as treating infected people, is the key to stopping the disease in the future.

现在分词做定语, with结构---作伴随状语



不定式作目的状语, 过去分词做定语


1.______ from the moon, our earth, with water______ over 70℅ of it’s surface, appears as a blue ball.

A. Seen; covered B. Seeing; covering

C. Seen; covering D. To see; to cover

2._____ with a bottle, a _____ candle will soon go out.

A. Covering, burning B. Covered, burning

C. Covered, burned D. Covering, burned

9.To avoid this, some infected women seek an abortion rather than risk their child’s health.


10.All of this makes it clear that something must be done to stop this deadly disease.


1.As the busiest woman in Norton, she made __ her duty to look after all the other people’s affairs in that town.

A. this B. that C. it D. One

2.(改错)I’d appreciate this if you would like to teach me how to use the computer.


this 改为 it

It’s impossible for him to finish the work tomorrow.


1.Why do you think some people treat those with HIV and Aids badly?

2.How should we treat people with HIV and Aids?


They have a prejudice against those with HIV and Aids .

1).Treat them equally and honestly .

2).With respect, give them a hug ,a smile , confidence and courage in fighting the deadly disease.

1).Learn about much knowledge about HIV and Aids.

2).Work hard to try and find a cure for Aids.

3). Focus on the awareness of the dangers of HIV and Aids as our duty.

4).Receive Aids prevention education and be involved in fighting Aids and HIV arould the world.

3.What do you think we should do to fight Aids as a middle school student?

Writing a composition


1).什么是艾滋病? 2)艾滋病如何传播的?







  • 1.Finish the composition.

  • 2.Prepare for the next part--- Grammar

Thank you!

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